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Seperation of Church and State Starts wtih Kicking Billy Graham out of the Rotunda

Role model? Really? Spend some time away from the Kool-Aid punch bowl, please. OMG- Indeed!


Speaking ill of the deadly

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I guess the Reverend Jeremiah Wright who told the truth about the US will never be revered as this.


You guess right! To paraphrase another movie line: America," …you can’t handle the truth!"


Some of these misery causing old evil bastards just keep on living. Case in point… Poppy Bush, what 93 years old, I read he is worth $60 billion. Pure evil, he is one of the most treasonous criminals ever set upon this nation. Thousand points of light new world order scumbag murderering CIA kingpin. His entire family actually.


Thank you for a great article, Pat. And thank you CD, for bringing it to us.


And after Billy Graham’s exit fro the capitol, we should take “In God We Trust” off our coinage. Property taxation on church property would be a good idea as well.


Exactly right.

And yet, we are required to take all of them seriously.

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Which is why we so many others like him at the Rotunda.

We do not want him in our hall
We do not want him on our wall
We do not want him when we fall
We do not want him not at all

We do not want him, Billy Graham
We do not want him and his scam
We do not want him Sam I Am
We’d rather eat Green Eggs and Ham


They all claim that their legitimacy comes from their proclaimed worship of Jesus Christ, “The Prince of Peace” who preached no response to violence other than to “turn the other cheek,” “let he who among you is without sin cast the first stone,” “blessed are the peacemakers,” and so on. For them it’s still praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. None of these “Christian” icons are practicing a brand of Christianity that comes close to what the Jesus I follow calls for. I try so I suppose I’ll have to forgive them for knowing not what they do, but that will be the most difficult thing to do that Jesus asks of me.

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One disturbing point is, Graham consistently favored war over peace. He only posed as a holy man. Then there is that inconvenient separation of church and state.

Maybe you believe in the fictitious Warrior Christ.


Hi Blockertoo!

You observed: “Maybe you believe in the fictitious Warrior Christ.”

  1. In fact Jesus Christ is portrayed as a warrior. (See Rev. 19:11-16)

  2. In fact Christ told His followers that they too should be warriors, but not the kind that fire off nuclear armed missiles, or that “kill everything that moves”. Christ told His followers that the warfare they are to fight is that of controlling their thoughts, words, and actions. (See II Cor 10:3-5, Eph. 6:10-17 and James 4:1-7).

The error that most Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestants make is that they are too wrapped up in making war on others to even consider the kind of personal warfare that the scriptures prescribe for those who would be godly in their conduct.

Most who post on CD are either atheist or agnostic in their beliefs so everything I have said above has no meaning or relevance to the way they live their lives.

no. King wasn’t honored for being a reverend. He was honored for his secular work as a civil rights icon.

Graham is specifically being anointed for his religious practices and influence.


We should give Bill the Shill Graham the honor he deserves. His casket should be hung upside down in Arlington as an unindicted co conspirator in the wars of every president he “counseled in the name jesus”. Let the ghost of those he helped send to war mock him. Graham was the consummate Grifter For God. If there is an afterlife that honors justice this particular Adjunct Bishop Of Capitalism will spend his eternity lugging around all of the stones he cast in the name of whatever god he thought he was serving in his furtherance of the American Empire.


Well, he DID make a lot of money.

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Well said!


I was raised on the love of Jesus, Lord of Love, Prince of Peace. I was made to go to church by my parents until I was 18, but my spirit left when I was 16, when men in my church were supported when they went to Vietnam to slaughter innocent little brown children by the thousands because their government sucked. The Jesus I had been told about had clearly left that church because He would NEVER condone the slaughter of innocents in the name of righteousness. The Jesus I knew “Loved all the little children of the world,” including communist children.
This past January, a local church named New Song, invited Israeli Defense Captain, Dan Gordon, a famous sniper, to speak at their church. The postcard announcing his lecture had a photo of him in full battle array, holding a machine gun on one side, and a checklist of “accomplishments” on the other, one of which was “SNIPER.” “Snipers for Jesus!” It’s a beautiful thing. “Onward Christian Snipers!” The Prince of Peace must be so proud of his (alleged) followers!


Religion is one of the most disgusting ways of controlling, financially robbing, and literally “fucking” the people of anything I can think of. All of these ass holes should be castrated and put in solitary confinement cells for the rest of their lives.