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Senator Demands HHS Official Michael Caputo Be Fired for Deranged 'Sedition' Rant Against CDC Scientists

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/15/senator-demands-hhs-official-michael-caputo-be-fired-deranged-sedition-rant-against


43% of our fellow Americans would kiss the ground Trump walks on.
And living in a supposedly modern nation populated by so many idiots is why I drink.
Damn – some of those idiots are friends and relatives.
Vodka. Sweet, sweet vodka.


It’s impossible to experience any sense of national pride or even a general sense of human dignity when surrounded by such filth as the republican electorate. The situation becomes even more dire when one realizes that the supposed left is also 99% right wing and not much better off than Trumps fan club mentally speaking. The only thing that is hopeful is that basically all the scientific community, and much of the educational community are on the side of the progressive, and pretty much every single person who could be considered both intelligent and moral. This regrettably is a very, very, small percentage of the American population.


Remember when Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and not lose support? How about killing a couple hundred thousand? The Woodward tapes should have been enough to kill his campaign for sure, yet this guy has an even shot at reelection. And we thought Reagan was made of Teflon.


Scour the Obama/Biden record for as many scandals, traitors and criminals as the GOP, investigators and media could find, and you realize that Trump and his criminal gang commit more crimes and impeachable offenses in one week than in the entire eight years of Obama/Biden.
Remember that the GOP spent all its time trying to find Obama/Biden scandals, and all they could come up with were Benghazi, Hillary using her position to perhaps benefit her private charitable foundation, Hunter Biden, and Holder’s DOJ allegedly selling guns to Mexico.
In fact, the utter, constant criminality and traitorousness of the Trump administration makes Obama/Biden and even Richard Nixon look like saints.
Fire the entire Trump mob this election day!


“When Donald Trump refuses to stand down at the inauguration, the shooting will begin,” said Caputo. “The drills that you’ve seen are nothing.”

They are now openly calling for dictatorship and civil war.

For a piece of shit moron like Trump. I still wonder who is really running this country.


And the malignant narcissism is assiduously spread by these appointees (NOT elected!) ginning up violence, false threats and other insensate knee-jerking … because, well, thats what they’ve been appointed to DO!

Have ANY coherent proposals been introduced, followed up on, passed and implemented? No. Decrees, and every power of office is used to strike against DUE PROCESS and true balance of powers in the public good.

Citizens United: its your children’s future chains. They will not be delivery chains, production chains or any positive form of chain. The jaw dropping insensate drivel is resonating more with the clanking of chains with every passing day.


Who could forget? And who can argue that Trump wasn’t correct?

A tip to help economize: Buy vodka in the 1.75 liter bottles (at our house we call them family size").


“4 more years”! shouted loud and repeatedly. Yeah for neo-nazi racism and insane blather. Quick, look over there! lets focus on Bernie Sanders perceived failures rather than the big-picture and true enemy of any future, not to mention sustainable.
Trump trolls divide and work for destruction just as sure as the trump regime and its incredibly tolerated subversion and actual treason!


re-election is just one obscenity considering that the entire government is being openly filled with mob type practices and practitioners backed by the aggregate and intended effects of Citizens United and that entire history of devolution. We’re living a lesson we either learn from or lose.


Or cannabis by the quarter pound. Vodka makes me vomit.


This is clearly an anti-science agenda and plan for the election.

It plays do a large segment of society, as @SkepticTank mentions.

But 43% leave 57% possibly sane.

Hence the fix ~ That’s the real plan.

Martial Law if Trump loses is a real possibility @Emphyrio


Let’s remember that many LEOs are Trumpers–not a good sign.


Yes, my partner and I have found that cannabis used intelligently is a much better, safer balm for getting through the Trump debacle, COVID-19 and other calamities, especially when compared to alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs.
We are fans of the online magazine called Growing Marijuana Perfectly, which helps us produce our own. We harvest about two pounds of buds every 4-5 months, using a tiny indoor garden.
It’s a fun and restorative hobby, especially in these sad times.


I use both. It’s a nice one-two punch.
But I can’t read as well on the weed. I read a lot.

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Yes, possibly sane.
But also, apathetic, disillusioned, and uninformed.
And when it’s time to win their hearts and minds, the Ds offer up RomneyCare, Hillary, and Biden/Harris.

Which is why I don’t think they actually care that much about winning.
They don’t have to win to keep the corporate donor gravy train running.
And no one has stoked the fires of that gravy train more than Donald Trump.



People worry that ‘moderate’ Democrats like Joe Biden are the same as Republicans. Our study suggests they may be right


It is all projection, all these republicons and el trumpo are projecting. We now know what they are doing. They are telling us with every lie they spew and conspiracy theory they put out there - this is what they are doing.

I have several el trumpo believer friends and two of them have gone out and bought AR15’s. Pretty scary stuff.

But remember they are telling us what they are doing. These people are just luntics/bat crazy mentally ill people who should be locked up.

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This entire republicons and el trumpo are projecting so we know wha they are up to.


Your comment is a false meme. Biden/Harris are definitely NOT the same as Trump/Pence. All you have to do is look at the Trump/GOP goals compared to the Biden/Democratic goals.
Here are just some of the things Trump/GOP are doing that Biden/Democrats are not NOT doing:
• Get rid of all laws, regulations, agencies that protect air, land, water, oceans, flora, fauna, endangered species, human safety, national parks and other federal lands. Do the same to any structures/statutes that protect people in the workplace from physical harm, pay disparity, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.
• Make it impossible for women to legally and easily access contraceptives and abortion. In general, reinforce a rigid, sexist, brutal patriarchy.
• Preserve and expand white supremacy, gun culture, the Confederacy movement.
• Empower police, secret interagency officers, federal troops and the military to be used domestically against law-abiding, protesting citizens, using tactics/equipment meant for a war zone.
• Stop all efforts to reform policing; empower police to be even more violent, racist, militarist, and unaccountable.
• Destroy Social Security and Medicare.
• Privatize and/or shut down public school infrastructure.
• Bust all unions.
• Sabotage elections. Allow foreign money and intelligence agencies to subvert elections.
• Sabotage the right to vote and access to voting.
• Destroy the UN and the International Criminal Court in The Hauge.
• Privatize and otherwise destroy the USPS.
• Install a Christian Evangelical theocracy.
• Ally America more and more with Putin, MBS, Erdogan, Duterte, Bolsonaro, Kim Jong Un, and all the other most despotic, horrible rulers.
• Turn the president into a King; set up a Trump family dynasty succession in the Oval Office.
• Make the president and president’s cronies immune from investigation, subpoenas, and imprisonment.
• Empower right-wing vigilantes to work with police to attack “enemies of the state.” Defend right-wing extremist violence.
• Stack Supreme Court and all federal courts with right-wing lackeys.
• Get rid of Obamacare and any other health care expansion.
• Use DOJ against law-abiding citizens while preventing it from taking action against real criminals. Use DOJ, HHS, ICE and other agencies as a private army serving the president.
• Pardon war criminals and other miscreants.
• Attack climate science, pandemic science and most other science to further corrupt, destructive capitalist/political agendas.
• Weaponize space.
• Take away hard-won new rights from LGBTQ.
Create a cult of personality that worships Donald Trump as “God’s chosen one,” creating an army of rabid, armed traitors primed for a second Civil War.
You easily see Biden is a far better choice for president than Trump. False equivalencies are a pernicious pro-Trump meme.