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Senate Urged to Reject Trump's Pick of Bush-Era Torture Advocate to Be Human Rights Official at State Department

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/30/senate-urged-reject-trumps-pick-bush-era-torture-advocate-be-human-rights-official

“… [said] Daphne Eviatar, director of Security with Human Rights at Amnesty International USA, the day of the committee hearing. ‘This makes a mockery of that important position.’” …

… “This makes a mockery …”? …

… hey Daphne … you know the Marmalade Mussolini’s the president, don’cha? … (note the clever use of the hyphen) …

Yep, Trump beggars belief.

Maybe Congress should ask the guy to show( by examples done to him WHY torture doesn’t work well ----------as people will say anything to stop the pain.
Make him explain why he has sex with zebras ( of course this is made up ) but people will cop to lots of things to make the pain stop.
I wonder too, what happens to the torturers at Guantanamo when they return home? Any stats on abuse after the Guantanamo “experience?”

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Ever notice that EVERY ONE of Caligula’s appointments are 180 degrees away from who they should be? Direct opposites. He has been amazingly consistent in hiring absolutely the wrong person for the job.

He and his spawn cannot be allowed to walk scott free on this mess.

“Billingslea, who is currently assistant secretary for terrorist financing at the Treasury Department…”
I knew the US government was behind channeling money to terrorists in Syria, Libya and elsewhere but I had no idea that there was an actual assistant Secretary of State charged with the job. I can’t see the Democrats objecting to his promotion.

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Terrorism has spread in practice and with military equipment to states and towns across the US, in mental hospitals, jails and prisons, and abroad. We export and train. Yes this man should go directly to jail and not stop at the agency. He will not go to jail but people just might stop this one appointment. It is like picking one flea off an infested dog.
By the way, why isn’t Guantanamo closed? If we don’t do any more offshore torture, then I guess we don’t need that place, right? Yeah, right.

Second by the way, check out an electrician’s wiring manual. There are a thousand ways to wire a building wrong, causing mild to severe health problems, a totally invisible way to torture, and only a few ways to do it right.

Any human being who can’t figure out for himself or herself what kinds of treatment constitutes torture lacks the imagination to be any part of a government which is in place to ‘establish justice and insure domestic tranquility…’. All he has to do is ask himself ‘what if this was happening to me?’ That goes for all the lawyers who twisted themselves into inhuman knots to justify the policy.

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Trump is certainly the 1984 President with all his appointees standing for and doing the opposite of their agency’s and position’s missions.

Exactly. I wonder how tough some of those torturers would be if THEY were tortured? I think it’s a helluva way to get incriminating information out of an often innocent person. They should also ask themselves , “What am I hereby doing to my own soul?”