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Senators Give GOP Harsh Reminder: #DoYourJob on Supreme Court Justice


Senators Give GOP Harsh Reminder: #DoYourJob on Supreme Court Justice

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Several organizations and lawmakers rallied together on Tuesday to remind Senate Republicans that they still have a job to do—confirming Judge Merrick Garland as a Supreme Court justice.


Merrick Garland is a fascist and Obama should be ashamed for ever having offered his name in nomination.
This is one time that I hope the Republicans win and Obama and the Democrats lose.


Of course the corporate, neoliberal (fascist) Democrats want Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court.

He'll probably get confirmed after the election no matter who is president.


6 weeks to the election, and now they scream? they have had 6 months, not that I support Garland, so maybe it's best. I don't expect better after Nov, the Clinton appointment will crush voter turnout, just as the oligarchs planned, I"ll bet. So, I don't get why now.


I like your MIMIC but one of the most important drivers of modern society is missing: financial. Somewhere in the midst of the Ms and Is, I suggest we add an F: MIMICF? MIFMIC? What about MIMIFC? Now it becomes as hard to say as it should be to swallow/follow the soulless lead of the financial industry.


The GOP majority members of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter (which I think should be considered a breach of their vow to uphold and defend the Constitution, especially as it was written and signed with the rest of the committee locked out) in February to Mitch McConnell, stating that they would not do their jobs. I suggest we the people alert the voters of their states. It isn't abstaining from a vote, but refusing to do anything, and they've gone on the record.


If Trump wins, the democrats should do the same thing to any of his nominees, ...because obviously the country will have made a mistake if he is elected.

And yes Mr Garland was a rotten choice for us, so it's easy to disregard the neglect of duty. The republicans think they can do WORSE.