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Senators Find $14 Billion in Unspent Funds After Trump Admits to Ordering Slowdown in Covid-19 Testing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/22/senators-find-14-billion-unspent-funds-after-trump-admits-ordering-slowdown-covid-19


Congress was well aware that the executive branch was not just unwilling, but incapable of managing a nationwide testing regimen with the current incompetent administrators in charge. The only logical thing to do would have been to transfer authority to manage the pandemic response from the executive branch and HHS and take over that responsibility themselves.
What we have seen since the days of Nixon is a congress that has constantly abdicated more of its responsibilities and heaped them upon the executive branch. The logical worst case scenario of that abdication is now playing out. What happens when that executive branch is only half filled with nimrods and sycophants?
Well, what happens is, dead Americans happen. A lot of them. And all under a shroud of growing totalitarianism. Maybe Nancy and Chuck can work on this enormous problem in 2021, that is when they’re not getting cosmetic surgery and sending more government business to their lobbyist friends.
Remind me, who are the bad guys again? Is it the ones who rob from the government coffers and shrug their shoulders in contempt for us? Or is the ones that promise to do something about it, and don’t?


Trump seems to have made it a habit to withhold approved funds. Let’s recall that he also declared some time ago that he is ok with 200,000 COVID-19 dead besides which, he has got to keep those numbers down for his re-election and got to keep all those wage slaves on the capitalist grinding wheel to pretend the economy is healthy.

Trump, Inc are existential individuals who deny they are their brothers and sisters keepers:

[T]o not be “Ones brother’s keeper” is to be, in the quintessential sense of the term, “The existential man.” That is, “The last man standing” and facing, alone and on his own, in a smoldering sea of ruin, an incomprehensible World —a World without meaning.–Neil J. Smith


“This man is reprehensible, my father and so many Americans lost their lives and this is what he has to say,” said Omar. “I pray for our country to find a way to recover from the destruction of his presidency and heal all wounds. This presidency is without a shred of humanity and dignity.”

Well said indeed.


The GOP has finally accepted that Covid is a national emergency, and are about to do what all good disaster capitalists do when presented with an opportunity like this.
Weaponize it.
Their hope now is that Covid is still alive and kicking in late fall, causing a fear to build among the voting population. That, mixed with a bankrupt postal service limiting mail in votes, and the seeds a victory are planted.


Ya’ know, only in America are things like Covid-19 & wearing face masks, a political thing. This prezident makes everything about him, except for any responsibility. Wearing a face mask or not is NOT about politics, it’s about stopping this virus & stopping the spreading of it.
I hate wearing the masks; feels like I can’t breathe well wearing it & the stupid things slide up right away, start covering my eyes, so always having to tug it down. I guess I have wrong face shape for mask? I end up touching face much more cuz’ of mask.
But that doesn’t matter compared to stopping this virus & not getting it, so I wear the stinkin’ mask whenever I am out in public. It’s what has to be done & what WE can do.
Widespread testing has barely begun & here’s Trump, saying he told his people to “slow down the testing” cuz’ testing “made the numbers go up.” Seriously? Just how stupid is that man?!!? Thanks to him & his BS, incompetence & sheer stupidity, the U.S. now has over 25% of cases in the world. We don’t have 25% of world’s population, but virus is NOT controlled, let alone are our #s done where should be by now & many reasons for that. Smarter countries actually did everything better than we did, but 1 big thing is when people test positive they need to be quarantined until testing clean. Not just told to “stay home”.
IF & when we get serious about stopping this virus & get some leadership behind it - not just waiting for a miracle, or manipulating numbers - maybe it won’t be too late by then? Since Trump has pulled us out of WHO, don’t expect to get any priority access to vaccine when have 1.
I suspect that right B4 election, Trump may announce that “we have developed our own vaccine, ahead of WHO”. He would say anything to get re-elected. (I will take wait & see attitude myself.)

Outside the U.S., our news is not political like here. They are free to state the truth & often do. So what we don’t get told, rest of world does. No political “filter”.
It’s summer & tourist season is here, but do you think people will still be coming to U.S. for their vacations? I doubt that we are a top destination this year & who can blame them?
Coronavirus does not make a good souvenir from one’s vacation to America!:us:


Republicans have, beginning big-time with Reagan, sought to break government so that corporations could run free. As Clinton pulled the Democrats to the right, he did not fully do his job. Nor did Obama. Culminating now with Trump the horror show just accelerates. Anything not geared to greasing somebodies palm is of no interest to this administration to who no lives matter.


But 1 is definitely worse, as evidenced by their constant lies & criminal behavior, coupled with their incompetence & total lack of responsibility for ineptitude.

Somewhat off topic, but I note that a decline in deaths has accompanied this surge in corona virus cases – is that a lag or a trend?

As for testing, Trump is once again full of shit. It’s not more testing that is turning up more positive tests, it’s a higher percentage of people being tested getting a positive test result. Arizona and Michigan for instance perform roughly the same amount of tests each day. But in AZ, they have had recent days in which 20% of those test were positive, in MI the average has dropped below 3%. That’s why AZ is setting new records for Covid19 cases almost every day, while MI’s caseload keeps dropping.

And whether you test positive or not, but have to be hospitalized with some respiratory infection, they’re going to isolate you in the hospital just to play it safe.

Of course, math isn’t a strong suit for our “stable genius.”

He’s referring to his strength in spreading horseshit, right?


I don’t know about the rest of the country but here in AZ testing is a joke. The doctors owned lab that is the big dog is absolutely inept, arbitrarily declaring ignored samples ignored, and taking 10 days to report results on the one they don’t mishandle. With our Governor a bit on the Trumpesque side, color us screwed.


Kinda figures, he’d side with the frigging virus? Sacrificing his inbred, drunked-up, waddling old klansmen, just so his pals could monitize yet another wave of ethnic cleansing? If we SEE death coming, we won’t play along? We’ll actually want them to do something to DO something to not kill our loved ones, friends and coworkers? If we KNOW, they’d LOSE money, instead of feeding us TO the virus to MAKE money from out terror, anguish, misery & death? What we KNOW, hurts them! Criminals work in the dark. I’m guessing, the only thing they’ll learn from our demise is how to scare doctors, nurses, first responders & corpse truck drivers from uploading video of private equity run slaughterhouses. How to sue, fire, incarcerate or otherwise silence whistle-blowers, reporters or bloggers. WHY would they spend money, to show us how they are gleefully forking “essential workers” and their families to Trump’s hungry little friends?






Off topic completely, but I saw this an hour ago and thought that you’d be interested. So, ST, icymi:



I’m actually glad to be in NY and it is because of the sincere work against the spread, born out of emergency, if this killer disease. We are organized opposition to Trump and his neocons and it is saving lives.

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“government’s historic spending binge. Some experts see a collapse in the dollar coupled with higher inflation. Others see a stock market bubble”

thank you.
advisors at 401k told folks to stop and place into bank savings accounts instead.
To have ready cash available if laid off and not pay withdraw penalty.

A good time to be in the relative safety of cash.
This recession is going to last awhile.

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Depends upon whom you mean by, “we,” kimo-sabe? We’d been out getting cash and enjoying 74°F sunny, PACKED Riverside Park, that last weekend before Saint Paddy’s Day, in gloves (ATM machines in heavy use) and my old KF94 work masks. Saw a single, older Asian woman taking ANY precaution whatsover, among the thousands packing clubs, bars, restaurants, parks, trains (a neighbor posted shots of her crowded dance classes). We’d been told to “go on about your life,” as we too were infected at Fairway, CVS or Trader Joe’s? I’m guessing, next time; streaming phone video from private equity liquidated medical centers, pix of nurses in garbage bags or doctors with Zabar’s plastic take-out tray lids taped around their head to treat all the stroke victims, and there’ll be cops taking down drones flying over all the convict dug mass graves? We didn’t have to WORK while ill!

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Sorry, my links didn’t post, somehow (COVID dementia?)





We need much more testing. Trump should be recused over this issue as he’s obviously biased and self-dealing - he wants us not to know facts we need to know.

This is an urgent situation that the judiciary needs to address.

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This presidency is now beginning to self-destruct. The more pressure on DT to win the election in November and his inability to satisfy either the majority of the American people or his own party will drive him to the looney bin. He and both major political parties all belong there.


I’m in AZ also - ducey is an imbecile.

I am glad that the mandatory face-mask order is in place. That being said, i will be visiting several retail stores after work today to make sure the stores are enforcing the order. If I see a shopper in a store without a mask, I will snap a picture of them and have a short conversation with the store owner/manager explaining that they need to escort the individual out of the store. Then I will inform them that I will be back the following day and that if they have another non-mask wearing shopper i will post the pics on social media citing the store as “unsafe” and not in compliance with the order.

and… I’ll also follow the non-mask wearing shopper out of the store and snap a pic of their license plate to forward to the enforcement authorities for a hefty civil citation fine.

I’m done with these mouthbreathers.