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Senators Called on to End US Role in 'Worst Humanitarian Crisis on the Planet'


Senators Called on to End US Role in 'Worst Humanitarian Crisis on the Planet'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Anti-war groups on Friday are urging their supporters to pick up the phone to tell U.S. senators to back a joint resolution to "end America's shameful role in Yemen."


“Saudi Arabia moving towards purchase of 48 Typhoon fighter jets from UK after Crown Prince visit”
From the independent newspaper uk.


How many more people around the world are the Pentagoners going to kill?


Yes, Yemen is a mass tragedy. But, what about Syria, where the combined efforts of the Atlanticists of the U.S. and the UK, and the Sunni monarchies, and, in particular Israel, have led to the deaths of a quarter million or more and the displacement of hundreds of thousands?


The whole Middle East is a mess thanks to us and Israel. We need to exit completely.


That’s got to piss off the MIC.


Millions, no doubt. Especially if their dotard leader accomplishes his dream of a nuclear war. We should be out of Yemen and end supplying Saudi Arabia with yet more weapons and ammo to destroy a whole people. Genocide is illegal.
*We should be out of Syria, out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, and out of the dozens of other countries in which we have put bases and troops.
*We should support the efforts of Korea to make peace and become one nation again.
*We should remove our troops, ships, aircraft, missile bases, and all the rest of the panoply of war from all of the nations we have quietly (sometimes) taken over or directed to follow our lead into disaster for profit.
*As the world worked and fought to rid itself of the Nazi fascists of the Third Reich, Italy and Imperial Japan, to build a better world, must it now go through the same agony to rid itself of American Fourth Reich fascism and control?
*It is way past time for this nation to rejoin the human race and work for a better world, not more poverty, cruelty, hunger in the sacred name of corporate profit.
*Support for SJ Res 54 is a start. Get us and our influence out of Yemen, end our support of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and any other nation that believes in war, conquest and genocide for its own profit and control.
*Cut the MICC’s budgets down to that required for an actual defense force and put that money into rebuilding our infrastructure, providing help for our people, and helping recovery of the many nations and societies we have destroyed for the financial and political gains of a handful that already own most of the world.
*Become again the nation drempt of by those who founded this nation.


I don’t think the ghouls in Congress will listen to their constituents and end the US role in terrorizing people in Yemen. Very few of them seem to be responsive when it comes to the MIC.


Clinton Foundation will work to rectify that.


As if U.S. senators can/will do anything about anything, unless they’re paid to do so by their oligarchs masters. C’mon. Get real.


The Middle Eastern resistance had performed an admirable job in bleeding America’s Fourth Reich to the tune of $20 Trillion and killed a combined 8000 US troops and members of contracted Private Military Contractors. What sensible person or government would even consider America’s corporate form of empire building? The Fourth Reich will never claim victory because the funding to defense contractors is too profitable; they need wars to survive and our miserable invertebrates in congress give them what they want. Thomas Jefferson said it best: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”


So does Israel.


Onehundred “Likes” from me.


You conveniently left off Turkey, Russia, Lebanon and Iran that also interfere big time in Syria. Israel’s main role is treat wounded Syrians who make it across the border, they had little to do with starting or arming anyone or supplying troops in Syria’s civil war.


This was a futile exercise. War monger , ardent Zionist, and Wall Street Democrat Senator Charles Schumer 's staff simply did not answer the lines for hours. The Democratic Party is a lost cause. Fight for egalitarian communism. See www.plp.org


The worst humanitarian crisis on the planet is the American Government. What would our world look like if America was sane?


This flies in the face of the No Lives Matter movement. I’m outraged.


I like Jefferson’s sentiment, but that could only be said, and believed, when the firepower of citizens and militia were roughly comparable. It’s not that way anymore.


Thankee, Sar!


russia and iran are allowed to “interfere” according to international law because they were invited to assist the Syrian state in retaking its recognized borders. That’s a legitimate state function, regardless of how you feel about Assad.

Lebanon isn’t “interfering” in anything, other than to limit the flow of refugees.

Granted on Turkey. They’ve been a major culprit in the Syrian invasion.

Israel, however, is in a virtual state of war with Syria due to its constant air operations against Syrian forces and the infrastructure of the country. They’re not just “helping the sick” who wander across their borders. They’ve already admitted to having a care system set up for jihadis in protected territory.