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Jon Queally, staff writer

After the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières on Monday announced that a newly constructed cholera treatment center in Yemen was bombed on Monday, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.)—who has led the fight in the U.S. Senate to end the U.S. military's key role in assisting Saudi Arabia's assault on its war-torn and poverty-stricken neighbor—lashed out in disgust and anger on social media.


Today’s Moon of Alabama on the subject.

Yemen - U.S. Grants Approval For Genocide




Isn’t it time for Americans to stop lying to ourselves about who the good guys are?


So this is how the Saudis celebrate Ramadan.


Another example of American criminality masquerading as…what? I don;t know anymore. We used to pretend we were the good guys and basked forever in the glory of helping out during WWII. Since then…all I see is bullying, exploitation, brutality, illegality, greed, and outright criminality, all conducted with impunity and an “in -your-face” attitude. The UN is just a forum for Mad Dog Nikki to rant and rave, Trump doesn’t even pretend to be rational or have any moral compass, Pompeo is an obvious ass, Bolton is a slimy creep who wants to kill everyone whose color/culture/religion differ from his. Good grief. It’s Idiocacy combined with degenerate insanity.


I hope Chris Murphy runs for POTUS in 2020 & wins. If he says what he means, he’ll cut off aid to KSA & help the Yemeni people drive out the Saudis.


Where’s the outrage? A few months back social justice warriors flooded airports to protest trump and the deportations, yet those same people won’t get off their asses to protest the US’s complicity in war crimes around the world. Trump is just a small part of a much bigger problem plaguing our world. It’s called greed. And those greedy people will do whatever it takes so they can have it all. If we don’t all wake the fuck up and do something about it we’re going to be really unhappy when it’s too late.


It’s fascinating, following politics in the US. Fascinating in the sense of seeing a rogue planet slowly head for the Earth and realizing that nothing can be done. On issue after issue, this political system not only doesn’t bother trying to provide solutions, it actively makes things worse. Participation in this political system has dropped off a cliff, the two parties that have rigged the system have lost support from most people, and those in power don’t give two shits as long as the system stays in place. The system, the corrupt party structures, are the hosts that the parasites feed on. There are many outrages a day, our government does horrible things, corruption everywhere, horrible policies that are proven failures, and the system yawns. Ecological collapse on the horizon? Wouldn’t want to do something that harmed the economy now. Collective fucking insanity. It isn’t possible to keep up, and people feel powerless. They aren’t, but if they have to work within these two rotten parties and the existing dominant institutions, they are. What a mess. In a logical and moral country, this would be an outrage. In this country? Throw it on the pile. The self-proclaimed adults in the room got this, and if not, we were asking for unrealistic unicorns.


masquerading as sauds - (specifically the massively sociopathic house of Saud) who really started bombing hospitals a few years back and throwing the modernworld into shock since it wasn’t something the civilized did even in the World Wars. The US when caught for this is usually, as this article states - helping the Sauds. The Sauds own a good stock of our politicians. And of course so does Israel whom the Sauds are in alliance with. Gotta give it to that Royal family though - you know they’re sociopaths by what they’re saying and delighted to say when they threaten Iran, Syria and worst of all Yemen. There responsible for BokoHaram and much of the discontent making people have to flee from the African continent, too.


People are doing something. The system is corrupt and not responsive to the public. You need a functioning democracy and democratic parties to do something about the issues facing society. Other countries might have that, we don’t. Lots of activism, and the activism that takes place within these two major parties does next to nothing. They are making peaceful revolution impossible, and if that isn’t possible, what’s left?


He’d have my vote too. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s running (https://www.cnn.com/2017/10/11/politics/chris-murphy-rules-out-2020-bid-the-takeout/index.html).

He’s still in a top 10 list of the Washington Post (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2018/03/23/the-top-15-democratic-presidential-candidates-for-2020-ranked-2/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.e2c17e892c9e&wpisrc=nl_fix&wpmm=1, not a great resource, but it’s still popular):

  1. Bernie Sanders

  2. Elizabeth Warren

  3. Joe Biden

  4. Kamala Harris

  5. Cory Booker

  6. Kirstin Gillibrand

  7. Chris Murphy

  8. Terry McAuliffe

  9. Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick

  10. Sherrod Brown

Of these I could imagine voting for 4 or 5 of them (don’t know Patrick at all) 1/2 of them (but I’m in CA so they don’t need my vote anyway).


Unc: MoA is too cool. Thx for the link.


No more masquerading. It’s cold and naked now.


Yes. It is a crime for citizens to ignore individual atrocities and the millions killed by our soldiers. The Nuremberg Principles formulated after ww2 state these as crimes; Crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Excuses about following orders and doing what was expected will not hold up when the US military empire is finally hauled into court. Will the air force personnel and low level spies be charged? Depends on what they did.

Following illegal orders is no excuse. Citizens are expected to become mild daily friction to totalitarianism.


This is not the first time the US either alone or via “allies” bombed an MSF hospital/clinic.

The Kunduz Afghanistan MSF hospital was attacked by a C-130 gunship claimed to be a “mistake” - "under international humanitarian law is supposed to be a protected facility ( was identified and location marked) before the 3 October strike, but a combination of human and technical errors in Kunduz led to identification of the facility came too late.

“The inquiry found that MSF contacted a US military liaison within minutes of the strike. But when the message was relayed to the ground commander in Kunduz, it did not “immediately register” with him, Votel said, as the ground crew believed the AC-130 was striking a different location used by the Taliban.”

In case you don’t know, the C-130 gunship was called “Puff the Magic Dragon” in Vietnam, the “Angel of Death” more recently - they use a variety of weapons of enormous killing and destructive potential…


We bomb hospitals, we bomb weddings, we bomb funerals-------sigh
BOMBS R US. We even bomb grandmothers in gardens in Yemen.

So of course, we bomb hospitals----------maybe America and the Pentagon should read the Hippocratic Oath------you know how it starts: " First, do no harm," but I guess what with DEATH being our major export----- and Gina being our most important nefarious product of crime erasure ----we are entering 21st century dystopia--------where’s Buck Rogers the you need him.


Take over the turf where you live

A seed change by definition comes from the grassroots

Work to take local leadership


Check out their history, if you haven’t already.


Just say it Senator, “American Military are being used as Murderers.”

Now, keep saying it until everyone understands.


Actually JoanRobinson, there’s nothing left. In the 2016 elections we had the two worst candidates, by for, running for President. Even tho there were several viable and relatively speaking not so bad cadidates running as third party candidates. Sadly, all these candidates together garnered less than 5% of the national vote. American voters will only vote for Democrats or Republicans, all of whom are incurably corrupt. The two major
parties have no self-correcting mechanism and they will continue to get worse.