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Seriously 'Sinister' Big Pharma: Opioid Maker Bankrolls Opposition to Pro-Pot Referendum


Seriously 'Sinister' Big Pharma: Opioid Maker Bankrolls Opposition to Pro-Pot Referendum

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

It has been revealed that the maker of a powerful, addictive opioid drug is bankrolling the opposition to the effort to legalize and regulate marijuana for recreational use in Arizona.


Anyone out there old enough to remember the lyrics to _The Pusher by Steppenwolf?


Read Truth Out's article on Insys. " Illinois Sues Controversial Drug Maker Over Deceptive Marketing Practices" Aug.30,2016. By, Jessica Huseman, ProPublica


Hard drug pushers (legal and illegal) and the alcohol industry spend billions each year fighting legalization of pot. Now that some states allow non-commercial growing and recreational pot sales, expect more money to be poured into opposition.


I believe it was way back in Elizabethan times, maybe before, that humans were said to be
"In the image of God and a little lower than the angels."
Hearing that North Korea has just exploded a nuclear weapon, that a judge has ruled against the Sioux protesting the poisonous murderous Dakota Pipeline, that another criminal Big Pharma company is fighting the harmless use of a harmless pain killer, that Shillary and Trump are the "best" our 2 corrupt political parties can offer up as candidates, and on and on, that our election process was rigged from the gitgo. I'd say that humans are basically insane. Not all of us, but certainly those in any kind of power over the rest of us. As Thonton Wilder wrote in "Our Town," "whenever you get near the human race,there's layers and layers of nonsense."
Unfortunately for those of us who worked for Bernie, who desire widespread alternative energy usage, who are opposed to war, who want our dollars spent on universal healthcare, free universities, a living wage, the promotion of humanist values,who want our country to live up to its promise, there is so much insanity that one despairs. AS one who hugely admires the work of Rev. Wm. Barber of the Moral Mondays in North Carolina, fighting to reinstate voting rights to many people of color disenfranchised by corrupt Republican legislators, I don't even know if I can bring myself to choose between the "lesser of two evils" in November.
And now this story of the corrupt Big Pharma! I guess it is good that CommonDreams exposes all these horrors? Until we know our enemies, perhaps, how can we work to defeat them? Maybe we ought to open our eyes to the end of another Empire?? But those of us who worked to elect Bernie already HAD our eyes open. Oy vay.


Don't. Either vote for Stein/Baraka, write in a candidate, or just stay home if you can't do either of the above. Trump and Clinton don't deserve votes. Especially since the latter can just doctor the results to her favor anyway.


Click to enlarge: http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Screen-Shot-2016-07-20-at-1.39.37-PM-1024x733.jpg


I propose we have a referendum to revoke Insys' corporate charter and that we sue the company and its directors for fraud.


Whenever Jill Stein is mentioned, there is always the mantra of, "Two percent! Two percent!" followed by something dismissive.
* IF the millions of us who supported Sanders until he capitulated and kissed the Red Queen's, er, ring, and the millions more who found themselves disenfranchised, their registrations disappeared, their polling places moved, etc., etc., would decide to vote for Jill Stein and the Green party, we might be able to win the election. If not, our showing would be strong enough to inform the Oligarchy that "We the People are Mad as Hell and we're not going to take it anymore!"
* If we all work together for real change, we could get rid of the blue and red sock puppets of the Oligarchy, the 0.001%, and put actual representatives of We the People into office.
* The Powers that Be are telling us that we must choose the lesser of two evils, yet again!
* Remember, the lesser of two evils is still evil!
* I have found no evil in Jill Stein and the Green Party; just caring, empathy, a genuine concern for the people and the earth, the environment we must protect to continue to survive. That is certainly worth my, our, votes, in my opinion.
* Jill Stein, Green, 2016!


This the heart of the matter and why big Pharma opposed to marijuana legalization. Marijuana can grow just about anywhere and it far more effective than virtually all of those manufactured drugs.

Here in BC a man faces 18 years prison for trafficking in Fentanyl. The Crown claims it warranted because so many die form overdose YET big Pharma can sell this crap legally.


"I said...Goddamn....Goddamn the pusher man"


Corporate Amerika wants to own EVERYTHING...including you and me.

"Here's your gold watch and the shackles for your chain
And the piece of paper sayin you left here sane
And if you've got a son who wants a good career
Get him to sign on the dotted line
And work for fifty years

Gold Watch Blues


THIS, Englishperfesser (and I am a student of English language and literature), is the root of the disease. The few who are sociopathic/psychopathic enough to elevate themselves above the rest us, through their complete lack of conscience, are the problem we as a society need to identify and route out. We are allowing the least-of-conscience amongst us to take the reigns of power, while our supposed Representatives in state and federal government DO NOTHING to restrict these pathological grabs for public land, for public resources, for public tax money that goes to their private prisons and schools.
Yes we need a government- state and federal- that is more responsible and accountable to the public. But we also need more transparency in knowing who these individuals are who seek profit over the public good and the health of the planet are. They are mentally diseased individuals- regardless of their monetary status- and they need to be removed from any influence on public policy.


Does anybody know if the recent Florida primaries were rigged, too? Or are Floridians basically ill-informed or stupid? because they had a clear choice--they could've elected Tim Canova but chose the corrupt DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, curse her rigged demonic soul--if she has a soul? She gave us Shillery when we wanted Bernie. But then, here in poor benighted South Carolina, the Rethuglicans keep re-sending Joe Wilson to the House of Reps, who is as smarmy and slimy and a do-nothing politician as I've ever had the displeasure to talk with....and I've gone to DC and on Capitol Hill for close to a quarter-century, w/a volunteer organization [RESULTS/RESULTSEducationFund] Wilson is the vile creature who shouted out "You lie!]when Obama gave his SOU speech couple years back.]
course as it turns out, he DOES lie--pushing the TPP! AAAArgh! Gotta be trying to please future corporate pals....


Yes Unfortunely.


So Insys is routinely marketing Subsys ( Fentanyal ) to treat chronic migraine headaches. How in the hell are they getting away with that one?


i say gd the pusher man


A perfect reason why not just big Pharma, but big business in general needs to be heavily regulated! Case in point Wachovia.


This sounds like a person who's not quite ready to give up on the system and on any hope of controlling anything in their life. Don't suggest staying home though, for if trump gets most of the vote and uses our military like he uses his words then we are at risk of having "The Fight" taken to us. And for Hillary's reign it would more likely be smaller wars; status quo-like. How do you feel about WWIII being fought here all-against-one?


This November, All those who live in Arizona, California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts have a chance to end prohibition and create a regulated market for earth's greatest plant: cannabis hemp. The fact the Feds keep the most beneficial plant humanity has ever known on schedule 1 shows you they are working for big Pharma. Defund the DEA!