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Sessions Issues Blatant 'License to Discriminate' With 'Religious Freedom' Memo


Sessions Issues Blatant 'License to Discriminate' With 'Religious Freedom' Memo

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The new DOJ policy directive "will enable systemic, government-wide discrimination that will have a devastating impact on LGBTQ people and their families," rights groups said


They are effectively declaring “open season” on all LGBTQ and transgender human beings. If these crafty curmudgeons deny these victims (of their bigotry) their civil rights, rights to equal employment and benefits by giving employers, apartment managers, real estate agents, vendors, etc. free rein to discriminate, then their targeted victims cannot put food in their mouths, clothes on their backs, or find housing. A CS way to marginalize and intentionally just make “them” die off or disappear back into closets.

The lawsuits are piling up as I write…


And this is just the beginning. There is worse to come We are going back to the Fifties, and maybe farther. The real meaning of “Make America Great Again” is becoming quite clear. They own the Executive, the Legislative, and most of the Judicial branches. Goodbye freedom. Goodbye any notion of equal treatment.


to the choir
what about MY freedom from their religion of bigotry and hate?

this admin is so way outta line it is amazing, while on f/b I saw so many praises for their collective leadership that I suspended my activity and asked my “friends” to find me elsewhere…in the past I’d posted a few C/D pieces to my home page and got shunned, we are in deep doodoo here folks…I have contacted my Rep. in Congress and got a not to suppressed reply in agreement with me, with Biden coming out on stage with force and such I am hopeful this can be turned around, one can only hope at this point with 3+ years left to go…


Ditton, do you think that Biden is gearing up to run for POTUS ? He would get the approval of the DNC and TPTB.


I don’t know, he is mainstream enough to pull it off, if he swings too far left he’ll be shot-down like Bernie was, but he does call a spade and spade and it will go a long way…the trick is to get the dem’s angry and motivated past saying things in a coded way, trump is helping that but will it be fast enough, I fear marshal law enacted for any flimsy excuse available, if N/O gets hit hard with this coming storm it could happen what with the gulf under water already, keep your eye on the weather…


My religion says I don’t have to serve anti-Christian ASSHOLES. When someone walks into my business I will demand proof of political affiliation. NO REPUBLICANS SERVED HERE!!!


The following article needs to be read in conjunction with this article:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and the American Humanist Assn. will have their legal departments on this like white on snow. FFRF has a very successful track record on issues concerning the separation of state and church.


Trump and Sessions working really hard to create a theocracy, and in their pathway are LBGTQIA people who will now suffer more hate crimes. That’s what institutional discrimination creates: hate for others based on their identities alone.

Even if this does not go into law due law suits, they have already created the atmosphere to discriminate: so get ready for more hate from the HATE CROWD (aka – trumpster voters)


I hope you are right! Now we have Goresuch on the Supreme Court, so it’s anybody’s guess. The Supreme Court situation, by the way, is what ultimately made me hold my nose and vote LOTE. I would do it again.


Republicans should go back to wearing their robes and their hoods. A burning cross on the White House lawn would be appropriate as well. After all, DC is that shining beacon and the rest of us need to see the light and learn our place. Lady Liberty isn’t being groped – the republicans have lined up for a gang rape.


Pence is on deck and pulling this shit. When he becomes 46 he will write our prayers for us to be recited into the microphones in shapes of AR-15s.


You mean, Biden might get 4 million more votes in the primary than his opponent? If so, it’ll just be another primary in the middle of the pack for closeness in the modern era, which means not really that close.


The problem isn’t that Sanders was too far left. He was what used to be a mainstream Democrat. The problem is that the Democratic Party honchos are what used to be mainstream Republicans. They too are owned by Wall Street–$100,000+ speaker fees, trade agreements that ship our jobs to low-wage countries, a massive apparatus to spy on all our communications, etc. If the Democratic Party keeps trying to sell itself as just timidly a little more on our side than the Republicans, it’s no wonder the voters don’t get enthusiastic.


Most national charters (i.e., constitutions and the like) in the current-era Western democratic world, including the USA, are rooted, one way or another, in the Core Enlightenment Principle that: While the free, personal exercise of religion is a publicly-protected right of each citizen, neither can any private religious practices, nor any institutionalized religious values, independently supersede the civil law-making authority of the state.
[c.f.: Britannica Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Western Enlightenment: core features of secular civil republics, etc.]
This Enlightenment proviso sounds rather ‘statist’ maybe, but, w/o this overriding secular legal principle in place, the various forces of theocracy could, and likely would, eventually return many Western governments and societies to the insane kind of sectarian strife and civil fragmentation that characterized much of the pre-Enlightenment Western world.
Not that we can expect a racist, ignorant, pseudo-religious fanatic like Jeff Sessions or Mike Pence (or even the “extremely smart” D. Trump) to understand anything whatsoever about the Western Enlightenment…; but if a historically-literate federal district judge, or the USSC court, fails to decisively and quickly slap down this outrageous, Sessions-promoted gambit toward establishment of an official state religion, the USA will then clearly be in far deeper shit than even the most pessimistic of us had imagined possible…


I’ll swear that little Jeffie Sessions leaves his poop everywhere he goes, not caring if he steps in it or not. If such a “license” is issued, I’m sure it will be challenged in court and knocked out. I don’t recall that many except Trump’s base want such a terrible “license to discriminate”. They are stepping in poop, too.


yes, exactly


Oh look!

Jeff Sessions is whispering his commitment to, for, and in genocide.
So, by carefully re-declaring sincerely held personal beliefs are actual religious freedoms, being denied by others, Jeff Sessions has chosen his steps towards the first requirement of such .

And so.
I shall re-declare as well, in accordance with Jeff Sessions actions:
I generally have no issue with peoples who practice their personal and sincerely held belief systems faithfully, honestly, and respectfully unto themselves.
However when the following are systematically used to foment HATE in any amount, combination or as a call to war, those beliefs need to be called out for what they truly are.
A contempt for humanity with criminal intent to incite murderous harm.

8 Historical Patterns of Genocide
The international Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide defines genocide “as any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
© Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Classification references the division into “us” and “them.” The “one drop” rule used for Jim Crow in America or the apartheid racial classification laws in South Africa are examples of this. While it is not a sign that genocide is on the way, genocide would be impossible without an established classification of the “in group” and “out group.”

Symbolization follows when words or symbols are applied to the classifications, such as skin color, ID cards or maybe even fashion. Genocidal groups or governments often require members of a targeted group to wear an identifying symbol or distinctive clothing — for example, the yellow star for Jews.

The targeted groups are seen as pariahs. They are treated as less than human, as animals or a kind of disease. Killing them is no longer considered murder. Dehumanizing words, like “gook” and “n*gger” or even “criminal,” belong to this step. Unlike the first two steps, dehumanization is a big leap in the direction of genocide.

Genocide is always collective because it derives its impetus from group identification. It is always organized, often by states but also by militias and hate groups who act independently or are aided secretly or overtly by the government. The killing might start at this stage, but not on a huge scale. Examples are the SS in Nazi Germany, the Ku Klux Klan in America, the Janjaweed in Darfur.

The first people killed in any genocide are not the pariahs themselves but those in the mainstream who speak up for them. The voices in the middle are silenced through threats, arrests or even killings. Now the message of hate goes unchallenged.

Preparation for genocide includes identification. Lists of victims are drawn up, houses are marked and maps are made. The target groups, now deemed pariahs, are often separated from the rest of the country into ghettos, camps, reservations or some undesirable part of the country. Their property is taken from them, and they are left defenseless.

The seventh step, the final solution, is extermination. It is considered extermination, rather than murder, because the victims are not considered human.

Every genocide is followed by denial. The leaders of the genocide downplay it, lie about it and say there never was a genocide. Even during the genocide, those committing the crimes dismiss reports as propaganda. As long as they are in denial, the killings can go on.

I have taken the above from:

If a need to understand ones own part in this all beckons, that is your humanity asking to be respected. A search of the basic title of said article can help begin that look within:

"8 Historical Patterns of Genocide”

Pages and pages and pages of urls informing, educating and sounding warnings.
Every aspect of our shared humanity is present in the resulting hits.
Creed, colour, gender, sexuality, station, faith, and even hope.
None of it is anybody’s fault, yet somehow, the returns show we are all responsible.
Me too, as I am not without my own fears and taunts of an other.
Teach the children well.


The long time propaganda of the rise of the religious right - exaggerated, of course –
seemed to paralyze Americans (as all good right wing propaganda does) …
and W actually put us in a position where our tax dollars are funding religiously-based
organizations. Every bit of this has to be stood up to and overturned.

The government is not to be involved in protecting religiously-based hatreds …
whether it is against women, Jews, AA’s, homosexuals or bisexuals.

These are male-supremacist religions which should be overturned for their hatreds,
not catered to.

This isn’t simply a matter of small minds – this is a matter of great hatreds taught by
organized patriarchal religion which has long been a tool of Elite patriarchy.


Yes, it’s hard to see how this can stand up in federal courts, given that gay marriage is now legal throughout most of the states.