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Seperation of Church and State Starts wtih Kicking Billy Graham out of the Rotunda

Seperation of Church and State Starts wtih Kicking Billy Graham out of the Rotunda

Pat LaMarche

The Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) quotes George W. Bush with the words, "God's work within me began with Billy's outreach."


While you’re at it, kick “christians” like Buttsy DeVios, Little Marco, Lyin’ Ted and Mike Pence out of government too!!


Amen sister.


Okay, Pat, I understand that you don’t like Billy Graham’s political stances. Many millions of citizens of this country felt the same way against Martin Luther King Jr., but that didn’t keep either the congress or them president Ronald Reagan from making his birthday a national holiday.

Having a funeral service in the rotunda is not endorsing Graham’s religious beliefs, it is acknowledging the memory of someone who was a packaged commodity that most of the power elite just couldn’t get enough of.

a violation of the separation of church and state, nonetheless.


I liked neither his political nor his religious stances and, as an atheist, I find it egregious and ugly to put his corpse in a location that confers the honor of the State. On the other hand, my opinion suits a different country, because–America being what it is–it’s probably apt that a con-man and hypocrite should lie in state.


Well said, Ms LaMarche. I am in total agreement. I never liked that slimy charlatan, and I never bought in to his false piety. I understand self-aggrandizement though. It’s as American as apple pie.


Poet raises a point that I have to say looks fair to me. If it is a violation of church and state separation to officially commemorate Graham in this way, then isn’t it likewise a violation to commemorate MLK Jr. with a national holiday?

I get your point. For me, the difference between the two is that Graham represented evangelical Christianity quite specifically–Jesus was the way and the answer and Billy had to be there to bring it to our “leaders” because if he didn’t, there would literally be Hell to pay. He espoused an evangelical, top-down, theocratic government and would have been delighted to see a real theocracy established to the detriment of non-Christians (sadly, we’re on the verge). King, on the other hand, was about conferring civil rights where they were being abridged or denied, not about bringing in Jesus (where many of us do not want him, not at all). It’s like honoring Jefferson for the founding of the country while acknowledging the ugliness of his slave-holding. I may disagree with and eschew King’s Christianity, but I do respect his civil rights work and believe it should be recognized. Billy Graham did nothing worthy of State honor.


I don’t think so. It is MLK’s impact on civil rights that is being celebrated, not his status as a “Reverend.” In the case of Graham, it is his (supposed) religiosity.


You can say that again.


Our current government is well stocked with Christian Zionists determined to provoke Armageddon in their lifetimes. It’s bi-partisan, it’s nuts, and Billy Graham is one of their saints. He was the first evangelical holy-roller to penetrate government at the highest levels, the ultimate lobbyist for regressive thinking, the constitution be damned! After display in the Rotunda Billy Graham’s body will be more appropriately dispatched to the Lake of Fire for eternal cremation. Hallelujah!


Goodbye Billy. Do us a favor, and take Donald with you.


And Mike. And Paul. And Mitch. And Betsy And Jeff. And…you get the picture.


Get this motherfucker off government property forever. He was totally sinister. So sinister he “spawned” a daughter who rants that tolerance of gays is creating climate change in the U.S. as punishment from God. The son, Franklin, is even more malevolent than his father, if that is possible. He is hate personified, and is the biggest evil crackpot on two legs, next to Pat Robertson and the rest. I mean, these people are MEAN.


This is an instance where I regret being an atheist. It keeps me from the belief that Billy Graham is burning in hell for eternity with Jerry Falwell.


It’s complicated, to borrow from the movies. Biggest factor is that MLK day came years after he was assassinated.

However Pat Lamarche sure tells it like it is.


I disagree. Billy Graham may not be the only religious cleric to have lain in state in the Rotunda. There is a good possibility that one or more members of the government or the military who have lain there were ordained in some religious organization. And Billy Graham wasn’t just a preacher, he was an incredibly forceful and inspirational world leader. And I am not some sort of evangelical. I firmly believe in the separation of Church and State in our laws. But this is not legislation, it is honoring a person who was a role model for us all including, if they would just listen, for the legislators who work in the Capitol.

Yep, and I hope Billy and Donald NEVER return!

That’s what me implication was.