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'Seriously Folks This Is Actually a Constitutional Crisis': Trump Tells Congress White House Won't Cooperate With Impeachment Probe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/08/seriously-folks-actually-constitutional-crisis-trump-tells-congress-white-house-wont

The truth will not set these folks free…


Way back when Andrew Jackson started ethnic cleansing in the Eastern USA , the Supreme court ruled he was in violation of the Constitution. He merely answered words to the effect of “OK so let me see them do something about it…”

The crisis is real. What can be done if Trump refuses to cooperate? What are the mechanisms that are in place that could remove him from office. If he deemed the CIC who would the military answer to? There have been movies made out of Hollywood showing sitting Presidents arrested for high crimes but what is the reality this in the real world?

The withdrawal of the support for a leader in the Parliamentary system is much easier and much more clear cut. In the Republic that is the US with a separately elected executive it far more nuanced and dangerous.

Now Nixon, as corrupt a Politician as he was , did the right thing and stepped down rather then but the USA through all of that but Trump is on a lower rung than was Nixon. He will stay in office just out of spite and the hell with the consequences to the Country.


Trump is proclaiming himself Dictator. Will this get a rise out of Repugs? Will the MSM inform the public that this is illegal, or will it just portray the position of His Highness? That I have to ask is tragic.


The Marines should go in and drag his ass into a straight jacket. Arrest every one inside the building and charge them with treason. Trump is insane and insane desperate men do desperate insane things. Republicans led by the redneck Matt Gaetz from Niceville, Florida who threatened Cohen before he testified to Congress. Republican Oil Nazis know who they are and what they are capable of doing. Trump will go. His removal will be historic. LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! This is our dream and it is manifesting itself as a Republican revolution. Fine. Their party will be burned to the ground and the ashes spread to four winds. LOCK THEM UP!


If he is not allowing " people" to get at the truth by those we have elected, I would then lock him in his office with no food or water. Then one by one I would do the same thing to those who assist him. Meanwhile, outside we are all mulling about yelling for him to leave his office while we are all eating the foods of our choice, and…and having a beer or two with pretzels.


Trump was never qualified to be president, he is mentally unfit thug. It’ll take force to boot him out of the WH. He’s making thing harder for everyone but one thing is for certain, Trump has a very guilty conscience he fears Congress will force him to open his Pandora’s box and all his shit will hit the fans


Its simple you issue a subpoena, if they don’t show up you send a couple of police officers to arrest him. if anything happens to them you send SWAT. if anything happens to them you call in a MOAB air strike, if he hides in his bunker, cut the electricity and water, pump in poison gas, and enact a seige, rule absentia to unthrone, and appoint the next flunkee as provided by the constitution. If he survives that, then once in custody - well the only punishment for treason is death.


We have been in a “constitutional crisis” (which talking heads in the media keep warning us is imminent) since Obama took office in '08 (and probably long before that) and the Repubs took the position of no cooperation, agreement or compromise, in other words within the governing institutions we have had and have been having a government divided against itself–Trump has simply moved in and exploited a situation the Repub party created and we end up with an internal “civil war” between branches–This is a constitutional crisis, it’s happening now.



Anyone who for one microsecond considered Trump to be a viable candidate for any office was never fit to be a voting citizen.


The Articles of Impeachment keep writing themselves.


truth is American people don’t care. they see this is as partisan sniping. As someone who openly detests both parties, I both disagree with that perspective (Trump clearly should be impeached) but can understand it because it is largely true.

Partisans continue to underestimate how deeply sick of this political system many, if not most, Americans really are.

If you told them the entire system was about collapse, many would just sigh and say, “about damn time”.

So good luck ironing this one out. The rest of us are going to continue our bipartisan efforts to survive from one day to the next whatever the drama in DC is.


“But seriously folks this is actually a constitutional crisis,” said Greenberg."

Seriously, somebody forgot to tell Congress. They in recess until Oct 14th.


The idiots on TV wouldn’t know a constitutional crisis if it was pissing on them…and it most definitely is. Taxing citizens, rather than businesses, goes against the constitution, contracting out the job of coining money to the federal reserve goes against the constitution, any law currently on the books regarding arms goes against the constitution, every single act of every single law enforcement agency, and intelligence agency, is a crime against the constitution, The electoral process as it has stood for a century or two is a crime against the constitution. None of these were legally allowed to be changed except by amendment. There is almost no area of government that is in compliance with the constitution and they morons are warning it is in danger. We have been operating outside of the constitution almost since the day it was written.


Trump has wiped his arse with the Constitution, every single day since moving into our White House.

He is so deserving of removal that any member of Congress that doesn’t vote to Impeach and Convict, will indeed sign their own political career Death Warrant.


Well, i guess you could always ban people who don’t agree with you from voting. Maybe build some work and reeducation camps send there. Teach them how to vote properly.

“They have work to do…”


Teach them something…quick! Maybe the republicans are on to something. We should require a political ethical, and philosophical aptitude test to get your voting card. That would rule out pretty much 99% of every red state, and 99 % of every red vote in every blue state. Of course a lot of democrats would fail miserably, but only liberals nationwide would pass the tests, it’s not discrimination, we’ll call it the responsible citizen act.

I agree totally!

No Legal Basis?
What horse shit.
The ONLY politically partisan petrification of the process is promoted by the president.