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September Candidates Climate Forum to Go On Despite Dropping Sponsor

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/14/september-candidates-climate-forum-go-despite-dropping-sponsor

Somebody wake me up please. Since when are The New Republic and Gizmodo “progressive outlets”?


Voters also deserve to know if all these Democrats will meekly go along with their party’s orders to go back on their promises. Voters also deserve to know if any of these Democrats will debate the Green Party’s candidate. Voters also deserve to hear something about Green Party candidates.


Here is the sadly late Bruce Dixon just a few weeks ago, talking about the status of ballot access for the Green Party.

“The battle for national ballot access for the Green Party will require about 1.2 million petition signatures nationwide, a load of organizing talent and a good $2 million dollars. The talent is mostly there, the money has to be raised, beginning now. By the summer of 2020 when Democrats kick Bernie Sanders to the curb again it will be too late.”

" HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO… Go to http://howiehawkins.us and take a look at what the Real Green New Deal, not the pale Democratic appropriation of the name is all about. Then drop some coin, make a donation to the only campaign dedicated to organizing a national attempt to break the restrictive ballot access regime wide open – that’s Howie Hawkins’ campaign. Know that once the Hawkins campaign gathers $5,000 in each of 20 states in donations of $250 and less it qualifies for matching funds from the Federal Elections Commission, a law that fearful Democrats are trying to scuttle in HR 1."

“Even if you’re a one of those who calls yourself a Democrat and a socialist, your position inside the capitalist party can only be strengthened by the existence of a viable left OUTSIDE that party as well. And if Bernie or Bust busts again, you’ll be needing a new home. We’re building it now. Bernie has a plan B. It’s Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Pete WhatsHisHame. What’s your plan B?”



Do you really think the Duopoly Business Parties, who handcuffed Jill Stein to a chair to keep her off the debate stage, are ever going to allow equal access to happen? It’s a corrupt, rigged system with those in power writing the rules. I’ve voted third party since 1988 when the DNC kneecap Jessie Jackson and have only seen voter access become more and more restrictive.


Not unless we make them.

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Democrats & their petty squabbling over pee pees & wee wees again.