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Senators Have a New Plan to Expand Indefinite Detention and Endless Global War


Senators Have a New Plan to Expand Indefinite Detention and Endless Global War

Christopher Anders

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse with this Congress, a bipartisan pair of senators have teamed up to write the single most dangerous piece of unconstitutional legislation of this Congress.


Co-sponsored by half of the team of lesser evil, ain’t that just grand–and people wondered why I took a barf bag with me to the polls in 2016.


When it comes to war and economics, democrats = republicans.


Will someone put a cork in Corker, and use a cane to beat Kaine.


What are ya gonna do to Zuckerberg?


That’s easy.

Zuck him


Zuck Facebook ?

With Kaine and Clinton on the 2016 Dim ticket is anybody still surprised that Trump is POTUS ?

Ever since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation, the Dims keep trying to prove they are more Republican than the Republicans.


Rocking her three month old child, my niece, 28, responds to this by saying drily, “Sweet!”

No surprise. She knows this is the Titanic, and she knows it’s going down.

A lot of the young came in knowing this. They see us going beyond, not back to old authoritarian archetypes that have long outlived their usefulness.

#I’mwiththem! :slight_smile:


Hey Hillary, Kaine is just one of the reasons we wouldn’t vote for you.


The fascists are totally relentless in their greed and hate. Eventually they get what they want, by hook or by crook.


Not in a million years would I zuck him. I want a million foot pole.


Why bother? The congress hasn’t voted on it before and allows the endless war to be fought in so many countries. They keep appropriating money for the military to fund the bombing and increased the funding to allow it to expand.
There has also been no real pressure upon congress to do anything about their rubber stamping. And the american people keep hearing terrorism and they are good with anything that feeds into their fear that promises they will be safe. It doesn’t matter that what we actually do increases the threat, all they hear is if we keep bombing and killing more people, you will be safe.
So to me, this is just putting a bow onto what we will do without they actually voting on it. And the names that sign on won’t matter, they will get voted back into office. They ‘saved’ the US.


Killary wanted Kaine as her Vice President. Who is it that’s been saying that Killary would have been better than the Trumpster? Get it through your heads people, they are all bad, they are all crooks, and they are all warmongers!


This is pure madness. We’re not allowed to see the 55 year old JFK files because they’re afraid to challenge the CIA, but we have to contemplate this kind of stupidity. Shame on them, and they call it democracy.