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Send Obama to Gitmo

Send Obama to Gitmo

Alli McCracken

President Obama should be given props for the progress made in thawing US-Cuban relations, but there’s a piece of unfinished business that he could—and should—still attend to: returning the US Naval Base in Guantanamo to the Cuban people. In doing so, he could also solve another dilemma that has plagued his administration: closing the Guantanamo prison.

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Let the media keep showing some rusted 1950’s vintage automobiles as they report on Cuba. Why don’t they discuss one major export of the island nation: doctors–who are paid by Cuba, no less, I understand. I hope Cuba can withstand any thawing of the US’s relations with it. I hope her ecosystems are resilient to the oncoming rape that capitali$m will surely bring.


It’s likely that Cubans recognize the reach and practices of the Imperial State, America and thus that the prisoners sitting in Guantanamo are mostly innocent persons… at worst, “guilty” of defending their own lands against foreign invaders (following War of Aggression scripts and marching orders).

With that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cuban people opened their arms to assimilate those prisoners… that is, the ones that have no homes to return to.

Imagine what that what say to the world: that the island so long demonized for its Castro-driven Communist policies turns out to be the most hospitable haven for “the world’s worst.”


While this “grand flush” is your obvious favored Talking Point… consider the following:

If a corporation or Big Bank guilty (but as yet, unproven) of deleterious acts flushes out all of its purported “bad apples,” there will be LEGIONS of people lining up to acquire the vacant job slots.

Same with Congress.

It’s the Big Money that holds the puppet strings.

IF there were a truly open media that belonged to The People, and IF all elections were publicly funded, and IF vote counts were cross-checked by neutral interests (rather than kept secret under proprietary law related to specific types of voting machines), and significant decisions GENUINELY decided by public referendums… then you might be onto something.

Otherwise, until the system alters, one set of congress critters will replace another, and the same systemic issues will remain in place. Chief among those are the power, clout, influence, and policy purchase power of Big Money.

Got it?


The Pentagon is an automaton. The US Government has a president the way England has a monarch. They are there for ceremonial and propaganda purposes only. Obama plays the part well. The Pentagon has nothing to do with Obama, and Obama has nothing to do with the Pentagon, except that one of Obama’s ceremonial rituals is rubber-stamping the Pentagon’s Chief of Staff, usually, as now, a vacuous, arrogant know-nothing general or admiral, who is clueless about what the troops are doing, until one of his underlings hands him the morning papers while turning on the morning propaganda shows.

Putting Obama in Guantanamo would only humor the Cubans for a few hours, rather like having a clown visit the local elementary school.

Code Pink could benefit itself from studying US totalitarianism. That way it can save lots of money instead of wasting it on the delusions about democracy and republics that do not exist.


prosecute obama for treason murder and torture.



Anything but making Democrats appear soft on terrorists or endangering America by releasing its tortured prisoners. Democrats must appear to be stupid to please the stupid, scared conservative voters that won’t vote for them anyhow.

“They claim that according to the Constitution, Congress cannot specify facilities in which particular detainees must be held and tried.”
I wonder how many of those who have been "detained " all these years would give their left gonad to be tried ??

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YES, the big myth/lie is that there is a real choice between the 2 war parties.
As long as imperialist amerika goes along with the big lie, the empire will continue its slide into the abyss
of failed empires! Yes, the masses en amerika are still in delusion land.