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Senate Stimulus Plan Would Ban Companies Owned by Trump or His Children From Receiving Any Bailout Money

Your comment makes no sense and it sounds like a “bot” response. But I’ll bite.

Actually Cambridge Analytica was a subsidiary of a genuine defense contractor which was also hired in England to push (successfully) Brexit on the British people. There are whistleblowers from Cambridge Analytica (an informational warfare contractor) who revealed that the company used its almost unbelievable expanse of voter data points to push just the right amount of “persuadables” in a tiny fraction of districts, amounting to something like a total of 78K votes across three stated to either not vote or vote for trump. That was enough, with almost surgical precision to throw the electoral college.
Clinton won the popular vote. Cambridge Analytica stole the electoral college.
Their attestations to this are available on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and easily searchable.