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Senators' Jobs At Risk After Confirming "Lying Foreclosure Profiteer" for Treasury

Senators' Jobs At Risk After Confirming "Lying Foreclosure Profiteer" for Treasury

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Each of the 53 "yeas" cast in the U.S. Senate on Monday night to confirm former Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary will "haunt those who cast it in the months and years ahead," one progressive advocacy group warned in the wake of the vote.

Sen. Joe Manchin and their ‘like’ are now ‘on the menu’ and are being pushed away from the ‘table’ because they’re bottom feeders.

Thought I’d go into in the way back machine to check another vote for a Wall St mannequin for the same job.

The year is 2008. The nominee: one Timothy Geithner.

Dissenting Democrats? 3. 2 on principle. One probably drunk (Byrd).

So apparently screwing over the people was cool in 2008. You know, when it was QE that was being peddled.

But being as I’m a loyal tool of whatever juvenile name you’re calling imaginary Trump supporters these days, I’ll be fair and slam the other “team”, too.

Most Republicans voted against Geithner. This time around, all of them voted for essentially the same guy in Mnuchin.

Still think any of this garbage is about principles?



A pending Executive Order renames the Treasury to the TRUMP BANK.

Source: Truthiness News {Catching Up to Fox News}

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It seems to get worse by the day.

“…Mnuchin is looking to fill cabinet positions with Wall Street executives and Republican establishment figures…”

So much for “draining the swamp”

It’s getting worst by the hour!

That’s an ugly looking group in that photo. Herr Twittler on one side with a Mussolini-like scowl says it all.


I expect any day now to read Manchin’s announcement that he’s changing his party affiliation, which’ll give WV 5 Republicans and 0 Democrats in DC. I just hope he does it right before a massive backlash sweeps the Republicans out of office. Not that the other Democrats are on our side.

QE was not a bad thing, unless you’re a right winger who claimed it would lead to out of control inflation, huge unemployment, soaring gold, and a worthless dollar. None of which occurred. But then QE was Bernankes doing, not Geithners. Always ready with a Trump defense aren’t you, even if it makes no sense.

I don’t know what your side is, but I do hope Sanders can spark some fresh activity in WV.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but not one politician complained about any financial loss. The odds that none were affected is around 1 in 750,000’ish. Better than most lottery odds.

Lets get to the root of the problem in the democratic party and take down Kamala Harris, for example, rather than Mnuchin/Manchin, after all he is under consideration because she, as California’s AG, needed only a $2000 contribution from Mnuchin to ignore the pleas of her entire financial corruption investigative team and refuse to go after the massive amount of crime they found within his bank…“a leaked memo from top California prosecutors who were looking to bring forward a case against OneWest for over a thousand legal violations they discovered” See article here; https://theintercept.com/2017/01/03/treasury-nominee-steve-mnuchins-bank-accused-of-widespread-misconduct-in-leaked-memo/

Well, no one can accuse you of blind partisanship, can they?

I remember when my mother confidently stated that rump was going to stand up to wall st because he never took any campaign contributions from them. I told her she was naive and gullible. I was right.

Gee, so now Joe Manchin has a choice of running again and losing, or taking a multi-million job as a lobbyist or corporate CEO that doesn’t have to deal with screaming voters. Yeah, he really regrets his vote.


2008 proved that unregulated Capitalism don`t work. Wall St rigged the whole Tarp/ Congress/ Ratings Agencies Sellout. It cost the US Taxpayer $3 Trillion to your "Masters of the Universe.

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So do we plan to establish residency in the states where senators are up for reelection in 18 in order to vote them out?
I say ditch the whole damn 2 party system… it has screwed us at every turn and wrecked the earth to boot .