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Senate Stimulus Plan Would Ban Companies Owned by Trump or His Children From Receiving Any Bailout Money

The reason that you can’t get people to believe this is because it has not been shown to be true.

No factual evidence proving this claim, has ever been revealed. If you are aware of such factual evidence that proves your assertion, please share it. I’m sure many folk would be interested in seeing it.

What I have seen, however, is research on the degree to which the electioneering industry is involved with helping to shape voting results.





Defending the defenders of this Trump Adm. is a difficult task, currently.
Defending the 1st Amendment is a noble endeavor, any time and at any place. Congrats!
Now, if we can just convince The Police & Security State, DOJ and Mr. Barr.


It sounds as though YOU care, Mossonarock. And I care. Some of us care about everything and everyone. Some of us stopped saying that something “doesn’t matter.” Everything matters. Every last little speck of dust matters. To someone, somewhere.


I wouldn’t characterize the challenge we have as defending Trump supporters. I think that we need to recognize that, for significant numbers, their support of Trump comes from fear and the fact that right wing talking points are rammed into people’s heads through the MSM and social media. I know Puerto Rican’s who started a Latinos for Trump group because they feel that the economic crisis is due to Mexicans taking their jobs. Labeling these folk as trolls doesn’t help. Recognizing people’s humanity and a long , long process of exposure to alternative viewpoints in a respectful and engaging way does help. It’s hard as hell, but, I think, a better strategy.


The sprawling $2 trillion bill, which has not yet been released in full, would “prohibit businesses controlled by the president, vice president, members of Congress, and heads of executive departments from receiving loans or investments from Treasury programs,” Schumer’s summary …

Before anyone gets on that high horse and starts patting members of Congress on the back, at least wait until you can examine the bill in its entirety. As aways, the devil is in the details.

One small example: given that most members of Congress (and certainly Trump and company) own interests in a wide variety of businesses and corporations, how do you define that one key word, “controlling”? Looks good on paper, but what does it actually mean? Trump, for instance, can certainly claim that he is no longer controlling his companies inasmuch as he has turned those duties over to subordinates. Members of Congress who own large blocks of stocks, but not to the point of having controlling interest, can certainly claim the same.

Lastly, who, if anyone, will be enforcing any said restrictions in this bill? Who will be administering all the funds? Given the ever-prevailing rule of thumb in government law bending that it’s legal if you can get away with it and given that this bill is, first and foremost, a corporate bailout, will we ever know which corporation gets what?

Again, withhold judgement until we have more information.


So we’re supposed to feel good about what will no doubt still turn out to be a “looting the treasury” bill?

Nancy is using scare tactics to demand unanimous support?

No one is noticing that it’s still just another give-away to billionaires?

No one is asking how the hell a bail-out will stimulate an economy when most businesses are closed and therefore can’t be stimulated?


Define “own”.

Does their name have to appear on company stock certificates? What if they own a shell company, which owns a shell company, which owns a company getting bailouts?

Maybe because in their rush to get this done, they hammered out the details without actually writing words on paper?

What do you think Disney would pay for owning Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier and The Grand Canyon? $4-5 Trillion if it’s lock, stock and smoking barrel, including the water and mineral rights? We have lots of options and the " perfect "
POTUS to negotiate a " perfect deal ". { snark }


My word!!! Seriously??? Had you NOT learned anything about the forming of our country back after the Revolutionary War? Did you miss the lessons on the Electoral College?
Your “theory” is more radical than any proposals made by Bernie Sanders!! He, at least, has the best interests of the country at heart!!!

Good post, thank you. The powers that be always have loopholes. Always. And they will use them.

I feel more depressed AND angry than ever with how this is unfolding. The fact that Biden is still the “frontrunner”, trump’s support is rising and as you point out the implication that this “stimulus” plan is supposed to make us feel good.

Somehow, someway there has to be mobilization to get Bernie in this to win it.
Biden will not hold up, he is not holding up. He is fading.

Then there is trump whose NPD and whatever other mental illness he has is ratcheting up as evidenced by his twitter feed today.

For those that need a serious reality check----check it out----see what way too many in the u.s. are supporting!

Some people notice the reality, the truth . . . but clearly not enough.

In the meantime, human induced climate chaos continues to unfold, ecosystems collapse.

March 25, 2020:
The Great Barrier Reef (ttps://www.theguardian.com/environment/great-barrier-reef) has experienced a third mass coral bleaching event in five years, according to the scientist carrying out aerial surveys over hundreds of individual reefs.

With three days of a nine-day survey to go, Prof Terry Hughes told Guardian Australia: “We know this is a mass bleaching event and it’s a severe one.”

What is this f—ing stimulus plan going to do to help the dying reefs?

Forget C-19 for a moment. Humans can’t survive on this planet without a healthy ocean. (ttps://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/11/an-ocean-renaissance-is-key-to-our-survival)

The pundits last night were rolling their eyes and shaming anyone who is still trying to protect the biosphere in the midst of a the covid crisis. It’s always just about humans and the f—ing economy.

Will wrap this up with a quote from Christopher Cartwright:

"The resilience of the system is 0, plain zero.

Any tiny crisis ends in trillions of new public debt and central bank interventions.

The insanely stupid response of the western world will cost 4 trillions of public debt, to support big business, unable to deal with any disruption.

Markets rule. Nasdaq index is the barometer.

Not the climate, public safety or well being.

The future is irrelevant.

Simultaneously, the system shows us how to “win” the climate battle.

Through the economy."


On the subject at question – whether Nancy Pelosi is “doing the right thing” – Amy Goodman hosted a couple of commentators of the “trump-troll” variety (Pelosi incompatible with “right thing”) this morning. DemocracyNow is absolutely overrun with anti-Pelosi, anti-Schumer “trump-trolls” lately, it seems.

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Have some more Kool-Aid and another dose of propaganda, More-on!!!

Climate scientist/journlist Eric Holthaus:

"sure, we still have to pay our rent and student loans while the unemployment rate soars to levels worse than the great depression, but boeing will get billions of taxpayer dollars to keep selling its airplanes so rich people can go on vacation-----

and guess whose stock is up more than any other stock today? f----ing boeing"

Boeing, Nike share gains lead Dow’s 260-point rally today—this is disgusting.

Boeing in 2018: Record revenue of $101.1 billion reflecting strong growth across the portfolio*

Is AOC a trump troll? She’s one of the people questioning how wonderful Chuck and Nancy’s compromise really is.


And how much of this money will end up right in the pocket of the lending institutions and executives?

Most of it, because financing and executive pay are large components of “fixed costs”.

Without debt relief, it’s all just a slush fund for the wealthy.

As for Trump and his spawn not being allowed to get any —

I laugh at the naivete. The funds will snake their way through shell companies and other institutions to end up right in Trump’s companies.


I can tell you’re not a bonafide trump-troll, cuz you wrote “Chuck” instead of “Chuckles”…

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How about Naomi Klein, because this bipartisan give-away is the perfect example of disaster capitalism.


That and a bit more, imho. Handing Orangeman a half-billion dollar slush-fund for (I mean – at this point anyone conscious knows) what will be whatever the hell Orangeman wants, including hit-jobs on diplomats. That’s more like disaster/hara-kiri capitalism.

There arises a celebratory “let’s all get together on this” tone from this article and thread. I’m feeling morally delinquent for disliking ritual suicide, while pausing at the lemming cliff.

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“It’s not a $2 trillion bill, it’s closer to $6 trillion
(ttps://twitter.com/CBSNews/status/1242576138142187527), and $4.3 trillion of it comes in the form of a bazooka aimed at CEOs and shareholders, with almost no conditions attached.
At the moment nobody’s seen language, but there’s apparently only a buyback ban for the term of the loan. The money cannon can therefore go to executive compensation or mergers or wholesale purchases of distressed businesses or whatever other financial engineering the accounting department can muster. And once the company returns to health, it can leak out cash to investors (and during the loan too, in dividends). There’s no requirement to keep workers hired; in fact, the (necessary) provision to boost unemployment insurance for four months to 100 percent of median salary (including furloughed workers, gig workers and freelancers) means that these companies can fire with relative impunity. Members of Trump’s family can’t get bailout funds so, yay.”