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Sessions May Revive Harsh Penalties for Low-Level Drug Charges


Sessions May Revive Harsh Penalties for Low-Level Drug Charges

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering scrapping Obama-era rules that banned harsh punishments for low-level drug crimes and could direct prosecutors to resume charging severe penalties, according to U.S. officials who spoke to the Washington Post on Tuesday.


Perjured himself during his confirmation hearings, had to recuse himself re the Flynn scandal and yet, and yet, here we are.


What an insufferable redneck prick. This jerk is going to be a disaster as Attorney General. Bankers have at it, screw over as many people as you can! Kid, is that a joint in your pocket? You'll get "tried as an adult" and sent to years of hard labor.

Welcome to right wing hell.


Marble-Mouth: Go after the crooked bankers and corporatists. Then start extreme enforcement of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and break-up the banking, media, and commercial trusts/monopolies.


We'll see if Sessions is willing to go after the white, suburban Oxy user, his constituent.


Sessions needs to spend some time behind bars.


Sure let's go get another testosterone injection for the drug war. Program 1033. Greasing the rails of MIC politics. Portugal can have great success doing away with the drug war, but we need to keep banging our heads against a granite mountain wall.

"An independent study by the British Journal of Criminology found that since total decriminalization, addiction rates have fallen and injection (IV) drug use is down by 50 percent. I’ll repeat that: IV drug use is down by 50 percent."

What is the solution? A human connection, some degree of security, of hope, a chance, a helping hand instead of a prison cell.


In 6 months of solitary, no less.


The criminal justice system will be renamed in Sessions' honor, the extra egregious criminal punitive system. This is typical of someone from the deep south with a history of slavery behind them. Punishment becomes a way of life ingrained from the very start on how one is raised, with whippings, beatings, strict rules that if broken punishment is swift and brutal with the power of the Bible behind it. In a string of DOJ's going back many years, Sessions won't be denied his thunder. For every good thing out of the last administration we have, at the stroke of a pen, gone back 50+ years when America was, ahem, "Great".


What's " El Bo Bo " thinking; well, everyone knows this insures $$$ from Big Pharma, The Police Benevolent Fraternity & The PIC into Republican campaign coffers.


The US is always up for a war, even if after 40+ years of losing an unwinnable situation. Prohibition proved that.


Follows the pattern of a scam to make as much money as possible as the corporate coup takes shape. One main scam would probably be to swell the ranks of private prisons.


They fired Comey too and this is what's running on FOX:

I think we can all agree there's something deeply wrong here.


More like a LIFE time behind bars to cage the evil.


Don't you think justice might be better served if he were put with the general prison population?


Is anyone willing to handicap who the D-Party will offer up as candidates for Prez in 2020?


In fairness, it won't really matter. But I'm hoping for "drywall".


And in front of his cellmates.


2018 could have a real effect on the 2020-----will democrats face primary challenges-from what I am hearing many new people are getting involved----and many of these people supported Sanders. I think single payer is an issue that will have real support for those wanting to take on the establishment.


How many states have legalized weed?---Calif comes on line next year-how will the police state handle this????????