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Sending Ladders, Hedges, Money, Beaded Curtains Or Pretty Much Anything Else Besides A Friggin' Wall


Sending Ladders, Hedges, Money, Beaded Curtains Or Pretty Much Anything Else Besides A Friggin' Wall

Except for red-meat fundraisers, people are getting some fed up with Trump's chimera to keep out "our migrant siblings and fellow human beings." Thus, a host of brilliant proposed alternatives. As Trump frantically moves the goal posts - Mexico to taxpayers, concrete to "unfathomably stupid" slats - others suggest a privacy hedge, a wall of gravestones, Olympic climbers. The best: Ladders to lift people up and over, aka donations to RAICES to help with asylum cases, with the tagline, "We welcome you to the coalition of reasonable adults."


Welcome to the US domestic version of the nadir region [?hell?] of predatory capitalism. It is and always has been much, much worse if a US corporation wants something in your country, under the earth you live on, or in the river that runs through it…

Malignant narcissism is a psychological syndrome comprising an extreme mix of narcissism, antisocial behavior, aggression, and sadism.[1] Grandiose, and always ready to raise hostility levels, the malignant narcissist undermines families and organizations in which they are involved, and dehumanizes the people with whom they associate.[2]

Malignant narcissism is a hypothetical, experimental diagnostic category. Narcissistic personality disorder is found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR), while malignant narcissism is not. As a hypothetical syndrome, malignant narcissism could include aspects of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) alongside a mix of antisocial, paranoid and sadistic personality disorder traits. The importance of malignant narcissism and of projection as a defense mechanism has been confirmed in paranoia, as well as “the patient’s vulnerability to malignant narcissistic regression”.[3]

Dang, that aligns like iron shavings on a magnet, don’t it?


As Twain teaches us, ridicule is the single most potent weapon against pomposity. With all due respect to the cartoonists, stand-up comics, musicians and street performers, whose work thus far ranges from sublimely surreal, through piss-your-pants funny, to incendiarily angry, it seems most of it isn’t reaching those who need most to be reached—Pwesident Twump’s base.

I anxiously await corporate journalism’s next come-to-Cronkite moment, when somebody with a mass audience and a modicum of morality says what needs saying: the Pwesident is mother-naked and butt-ugly, and putting him anywhere near the levers of power was a Really Bad Idea.


I remember years ago, I was in my very early teens and still on the Farm and was home from school one day with the measles or some such. We had one TV channel and I was watching something called “The Merv griffon show” in black and white.

In any case words not exact but by memory as this moment resonated with me for a long time. Something was said about some politician in the USSR stating that “America was a prison Colony and was settled initially by thieves and criminals” Merv responded words to the effect of “Yes that might be true but look what we have become, we are the greatest people on the planet and have more freedom and liberty then any other”

The crowd all applauded and roared.

It struck me then. This is how it is done. This is how you can get people to do all those awful things they do to other groups of people. Just tell them they are BETTER than the another group and anything done to the latter group is acceptable.

In other words it not so much de-humanization that the root cause. It self elevation. Narcissm carried to the extreme.


To which I should have added, “the surgically-sharp wit of Ms. Zimet.” Sorry.


I wish Banksy would come here and paint on the American side of the wall It would be a picture of Captain Kirk from the old StarTrek and he would be standing before the wall and the little cartoon bubble over his head would Say: " :Beam them OVER, Scotty."


Um. Trump is the 45th pResident, not the 46th.


I have to disagree with many fellow posters on this one. The US has one of the most liberal immigration policies in the world and still takes in thousands of immigrants every year from all over the world (Just try immigrating to countries in Europe (and forget about countries like Japan or any of the Arab countries). And how can we sit here and condone illegal immigration? Millions of poor uneducated people are not what this country needs. It may have held true in the 19th century but it simply isn’t the case any more. And there’s no denying that many criminals make their way in, adding to the gang violence we already have. People in genuine fear of persecution (of which there are millions around the world) need to apply and wait in line just like every one else - not rush the border posts and scale walls to try and beat the system. We should be pushing the government to address the root causes of these problems that drive them here in the first place, not opening the border to all and sundry.


Impeach, I’d like to point out that international law, as well as ours, is not based on “what this country needs,” it’s based on the needs of the refugees. As far as addressing the “root causes of these problems that drive them here in the first place,” look no farther than our foreign policy: We overthrew the democratically-elected government of Guatemala to install a U.S.-corporate-friendly dictatorship, supported the coup which destroyed Honduran democracy and replaced it with the death squads these people are now fleeing, and supported the death squads in El Salvador for decades. The list goes on.
Not only should these folks be allowed in, they deserve reparations.


International law does not require any country to admit thousands of illegal immigrants. And don’t tell me all those caraveners who rushed the border and threw stones at border guards were trying to turn in their asylum applications. Every country has a right to decide who they want to admit and I’ll say it again, the US has one of the most liberal policies in the world of any major advanced country. As for past US meddling in central America, yes of course that is a cause of what’s going on over there, but another factor is the mess that central America has been in for a long time. Reparations by the US ought to consist of financial help to these countries to beat back the tide of organized crime that has taken them over and money to foster genuine democracy and job creating intitatives. Not by admitting millions of poorly educated and possibly criminal elements


Asylum seekers by definition in international laws WHICH THE US HAS SIGNED & IS OBLIGATED TO FOLLOW are not “illegal” at all!!
They are REFUGEES – people in flight from terrible, even deadly,circumstances…


The “organized crime that has taken them over” is the very military government which we currently and historically support. And "the mess that central (sic) America has been in " is one of our creation. Our tax dollars at work.


Amen to that!


There are literally millions of people who would qualify as refugees around the world. Is the US admit all of them, and even if you think it should, would it not make sense to process them in an orderly fashion. Do you really want admit the ones that go storming the doors pelting the officals and scaling walls to get in? What kind of control do you have over the people who get in, and how do you ensure that only the asylum seekers are admitted? You’re not thinking clearly but caught up in an emotional response to what you see on TV


Also if these guys are truly asylum seekers why don’t they turn in their applications like millions of other people applying for asylum instead of illegally entering the country?