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'Seriously Folks This Is Actually a Constitutional Crisis': Trump Tells Congress White House Won't Cooperate With Impeachment Probe

I agree mostly especially with the corruption of the Dems…but I also feel whatever it takes… whatever we can get to stick… It took tax evasion to put away Al Capone… .

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As far as I see the problem is rarely with the chief executive it is with a feckless, weak, sniping, frightened little weasels collectively known as Congress. It is a fully co-equal branch of government who has, since the founding of the country, refused to act like it…

Dude, Trump trolls always say things like “I’m not a Trump supporter…”
In the meantime, you defend Trump and dismiss those of us who correctly point out that Trump is a lifetime grifter and lawbreaker who should be impeached and imprisoned.
Your most shallow fecklessness is revealed in saying that you’re “enjoying the show.”


The first call is to face the truth. If not for the duopoly’s fake fake political struggle, the public would begin to see the reality about who really runs this country. That would be a good beginning and things would come to a head rapidly.

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Aha, but this is what NAZIS do. Beware the Fourth Reich of trumpty dumpty !

If these worthless-so-far Democrats fail at this we organize into a citizen arrest of everyone of these monsters including every lawyer of good will joining us and shut the damn system down as is being done throughout the world and demand the resignation of this malignant cancer, along with Pence and every creep.

Total, rolling, non cooperation–stand bye.

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I believe that constitutional mechanism is the 2nd amendment.

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Trump and Trumpers have never read the Constitution and rely on Fox to interpret it for them. King Trump daily packs his pockets with money while ending “laws” that slow him down. He honors no American institutions going off-shore to Dictators for support. Democracy is a rare idea never really seen before anywhere. The Constitution clearly gives the House the right to impeach. One of the charges will be Obstruction of Justice which is a crime that Trump performs daily. If the Trumpers in the DC swamp that includes the GOP SCOTUS and Trump’s cabinet of criminals “win” at least Putin will be very happy for a job well done.

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Suspira –

YES – there is little actual understanding of reality by Trump –

but first of all there was no way that Nixon could have controlled John Dean –
that’s what blew the top off of the whole thing –

PLUS McCord’s revelations to the Judge over the summer.

Right now, that’s what the Whistleblowers represent for Trump – they can’t
control them but they certainly want to find out who they are – and this is
causing concerns for new measures to ensure their safety.

Kind of the same damage that Cohen was able to do to Trump –
(versus sitting out waiting for a pardon) as Manafort may have done?

Granted there wasn’t as much in the open attempt to cover up as we’re
seeing with Trump – but behind the scenes every attempt was being made
by Nixon/Dean originally to bribe the witnesses to remain silent. In fact,
they succeeded in large part in keeping E. Howard Hunt from telling what he
knew, especially as leader of the group and in the operation in the Dem HQ’s
in the Watergate building, but also the overall goals of the program.

How about the shredding that Mitchell did in the DOJ?

Also keep in mind that Nixon – beyond alcohol – had gotten his hands on a ton
of drugs/anti-depressants, for one, which he was steadily using. The military had
instructed everyone to not take instructions from him re nukes, whatever.
Plus, at one point he had armed military in the basement of the White House because
he so feared the youth protests against the war.

Any time I see John Dean on TV, I wonder about ALL that he knew that he still has
not been able to tell the American public.

Like LBJ – Nixon was involved in the coup on JFK – and was not above discussing
having someone “removed” who was in their way. I’d say that’s what happened to
Dorothy Hunt who was carrying pay-off money at the time of the plane accident.

One of the problems that we certainly have in the US is that we’ve been taught to trust
government and our public officials – FDR was likely over 60-70 years also responsible
for that as he did work for the people – but Elites will use violence to protect the
Establishment and the men they chose to do their dirty work can be either directly
involved in that violence, or simply benefiting from it.

I do agree that there are powerful lobbies that work in the interest of Israel -but there are clear legal lines about not allowing foreign influence in the election process----and you can’t be getting help from foreign powers. This is why they make an issue of collusion—Trump bought a house in Florida for 40 million and sold it to a Russian for 100 million. Trumps campaign manager Paul Manafort was paid MILLIONS by a pro Russian Ukraine man ----and what was Manfort’s job-----shaping U.S. opinion to favor Russia. Trumps campaign gave inside polling data to Russian operatives.

Yesterday a bi-partisan Senate committee released a report outlining how extensive the Russians emersed themselves in our election. In this bi-partisan report they said the Russians supported Trump and worked to defeat Clinton. The NYT’s has an article today about "G.R.U. cyber units "-Russian—that are right now working to create turmoil in Europe. It’s pretty clear they have succeeded in creating turmoil here.

I watch it------but what is RT???And I watch these UTUBE channels that are suppose to be left leaning ----but what is the message they push----all democrats bad —don’t bother to vote-----------I wonder what happens when people on the left DON’T VOTE???

I believe Trump wants Biden to be his opponent----the interesting thing is that Biden has chosen not to respond—yes Biden has a real problem----it’s called having a conscience-AND IT IS REALLY SAD THAT PEOPLE FALL FOR THE SHINNY OBJECT. I like Biden—he is a decent man living in our times—and he has made many mistakes —and I do not think he should be president-----The president has every right to go out and campaign and call Biden corrupt ----He can even say “Biden deserves the electric chair”—it’s kind of clear Trump doesn’t believe in due process.

But NONE of this matters----Trump stood on the White House lawn and asked for foreign involvement in our 2020 Presidential election-----THIS IS AN ABUSE OF POWER.

Trump is refusing to cooperate with a Congressional Impeachment investigation------THIS IS AN ABUSE OF POWER.

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A little before my time, but to me it looks like Nixon was a choir boy compared to our Amerikan,Fuhrer!

“Democrats”……………“to me its largely because they have nothing to offer on policy”

Really-----There is a democrat who has put forth a plan to have a wealth tax----a plan or policy to increase ss payments by 200. a month

And the democrat House under Pelosi has passed many bills that are sitting in the Senate.

I understand but this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Neither of us like Trump, but there are ways of challenging him that will play well with the country and ways of challenging him that are problematic. If you do something with Trump that is not well thought out, don’t think for a second it won’t be used against Democrats. If the Democrats are dumb enough to nominate Biden and if by some miracle he won, do you realize all the ammo they will have with him? People need to think this stuff through, and they aren’t. It is mind blowing too, because there are perfectly valid reasons, far better than the phone call, to impeach him. And if this isn’t handled well, it will become a hige campaign issue. Trump would love that, to have a campaign not about issues but stuff like this. It will turn off tons of people to the entire political system even more.

So why are we in a Constitutional Crisis??? THE CORPORATE MEDIA!!!

How Orwellian when Trump says “fake news”-------Of course “fake news” to Trump is that the media is not stroking his ego. But it hits a cord–. What is “fake news”—THE CORPORATE MEDIA NOT REPORTING ON THE MILITARY IN ANY REAL WAY. We have sanctions on Venezuela that is killing people and most people in this country are oblivious to this policy. We have 24 hr news cycles but get soundbites from candidates and not a real conversation . I remember a NYT’s reporter saying people are not interested in the TPP trade deal so why report on it. ---------so by not creating a real dialog on real issues of the day------they create a hole-----and who fills this hole----Fox 'news"—MSNBC–and just look at the hole RT fills???

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First off, I qualified my comment. I said those Democrats that want to make this central to the election signal that they have nothing to offer on policy. And don’t tell me about the Democrats and their policies. The Democrats going back decades have backed horrific policies and we have seen decades of stagnating wages, systemic corruption, crumbling infrastructure, massive inequality and an environmental crisis that they aren’t doing much about. The international economic system they have created makes it difficult to impossible to properly deal with these problems in a democratic and equitable way. Pelosi herself not only opposes all the changes we need, she uses the DCCC to beat back the left, pays tribute to Pete Peterson on the House floor and sends out her chief healthcare adviser to a room full of insurance and pharma lobbyists to assure them that she will not allow single payer to move forward. She brags about how good she is at raking in corporate bribes and says that her party doesn’t want to change the decades long disasters that her party has supported. You party is internally undemocratic, corrupt and has no policy or ideological coherence.

Regarding Warren, sorry, not buying it. Atrocious on foreign policy, waffles on single payer, has given signals behind the scenes to the corrupt people running her party and many Wall Street types are saying she is more “reasonable” behind closed doors than she is in public. She has taken large donor money, she did a ton of big money fundraising gigs right before deciding to run for president and has said she will take their money again. Her hypocrisy is even being called out by some of those donors. If she was serious about putting in place the radical changes we need, she would be challenging those she is clearly aligned with. I have seen this movie before. There are a ton of red flags with her. She is better than many running, but that says more about them and the quality of the field than her.


I cannot unpack your rant. Calm down and think of a way to communicate that is thought out and organized. I think of MSNBC types like you in the same way I do Fox News zombies. We both oppose Trump, but not all opposition is equal in how effective and well thought out it is. You pretending that we are basically defending ourselves from a Russian and Ukrainian onslaught is not based in objective reality.

I do believe it was Sen Barry Goldwater leading a group of Senators who met with Nixon and told him he had to resign------the view was that you cannot put the nation through this. And I would even say the same for Clinton----he should have resigned----the office is bigger than the man.

Trump doesn’t even acknowledge over half the country. And there was a time if you had a close election you would reach out to the other side. And if you had a landside you had a mandate----------words with so little meaning today.

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When the president’s minions start using The Constitution as if they were twisting Old Testament quotes then it is a Constitutional crisis. Of one thing I am certain. Trump does not rule the nation with or without Divine Right.

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What got Nixon on board with resigning was talking with other Republicans. Back then there were still a few Republicans who had some integrity, and loyalty to their oath of office, the Constitution and The Country. We don’ have any of that this time. It’s apparent that the Republicans are lining up behind Caligula. outside of allowing the Trump to become the King he wants to be and blood in the streets Civil war, what do we have?

Hi JoanRobinson:
it seems that after FDR died things went south really fast. Of course, we are still fighting the Korean War and what FDR did to the Japanese in America was awful though, but then Truman and Hiroshima?? Then LBJ gave the people medicare, but it seems like he went along with Eisenhower and Kennedy on Vietnam,
Maybe the last good thing any president did was with Truman and The Marshall Plan in Europe—but since Reagan government people got meaner and more sneaky—and then the first Bush did some weird things, as did the Clintons and the 2nd Bush was even dumber-- and then Obama , the Peace Prize President bombed even more nations-but now-------Trump----------well---- from FDR on —America has been failing We the People, so with a president that has probably never even looked at the Constitution—no one should be surprised about Trump. What a depressing history—and plus with all the lying and scheming going on in government —I can’t imagine that the planet will do anything except see the Climate Crisis as a chance to remove We the Vermin----a very depressing thought! : (