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Sent to Destroy Sanders' Case for Democratic Socialism, Danish Right-Winger Bolsters It


Sent to Destroy Sanders' Case for Democratic Socialism, Danish Right-Winger Bolsters It

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Fellow at Peterson Institute, a regressive-minded think tank, concedes the many benefits of a nation that provides universal access to pre-school, healthcare, and college


There it is! Bernie Sanders forcefully and truthfully lays out the straight skinny!

The stark contrast between good - the Common Good - and evil - ordinary evil, greed and self interest - vast wealth and power, feeding like vultures on the lives of the population for their narrow interests & benefit. The thing is tho, that when all children are educated, all people have access to health care, when people are not wage and interest slaves leading to emotional and mental stress and illness, and civilian priorities take precedence over the obscenity of war-machine funding/atrocities, when people’s lives have meaning and fulfillment, the entire nation benefits, including those who are driven to strive and “succeed” (ambition) - what we need is a reappraisal and examination of how “profits” and “success” are measured!

The model of the trump regime and its figurehead are devoid of any notion of the Greater Good and its benefits for an entire society…

The vulture capitalist construct is NOT what makes life worth living or sustainable - treating people and natural resources as expendable commodities to be exploited, pillaged and raped because “greed is good” (or god) is a construct that is destructive in its very essence and must be smashed!


While triilions are wasted on weapons and wars, no money can be found to benefit the sick, the aged, the disabled, the unemployed and the unemployable.
The razor sharp steel of technocratic rationality bleeds uncountable bodies in plain sight.
“Make America Great Again???”


Rather than the bullshit and double talk we would expect to hear from any US Republican in the position of the right-wing Dane Kirkegaard, this man tells the truth even though it destroys his argument.

Why does he do this? I would guess because it is ingrained in his country’s culture to tell the truth, unlike the culture of the US where prevarication is the rule for right wingers.


it’s a truth that will likely cost him his job. fortunately for him, he lives in a country where being unemployed isn’t a death sentence.

I’d pay a few bucks to see the look on PPs face when he finds out a “senior fellow” on his payroll just fessed up on television.


The supporters of the POtuS claimed they wanted a straight-talker, yet they didn’t support Bernie. Why? Bernie is as straight a talker as any politician out there with the added benefit of being HONEST! what the tRUMP voters really wanted was a racist, and now we all suffer.

Oh, and don’t get me started on Super Delegates and all the other shenanigans of the Democrat party and their loser candidate.


"Sanders responded by highlighting the benefits citizens of Denmark, Sweden, and other Scandinavian nations reap as a result of paying more in taxes.

This remains the challenge for Sanders and like-minded people. Convincing enough Americans on this point. If that can be accomplished then some programs that Sanders advocates could actually be passed. I would say there is a long way to go.


Keeping in mind that rational humane argument doesn’t usually seem to prevail, I don’t know how Bernie could have done much better. What a contrast! The only thing Bernie might have added, and I realize that we can’t expect him to be able to cover everything we want, is the overt gift to corporations. From an October 18 AP article: “The GOP proposal would eliminate the federal deduction for state and local taxes, a widely popular break used by some 44 million Americans, especially in high-tax, Democratic-leaning states like New York, New Jersey, California and Illinois. But corporations, which pay billions in local property levies and state income taxes, wouldn’t be affected.” Even if this outrage is “fixed”, it still demonstrates Republicans’ gross set of values. As an atheist, I still have to say: Thank god the Dane was there.


If one looks at the classical definitions of republican and democrat they will see that Bernie is a true democrat and someone like HRC is really a republican. The “right” we have today are truly fascists, the Citizens United case is poof of point.



Oh, and don’t get me started on Super Delegates and all the other shenanigans of the Democrat party and their loser candidate.

While people will rail against the electoral college as obsolete or unfair, few hold the Democrats’ own system of a group of elites who can overrule the rubes in the same low regard.

The Democrats are just another party of special interests, without regardfor the general welfare. If that’s not obvious by now, then I see no hope for the future of this country.


Of course, Kirkegaaard is right, in order to get the benefits of a Scandinavian country, the US needs to tax like a Scandinavian country. Most can come from upper incomes, but not all, everybody should expect to pay higher taxes.

But is it worth it? Yes! The big problem is getting the brainwashed US middle-class to understand how much more they spend because their taxes are not higher.


You have hit the bullseye spot on

Regardless of the subject at hand

The Implicit Contract that once applied to America’s Social Discourse was that one told the Truth

Our youngest ingrained socialized Myth of old was that of George Washington admitting “I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the Cherry Tree”

That has been changed in a most subversive and treasonous manner to “win at all costs”.

“When a Man Lies, he Murders some part of the World” (Excalibur)

The first casualties are of Personal Honor and Integrity


Well, first of all, we could rejigger the budget and deliver already collected taxes to bolster the common good. We could stop waging war on seven fronts (and counting), and use the money they manufacture out of thin air for military exploits to improve the human condition. We could stop subsidizing our own destruction with the huge subsidies paid out to the extraction and refining industries every year, and create sustainable and affordable energy and the economy that goes with it. Pooling some tax dollars together to deliver Medicare for All may raise taxes a few hundred while eliminating an annual bill totalling thousands.

This is all began with Reaganomics. He lowered the top bracket from 70% to 50%. It’s 39.6% now with loopholes you could drive a semi through. Of course We the People don’t want our taxes raised while the 1% get yet another tax break. Done fairly and judiciously, it isn’t the people who won’t accept higher taxes, it’s the politicians and their cronies. We the People are smarter than you think, given the actual facts and information. It’s the years of disinformation and politics-as-a-spectator sport driven by both the Republican and Democratic Parties that create the perception the public won’t buy it. What we won’t buy is bullshit tax reform that costs us more and delivers ever less in return.


Well when you are right you are right, it;s simply stupid to throw more feed to an already too fat and vomiting pigs, just as it is inconceivable to give more money to those who already are obscenely wealthy.

The idea of “trickle down” economy that Reagan popularized was an outright lie from the start. The rich knew it was a big lie but went along to fleas the public especially the working class for decades. That’s why the wealthy worship Reagan and name airports and aircraft carries after that sell out crook.

The other big lie “austerity” is to be applied to the rich people and rich powerful corporations to help make up for the short fall they have created in the first place.


Always limitless money for wars and the military, never money for society. As it has always been, thus shall it always be.

They say the success of a country is how it treats the least of its citizens. By that yardstick, America is a failed state.


Right on, Yunzer.

The duopoly tells the people “we want to lower your taxes” so the people vote for the duopoly.

The people don’t understand that if you do not pay taxes your services will be non-existent or privatized, and if privatized, you will pay through the nose for them.

Privatized services must be profit-making; government services do not necessarily have to be.

If a majority can be made to understand that, we have a chance of eliminating the national fear of taxation and electing a government of the people.


Of course, the Danish guy is right that Bernie is talking about a lot of spending, but avoiding the issue of higher taxes. But the reason all this – socialized medicine, a stipend for students to go to college and no tuition, and so on – is that Denmark spends a pittance on its military.

Sanders needs to step up and really challenge the absurd amount that the US spends on military and war. That amount should be slashed by 75%, a move which would leave the US safer, not less safe, and would free up funds to expand Social Security, transition to a Canadian style health care system (single-payer with the government being the insurer and negotiating salaries for docs, charges for hospitals and the cost of drugs, etc.) Until Bernie does that, he is open to the charge that his proposals will raise taxes, which will ruin his chance of winning the presidency or of building a successful progressive movement.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


Excellent spelling of “POtuS” :ok_hand:t3:


Perhaps not cost him anything but gain him more respect. Why assume the worst.


Who says “thus shall it always be”?

It shall always be under capitalism
when we have socialism, you will see that it shall no longer be.