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Senator Leading #TrumpToo Call Won't Be Silenced By President's "Sexist Smear"


Senator Leading #TrumpToo Call Won't Be Silenced By President's "Sexist Smear"

Julia Conley, staff writer

"You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness and shame you have brought to the Oval Office."


I feel compelled to note the irony: move on (dot) org, which was formed and named in response to calls to impeach Bill “Billy Cigars” Clinton, is now collecting petition signatures to do the same to Twitler.

Well, whatever it takes…


Why do you suppose the majority of the GOP are not commenting much on this topic of Trump as sexual predator? Because they are using him as a distraction, allowing him to make a total fool of himself while THEY rush through bills to destroy Net Neutrality, a tax scam bill, and any number of other horrid attachments to those bills that they could scrape up from their pile of amoral legislation that they have been salivating over for years.

I applaud Gellibrand for what she is doing. More power to her. The tangerine nightmare needs to step down. I cannot imagine what his wives and daughter have been through over the years, living with him! Egad!


Worse than amoral, they’re immoral.


We may be reaching a tipping point where Trump is finally becoming more of a liability than an asset to the reactionary right’s program. His resignation, which will be soon, and a Pence administration, will then inject renewed vigor into program of this strange alliance of fanatical Ayn Randite plutocrats and neo-fascists called the “Republican Party.” - hopefully for only one more year - provided the Democratic Party finally figures out how to win. (Hint…listen to the Bernie Sanders wing…)


Aside from the incredibly important issue of doing away with white male patriarchy, I want Trump to go for many other reasons. But I also want Pence to go too - the best chance of that happening may be due to the Russia probe. And I want both to go after the 2018 elections and the new Congress is sworn in when Dems will take back the House and the Speaker is next in line for the Presidency.


It’s a bigger tent than that, including as it does end-time “Christian” dominionists (who support Israel—at least until Armageddon can be arranged), Second-Amendment fundamentalists, and garden-variety racist goobers and misogynists.


Now why would they listen to the Bernie Sanders wing, Yunzer, when you’ll vote for them even if they put Clinton acolyte and Steve Mnuchin enabler, Kamala Harris, on top of the ticket?


People keep calling this a “distraction”. I don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly can keep multiple topics in my brain simultaniously.

I don’t see it as a distractions, but rather one more reason to get rid of the guy.


What a good idea, we’ll have President Mike “American Taliban” Pence. He is so pure that he won’t eat alone with a woman he’s not married to. http://www.latimes.com/local/abcarian/la-me-abcarian-pence-marriage-20170405-story.html

Maybe American women will all soon be wearing burkas and will have separate areas to live in, to preserve their modesty and to protect men from their wiles.

If this is the direction we’re headed, let’s also adopt Islam’s prohibitions against charging interest, so at least our students would stop being crippled by debt.


The reason it’s a distraction is that the media hype it up and disregard further comment about the other stuff going on behind the scenes. People tend to focus on what is in the headlines.


I think Trump believes Gillibrand would be his most likely opponent in 2020 and he is starting early trying to attack her. She doesn’t have Hillary Clinton’s baggage after being attacked nonstop by the left and right and her number one issue is the rights of women. And she has obviously been moving left to position herself for the Democratic primary. Trump clearly is vulnerable on the issue of sexual assault. Even though he is fascist and white supremacist that might be easier to overlook for conservative voters than the sexual assaults on women that a number of women have claimed. At some point being pro-life and being willing to appoint extreme right judges, and supporting the privatizing of education, might not be enough to get the votes of many conservative women given Trump’s bragging on tape about what he has done in addition to claims against him. .


What comes out of Trump’s piehole beggars the old saw: " President Trump, do you actually eat with that mouth? "


to tRump, every woman is a “lightweight” because their only value to him is sexual. we outnumber males in the population and many of the males respect us, so he is picking the wrong fight with the wrong group. keep it up ass*ole, here is some more rope


they had a choice after age 18 not to do so


Now, how exactly would Hillary Clinton, or even Karmala Harris being president right now instead of Trump adversely affect our activism, both reform inside the party and the more important work that goes on outside of electoral politics?

Actually, a Hillary presidency probably would have helped a lot, because we would not have had to divert all our efforts to futile fights against the dozens of absolutely awful cabinet and agency heads destroying every decent pro-worker, pro-environment, anti-racist program and regulation enacted since1933! And her veto power would assure that the reactionary Republican congress accomplish none of their awful agenda - while we work to replace it.

What kind of simply-minded conceptualization of the workings of the federal government is going on inside your head? It as if you think that you are electing a fairy-godmother-benevolent dictator who upon getting elected waves a magic wand and rains paradise from heaven down upon us.

No. It does not work that way.


Why did it take you that many words to just say “I vote LOTE?”

By the way, how’s that been working out for country?

Building enthusiasm amongst your party’s base?

On a final note: I spent the years prior to Trump fighting Obama’s drone wars, RomneyCare, Catfood Commission, and Grand Bargain. My true blue congresspeople supported all that crap. But I guess in your mind, they should be rewarded for it. Cool.


You are attributing to Trump far more strategic thinking than he is possibly capable of.

And although it is way too early to even speculate, right now, Gillibrand is not what the Democratic party needs in a presidential candidate.


I think Gillibrand would be one of the better choices for the Democrats. She supports single-payer and was one of only 8 Democrats to vote against the continuing resolution in order to support the Dreamers.

Trump certainly isn’t a strategic thinker. But he can tweet and is good at launching attacks on people.


Well first of all we all make lesser-evil choices in our lives - often before even getting out of bed in the morning. When climbing up a mountain, most hikers make the lesser-evil choice of taking the much longer route up the gentle side rather than straight up the sheer face - but guess what? Their chances of getting to the summit is far greater - even guaranteed if they start early and are not out of shape.

Electoral politics is just that - tactically choosing the terrain on which we fight - but must never be confused with the fight!