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'Sessions Must Go': AG Called to Resign After 'Extremely Misleading' Testimony


'Sessions Must Go': AG Called to Resign After 'Extremely Misleading' Testimony

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Democratic leaders are calling for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the Washington Post's damning revelation that the former U.S.


Sessions is the opposite of what an Attorney General should be. A bald face liar. A man who has no interest in justice. Jefferson Beauregard Keebler has got to go.


I hope this will be Sessions' undoing. He and his ilk really give human beings a bad name. Other ilk, another scandal:


Maybe this will bring us a step closer to an impartial investigation on whether Russia attempted to influence the election and whether Trump himself was involved in this. We don't know how much the security agencies have on Trump. There is a lot to find out and it needs to be done without the Republicans being in control of the investigation.


I'd imagine an entire cadre of agribusiness/chemical corp related multi-billion $ transnational industries have their fists bumping, ready to punch lights out for any dweeb that doesn't move precisely according to their tugs on pre-paid puppet strings.

Keep in mind these include MASSIVE MONOPOLISTIC MERGERS
Organic Consumers has mounted a


Hopefully a few more "lefties" will begin to see the light. Becoming "friends" with Putin is not necessarily in the interest of the US or the world. There is very little doubt that Russia had something to do with our election and what kind of untoward influence on Trump and others in his Administration by Putin is something we need to know more about.


"In response to the outcry, Sessions—who now heads the Department of Justice—on Thursday offered to recuse himself from any investigation into possible Russian involvement in the election."

Now this jerk is willing to recuse himself where just the other day he was unwilling to do so. Screw him! He's got to go for lying under oath.


Please review David Cay Johnston: "As Jeff Sessions Scandal Brews We Need a Public Probe of Trump's Ties to Russia", March 2, 2017, Democracy Now. Review, or not. You choose.


John Ellis-the Trump Adm. is as compromised as you can imagine. Even with your limited imagination, just try.


A high ranking public official was being "extremely misleading"? A government official lied under oath? Gasp!

The reality is that this country's political machine no longer punishes lying, saying one thing, doing another, making up facts and so on. Watergate and Nixon were amateurs compared to what we have now and have had for decades via both the Democrats and Republicans. Sessions will likely recuse himself, at least officially, but he's not going anywhere.


This represents the opening of a crack - just a crack - that will hopefully widen and send the whole Trump gang, and his gangster friends in Russia, down to the depths of infamy and disgrace. The people of the USA, and Russia, may be saved yet.


Here's an interesting piece on the Sessions/Bannon connection.


Btw, Ross has way more connections to Russia than just about anyone, but that's another story.


Is that his real name? How did he become "Sessions" and why? If he has changed his name that would be a big alarm for me


In case anyone is wondering how the new DNC chair is taking all of this:



The Russian connections is nothing but a pile of horse shit, what's more alarming to me is lying about it and the fact that he is an asshole too.


Carl Marx said it way back when


Oh please get off that boggy man Russia horse, that's the Lockheed Martin, pro Israeli IPAC, Boeing, GE, Raytheon line of crap. For fear of losing arms sales to EU members which they don't need, reignite the Syrian war, more soldiers into Afghanistan and Iraq and over charge the taxpayers 10000000x, cook the books, burn buildings with documents and start Russia bashing.


The. Coup continues.........


Killery is a happy bitch now