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Senate Urged to Reject 'Walking, Talking Conflict of Interest' David Bernhardt to Run Interior

Senate Urged to Reject 'Walking, Talking Conflict of Interest' David Bernhardt to Run Interior

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Environmental activists are calling on senators to reject the nomination of former fossil fuel lobbyist David Bernhardt to lead the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Everyone appointed or nominated by President Caligula is like this. No difference here.

He would never appoint someone who is smarter than he is or, who might tell him he’s wrong.


Filling “The Swamp” with more and more SCUM seems to be a full-time job.


Wouldn’t a “walking, talking conflict of interest” describe a good portion of the Senate itself? Pelosi brags about being corrupt, forget her Republican colleagues.


Maybe there needs to be an initiation process- from lobbyist to naturist -----like drop him off in the forest and see if he can make his way out------without falling off a cliff in the dark, or being eaten by a bear. BERNHARDT or HARTBERN—what he will give the nation of Nature lovers. : (

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"The Swamp Goes On…"

So this Nightmare can get worse? Guess so … Trump’s still here.

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Is it just me, or does it seem that when Democrats don’t like a candidate they say so, and then he/she gets appointed. But when Republicans don’t like a candidate, a more republican-friendly nominee is offered. Democrat voters don’t even win when their choice gets seated.

Resistance isn’t futile unless it’s left to the Dems. Let the corporations and Israel have their parties, we need an American People’s Party so we can turn government’s attention to stop poisoning American children with brain-destroying leaded water in public systems, and other equally critical challenges.


Fascism has come to America, and thanks to the Democrats swallowing the bullshit RussiaGate story hook line and sinker, the “philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler” and the rest of the thugs making up the GOP will lie cheat and steal like there’s no tomorrow. Wait until the “treason” trials begin.

I’d call Trump Tiberius. We haven’t yet seen Caligula. Maybe 8 years of Pence?

There is no way we can stop the Rape and Pillage of our Beautiful Country until we remove these Tyrannical Despots from Office in 2020.

Hopefully these Robber Barons will leave us something to salvage?

A shoo in. The repubs can always count Jones of Alabama … said to be a ‘democrat’ and Muchkin or whatever the name from West Virginia also said to be a ‘democrat’. The band will play on until extinction ?

McConnell is clacking his turtle beak in anticipation. He and his congressional buddies, including my two stupid senators, Sinema and McSally, would love our public lands turned over to the their rightful owners, the Bundys, clean coal, and the fucking frackers.

Hi Pony Boy—but good news today—at the Bernhardt hearing, the green Creature from the Black Lagoon was seen sitting behind the Bernhardt! Perhaps the Interior Dept will have a new look, a GREEN look, if the Bernhardt wanders too far into that SWAMP. : )