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Senator's Report Finds Google and Facebook Have 'Hijacked' Local News and Undermined Journalism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/senators-report-finds-google-and-facebook-have-hijacked-local-news-and-undermined

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Also a musician’s dilemma for the last forty years.

No, really? Heavy sigh …

A little clarification might be in order for those having trouble seeing that 1984 has really just arrived, thirty-six years late. Our “Ignorance is (Their) Strength”, i.e., those oligarchs who manipulate us into believing that “War is Peace” and “Freedom is Slavery”. It can be as overt as “virtue-signalling censorship”, or the tidbits of “doublespeak” that have wormed their way into our language, like “friendly fire”, “tax reform”, “pro-life”, “credible intelligence community sources”, and the “Democratic Party”. But even these word games are laughably crude and ham-fisted compared to the frighteningly exquisite subtlety of the high-tech programming that has created our current “Social Dilemma”.

No doubt these bastards are worthy of excoriation, but let’s not romanticize “local news”.

Like their corpress brethren, there’s relatively little in the line of “exposing… corruption and keeping elected officials accountable to their constituents”, and what there is is often of the “one off” variety, making no systemic connections.

They operate largely as PR flacks for their respective Chambers of Commerce, and much of their content consists of “crime coverage” which echoes both the perspective and language of “law enforcement” press releases.

Google et alia are loathsome indeed, but in the struggle against the death of local outlets, we must also be committed to their being reborn, as honest relaters of the factual, and champions of justice.

“A censor is a man who knows more than he thinks you ought to.”

  • Laurence J. Peter

Got it. But did you mean “Freedom is slavery” or “Slavery is freedom?”