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Sessions Bullies Dreamers, but Illegal Employers? No Problemo


Sessions Bullies Dreamers, but Illegal Employers? No Problemo

Jud Lounsbury

Whew, that Jeff Sessions. He comes across like a harmless hybrid of Forrest Gump and Barney Fife, but every once in a while emerges to reveal what’s going on beneath that doofy veneer. It’s pretty terrifying, and usually pretty racist.


Mr.Sessions you lied under oath during your senate confirmation hearings, perjury. Furthermore, Mr. Sessions, if your impartial rule of law was even followed, you Mr. Sessions would be looking at a possible five years in a federal prison plus fines. So cut the crap Mr.Sessions, and grow a heart!


Immigrants and illegal aliens are good for business, they keep USA wages down … and nothing else matters.
I’d like to move to New Zealand, instead of this cesspool of greed and war , but they’re not stupid enough to permit me. Whatever happened to the rule of law?


It clear after watching Sessions do Trumps dirty work in rescinding DACA that the Keebler Elf is happy being Trumps little bitch.


Very good article…
Using Saint Ronny’s statement - “These are employers down through the years who have encouraged the illegal entry into this country because they then hire these individuals and hire them at starvation wages and with none of the benefits that we think are normal and natural for workers in our country, and the individuals can’t complain because of their illegal status. We don’t think that those people should be allowed to continue operating free.”
Part of my area’s (northwest Indiana) history and diversity and large Hispanic population comes from union busting attempts in the 20’s and 30’s by the steel companies bringing Mexicans up to work in the Steel Mills of Chicago and NW Indiana. It didn’t work - they unionized anyway.
Now why don’t we go after the Meat Packing and Construction industry for employing “illegal” immigrants as vigorously as the actual immigrants to begin with. I forgot about Sessions filibuster of the DREAM act. Doesn’t he look like the Henry Gibson Nazi character in the “Blues Brothers” movie?


I live in California, and if they raided this place of migrants, we would have NO vegetables or fruit picked, we would have no meals in restaurants, we would have no one’s grass cut, etc. Of course, I want them to be paid fair wages - and it is not fair that the people employing them for such dirt wages should go scott free. BUT…I am from a family who owned a farm, and the truth is you cannot keep a family farm afloat without migrant workers. But those rich restaurants ---- that’s another story.


Any investigation into Trump hotels’ and golf courses’ use of undocumented labor? Any investigation of Trump’s participation in the common abuse of visas by employers? Maybe mowing lawns counts as an agricultural waiver. Maybe he refuses to hire citizens and then uses the excuse that citizens are unwilling to do the work, so he needs to sponsor work visas. Mitt was heavily criticized for using undocumented labor for his “domestic servants”. Any expose of Melania’s history as an immigrant?

Not that I have anything against the workers, but it would be nice to see some ICE raids at Trump Tower.


A little respect for the Keebler Elves. It’s not their fault Sessions has their body type. LOL


Great idea


I know some may view this as trivial but it matters… when writing headlines, please strive for accuracy and avoid typos and/or spelling mistakes. after all, first impressions are important. it’s PROBLEMA not PROBLEMO (and, fyi, in spanish, ‘problema’ is one of a handful of masculine nouns that ends in ‘a’)