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Senator Slammed for 'Booze and Women' Comment Amid Call for 'All-Out Blitz' to Stop #GOPTaxScam


Senator Slammed for 'Booze and Women' Comment Amid Call for 'All-Out Blitz' to Stop #GOPTaxScam

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Here's what my constituents are spending 'every darn penny' on: Rent. Groceries. Prescriptions. College tuition," Rep. Lee tells Sen. Grassley


Rep. Ellison understands how the economy works, as well as respecting the Americans who have little choice but to spend every darn penny.


Anger at the ‘system’ has left me today with little energy left to write and fight against this juggernaut against normal Americans. There’s no way to fight against these rich assholes; wealth=power and they have it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like fighting again but today I’m just going to read my book.


Just another Congress member projecting his own behavior onto others.


It’s about time we heard from more Dems about this legislative nightmare. NOW is the time to scale up protests. Even MSM has begun talking (briefly) about who gains and loses from this bill. That Repugs may very well pull off a huge tax break for the wealthy in the face of all the opposition, is obscene. I feel like I’m living in the middle of a gangster movie…


That is just it. Their money to them is power, but that is just an illusion.


I guess women are considered as a commodity to this oaf rather than a human being. What a moron, and he gets paid to say things like that. Women unite and get these pieces of crap out of office with no pension!


So women are goods and services?? What planet is this idiot on?


Grassley is an Iowa “moderate” who’s as big on “bi-prtisanship” Dems. This is what the “moderate middle” looks like.

In 2016 he beat bi-partisan Patty Judge 60% to 36% with independents and a Libertarian taking the rest. Iowa is a working-class, agricultural state. Voter turnout was 72%, the lowest in 20 years. Bernie and HRC tied in the primary.

Yeh, reforming the Dam wing of the duopoly is what we need.


They can fly luxury underwater planes.
They can drive $4 million Lamborghini Venenos.
They can buy megamansions for their horses.
They can take $80,000 ‘safaris’ in private jets.
They can build indoor-outdoor pools.
They can spend $600 on gold toothpicks.
They can create megaclosets the size of homes.
They can pimp their mega-mansions with multi-million dollar theaters.
They can have champagne delivered to them via parachute.
They can build megamansions and leave them vacant.
They can drive their fancy cars in a ‘playground for wealthy car owners.’

If the point the Senator was trying to make was that middle income to low income Americans squander their money on non essential items and therefore should be taxed there is even a much more compelling case against the rich and super rich for squandering their money on non essentials and therefore should be paying MORE taxes. Another way to put this would be they gain more from the American “infra structure” therefore they need to pay more taxes to maintain that infrastructure.


Spoken like the clueless curmudgeon that grassley is…the big spenders on “booze and women” are his favored lobbyists, big check donors, president, and cabinet secretaries with unlimited discretionary funds at their disposal. They are drunk with power and like nothing better than to objectify women while drinking Cristal champagne and then claim they were too drunk to remember. But, as the present is showing, the women do NOT forget!

Time to retire, cad because you are having major difficulty putting together cogent or logical sentences as observed in the recordings of your “town hall” fiascoes in Iowa. Your rot is showing.


The near silence from the Dem establishment/“leadership” is deafening! WHY are they so goddamn silent and not out in the streets shouting the house down?? Because they serve big-money and themselves too! No moral compass, no cojones, no real opposition! Silence equals complicity!

This freakin nightmare/treason is largely the result of Dem establishment scum manipulation of the primary process handing the presidency and our goddamn future to the the orange pig & friends! MoFo’s!

The only really vocal opponent/opposition to the criminal trump regime is Bernie Sanders - Pelosi and Schumer, the DNC, the Hillary-camp clones like Perez, HRC’s “houseboy” et al are weak and ineffectual - too soft, silent, and complicit!


Rep. Ellison did not speak of women as goods and services. He distinguished them in observing how ordinary people have to spend our money. Read the OP.


I remember the corrupt greedy Walton family whining when profits fell at Walmart stores. They were among the .1% demanding and getting food stamps cut, but could not figure out that this would affect their bottom line. I swear these POS think that wealth is endless and that regardless of how much they suck up that there will always be more for them.


Shame on this piece of crap! I did not know that women were luxury commodities.


I agree- they are part of the problem and wanted this bill!


The Waltons I hear pay so little that their workers need welfare to survive. Why work if you need welfare? And if all they live for is profits they are immoral.


To add to that: I noticed that the silence was deafening also. I did get a group call from MoveOn with Bernie on the line but others just commented and pretended to “cry” after the fact. They are also concerned with only themselves and their donors. This is OUR country not their playground. When I pointed out the silence today when I contacted Warren’s office, I was called a “commoner” by one of her aids.


Part of the distorted, corrupted rhetoric which falsifies and creates falsified politics - Grassley. The super rich are entitled not only to their wealth, but to the dominating power it provides them! Everyone who is not part of their inner, minority cabal - all wasted hippies and commies.
We gotta take these suckers down. They are lying criminals who hurt millions needlessly.


Only on Mars would Grassley be considered a moderate. He comes out of the H. R. Gross school of Iowa politics. Which emphasizes " waste, fraud and abuse " in Big Gov’t programs. That’s why he can sell himself as a watchdog for the little guy in Iowa. He and Roger Jepsen were known as Stoop & Droop in the early 1980s in Iowa. Grassley is doing this favor for his Farm Bureau Fanboys. Who are very wealthy, btw.