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Sessions Denounced for 'Appalling Assault' on Transgender Workers' Rights


Sessions Denounced for 'Appalling Assault' on Transgender Workers' Rights

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"This DOJ has made it clear: Its explicit agenda is to attack and undermine the civil rights of our most vulnerable communities rather than standing up for them."

AG Jeff Sessions


How about you just die, you racist, sexist mother fucker…you are human excrement!


This weasel redneck from Alabammy is completely disgusting. Trump choosing that as AG is reason enough to despise the orange buffoon, right up there with the worst presidents to ever hold that position. Such criminals as both Bushes, Nixon and sorry to be honest every Democrat back to and including Clinton. Latter day criminals, all of them. The attorney generals all anti freedom also.


Another day and another disaster. The sole purposes of DJT and his flying monkeys are to flaunt their power, fill their personal coffers, and destroy our democracy leaving the only “freedoms” and protections to be bestowed on themselves and their ilk.


sessions is a first class (3rd class) jerk


Sessions is no worse than any of the swamp polluters that TRump has installed. The whole admin is a fetid miasma of corruption and corporate collusion.