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Seriously? New GOP Budget Would Defund Election Security Agency


Seriously? New GOP Budget Would Defund Election Security Agency

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite an ongoing investigation into the hacking of voting systems in more than a dozen states during the 2016 presidential election, the new budget blueprint from the House Republicans includes a provision to defund the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), which the Wall Street Journal notes is "the sole federal agency that exclusively works to ensure the voting process is secure."


Republicans are the masters of voter fraud that's why they want to eliminate all agencies that protect our voting rights...Because Republicans fear voter back lash...So to prevent this they must take over completely the voting process and subvert it into a criminal voter fraud regime.. The Republicans have visions of purging the registry of all Democrat voters. All you Trump supporters beware...If you dont like Trump now that you voted for him..Well republicans are going to make it impossible for you to get rid of him the same way. Republicans won the last elections and now they cry voter fraud...How can there be voter fraud when these assholes got elected... How can you win and say it was voter fraud...
Republicans and their army of turd polishers have promoted this bull shit and the stupid voters believe them.


Yup. Our country is now run by criminals who have zero interest in letting go of the reins of power. We are now a mafia state.


You hit the nail on the head!!


Your country's perfect union is unravalling like a cheaply made shirt and, if I may add, none to soon. America has become a monolithic zombie state, which the rest of the world can easily do without. Perhaps, after the USA disintegrates into more democratically manageable parts, other nation states may do likewise, thus ending a long obsolete political party/elitist system and the reliance on anachronistic constitutions written by supremists, slavers and aristocrats.


Mr. Mueller, please hurry.
Save our Country.


This is who they are. Why are we surprised? Being obliged to take them seriously is bad enough.


Heck, at least we're Number One.


Agreed. But it's important to use the right terms. What you're describing, and what the GOP is expert at, is "Election Fraud", not Voter Fraud. The right only speaks of voter fraud, whch is people in the voting booth voting illegally, to distract, and co-op resources into their Election fraud efforts. Calling it Election fraud puts the spotlight on disenfranchisement, hacking, policy, etc. where it belongs, and off of voters.

Election Fraud is rampant, and Voter Fraud is non-existent.


An important distinction.


The Tea Party (a.k.a., GOP) wants to make sure that only the "right sort" of people vote.


I believe you are going to be very disappointed if you’re waiting on Mueller to save us.


One of our chances might be President Carter. He has overseen election integrity around the world and he’s honest. We need to convince him we need his services to clean-up our election process.


Neither the Republicans or the Democrats seem to have any interest in the overall ‘integrity’ of our elections. Clinton could have joined Jill Stein in her recount efforts as Clinton had ‘cause’, but Clinton didn’t and there are many Questions that remain unanswered.
Thump is only interested in more control over the results.

Look to the Millions of disenfranchised voters, the hackable voting machines, voters removed from the roles, voters who had their affiliations changed, the cut back of polling sites, the individual State Departments lack of oversight and last minute rule changes, gerrymandering et al, that all contributed to a less than ‘legal’ election.

Don’t misunderstand my objective in this as I wouldn’t have and didn’t vote for either one of the 60% most untrusted and un-favored candidates ever offered us. Now ask yourself why the voters didn’t turn out.


Preaching to the choir. You’re points are why I believe President Carter may be our last hope.


And how could he save us again?


When our country has been drained and left broke …Then all they got to do is auction it all off.


Trump calls it voter fraud…So voter fraud is the battle cry for the stupids…dont matter if it is election fraud, they have dubbed it voter fraud…either way they do it ,fraud is fraud…and Republicans are frauds. Supporters are dumbshits.