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Sessions Fired Hours After Midterm Elections, With Trump Naming Mueller Investigation Skeptic As Interim Successor


In a word, good! But another incompetent asshole will take his place. Hopefully not a racist as Sessions most certainly was.


Sessions gone? Thank the Lord for small blessings!


As was said a long time ago, Don’t Change Dicks in the Middle Of A Screw - Vote For Nixon In 72. This will lead to another Saturday Night Massacre, wherein all of the people involved in what has become known as “Stupid Watergate” (John Oliver’s description), will engage in a huge session of mutual back-stabbing. Once Don Jr. gets indicted, the Trump house of cards will tumble pretty quickly. Or. we’ll never have an open election again, as the Mango Mussolini spreads his dark wings and tries out a dictatorship.


Maybe it is just better optics.


One suggested edit; survival of our species is at stake.


Whitaker has obviously played to much football with a bad helmet.


As I understand it, if Sessions had been fired, Rosenstein as his deputy would have been next in line, as per the law, and the Mueller investigation would have continued as before. By resigning, he gave Trump the authority to name his replacement, who could constrain or even kill the investigation. Trump was pissed at him only because he recused himself from the investigation (though he had to…he was exposed as having met with the Russian ambassador), but otherwise Sessions was a complete Trump loyalist, even in his ‘resignation’.



Thanks for that information. Makes sense, now.


So fucking typical. Corporate State Democrats doing what they do best…fucking over the masses, in concert with Republicans in the spirit of “bipartisanship” Translated…we have to loop this slogan one more time betting on the masses being too fucking stupid to understand what is going on.

As soon as Democrats have some actual political power to BLOCK a right wing fascist Administration and an extremist right wing Congress stoking White Nationalism for power…oh no, no, no. Impeachment-off-the-table Nancy rushes in to make clucking sure that the shell game of Corporate State Democrats working with Republicans can advance cuts in Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, SNAP and the rest but in a more “bipartisan” fashion.

Has she promised that impeachment isn’t an option yet? Well that’s certainly coming from this miserable Corporate State Democrat.