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Senator's Tweetstorm Shows Stark Human Toll of Trump Immigration Crackdown


Senator's Tweetstorm Shows Stark Human Toll of Trump Immigration Crackdown

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Offering a stark example of the dreadful personal toll President Donald Trump's immigration policies are taking on vulnerable families, centrist Democrat Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania on Wednesday took to Twitter to live-tweet the deportation of a mother and her young son to Honduras.


Will DJT and his his storm troopers EVER STOP THEIR CRUEL AND INHUMANE treatment of "the other?"

My heart hurts knowing that this mother and her son will soon be dead yet the "powers that be" who could prevent this tragedy, turn a callous, craven blind eye to their desperation and virtually order their inevitable execution.

Esos cobardes, cabrones, demonios que se vayan al infierno.


This is a horrible situation. But it should also be noted that the situation in Honduras can be directly linked to Hillary Clinton's tenure as SOS. She aided the regime change in Honduras that brought this devastation to the country. Then when so many children from Honduras risked their lives to flee to the US, she said we should send them home to send a message to their parents to keep them there. The people fleeing El Salvador and Guatemala also are victims of US interventionist policy that kept military dictators in power. So Trump doesn't own this problem.


What we are seeing is the worst elements in government security and law enforcement interpreting Trump's language of hate and discrimination as a license to act out their most vicious get tough fantasies. If it's okay for the president to hate and bully, it's okay for us, too. Unless there is pressure and accountability applied from the top to correct this behavior, it's going to get worse, much worse. People living in fear of someone knocking at their door in the middle of the night used to be the stuff of third world country nightmares, but its now become the reality for millions living in this country. What country is this?


Mr. t is a coarse, cruel, crude and rude person--like many in the Party he leads. This is unconscionable; We must NOT turn our back on a vulnerable 5yr old boy and his mother who may very well die if they get on that plane.


Most citizens of the US will never really know or understand the human rights tragedies its own government has created and perpetuated. Maybe they don't really want to know because it will challenge their mythical and strongly held belief systems. Until we get to reality, we can never make this country a place that is worthwhile for the people who live here and for the rest of the world.


It's very necessary and moral that the U.S. continuing its long history of accepting refugees and immigrants from the countries whose governments it overthrows for profit thus imperiling those citizens in their home countries, but it would be great if the U.S. just didn't overthrow those governments in the first place. Thanks, Senator Casey, now how about a tweet regretting Secretary Clinton's support for the coup against Zelaya that cast Honduras into spiking lawlessness?


Thank you for stating the history. Unfortunately, the US public is woefully ignorant of the causes of this immigration crisis, and are led to believe that the US is such a great country that everyone south of the border is just dying (oftentimes literally) to get here and take jobs from 'real' 'muricans. DJT so easily fires up his base with this bs. I don't know the answer, but it is indeed heartbreaking. Trump doesn't own the origins of the problem, true, but he's willing to use it as a distraction while he loots the country for his billionaire buddies. Sad!


Note that it is Bob Casey writing these tweets. Sen. Casey is well to the right of even the evil Killary - so if Casey complaining, then Trump must be doing something right...