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Sensing Keystone XL Rejection, TransCanada Scopes NAFTA Lawsuit


Sensing Keystone XL Rejection, TransCanada Scopes NAFTA Lawsuit

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

TransCanada Corporation, the company behind the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, is furtively planning its next steps—including suing the U.S. government—if U.S. President Barack Obama rejects the permits which would allow construction of the project to move forward, the Canadian Press reported on Monday.


Ah, NAFTA…at first, Canada was not in favor of NAFTA based on the unbalanced tariff/trade issues from which Canada felt it would not benefit. Now, TransCanada (with the Harper’s blessings) is practicing coercion…threat of lawsuits using tenets of NAFTA. Their conservabot PM who is just as beholding to the energy giants (TransCanada in this case) as any number of our members of Congress, Secy of State, and in part, the president… is dismantling the majesty of Canada’s natural areas one acre at a time. The Tar Sands extraction will lay to waste and ruin all it touches starting with Alberta…all for the sake of profit for a few at the expense of all life

Greed and the greedy trump all common sense and compassion, and is/are totally devoid of a sense of stewardship towards the planet.


This is another clear reason to oppose the TPP. Why? Because the 1%'ers have once again “foolishly put their money at risk” knowing that the folks involved in the legal and political systems are all I cahoots and will decide that yes, they suffered a loss if they don’t get to ramrod their pipeline across our country and private land to their own benefit. Sure, a few thousand temporary jobs would be created putting together whatever design the LOWEST BIDDER comes up with. And we’d be stuck with the environmental liability for transporting this Canadian Crappy Crude. Plus as an added benefit, everyone in the Midwest and east coast can start breathing in the additional emissions created to process that muck! No more 20 barrels of oil for every barrel’s worth of energy extracted for refining there. No this spooge takes some 16 barrels of energy to extract that 20 barrels of energy. Barely enough to make it worthwhile, and on the whole, not worth fouling up the commons to give it to China & East Asia, who would also, as signatories to the TPP try to get American working wage-slaves to pay them off for lost profits for ever and ever as well.

the TPP - is a proposed international trade agreement being negotiated by 12 countries: Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Chile, Peru and Brunei.Jun 26, 2015

If you haven’t called your senator and congressional representative to complain and kill TPP, then you believe we should compensate Canada for the pipeline being killed. I believe it should be killed, but it’s not my fault those boneheads invested so much in creating their own sword of Damacles situation, and I don’t want to pay one penny to them for their folly.


Net negative energy (It takes more energy to make it than what we get out of it.)… That’s tar sands, and nuclear. Don’t you love it? Just more profits for the Big Corpse.


Declare TransCanada an enemy combatant and bomb the hell out of it, then go after Ontario Power Generation for wanting to bury nuclear waste next to Lake Huron! Then give EXXon-Mobil and the rest another $40 Billion in tax breaks you MORONS!