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Sessions' Separation of Families Results in Charges of Child Abuse and Immorality From His Own Church


Sessions' Separation of Families Results in Charges of Child Abuse and Immorality From His Own Church

Julia Conley, staff writer

Bringing charges against Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the church where he's been been a member for many years, more than 600 clergy and lay people of the United Methodist Church wrote a formal complaint this week regarding Sessions' enforcement of the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.


Sessions would have taken Jesus away from his homeless refugee parents.


One can only hope that this rabid elf has a special place in a living hell.


Separation of Church and State, Jeff Session’s minister does not make immigration policy. Give them back their kids and the thousands of kids that come here by themselves.


I applaud the actions and words of these United Methodists. They are being true to their faith and deserve our respect.




Nothing will be done to Sessions or any of them, no matter how heinous the crime. We are a broken nation of Cowards.


Though not a “formal” complaint I am sure that this hit him hard being a Sunday school teacher. It is about time that something hit him at home where it counts.

Now if it only was a formal Justice Dept. complaint I’d be dancing the streets.


Sessions has taken Jesus away via the “what you would do to the least among you” clause…


Pretty bold move by the Methodists! (Not what I would call one of the reactionary sects :wink:


There is a petition to Congress:
Stand up for immigrant children and families
every little bit helps


I was wondering when Peter’s Cock would Toll Thrice

None among the Clerics would step forward, Even as They of their Flock could No Longer Stomach the Stench of their Vile and Heartless Acts.

If we cannot claim the Moral and Ethical High Ground in the Laws we Make and Choose to Enforce,
then What is the Point of these Evil Actions?

To say we Upheld the Letter of the Law.

Sorry, Immigration laws are Failures from the Start, To Enforce Thusly, is Heartless.

Don’t give me that Crap about Shipping them all Back Home.
This the Low Road of the Slovenly at Heart and those Weak of Spirit and Action.

Either one Stands for the Highest, Smartest, and Brightest Light that Lady Liberty can Shine from Ellis Island or we are Liars in our Constitutional Promise to the Civilizations of Humanity.

To echo another comment I would not have expected this of the Methodists, though I cheer their Spirit and Comity. Job Well Done.

To Those who Wade through Peoples and their Souls and their Lives, as if it were Discardable Clothing from the Goodwill rack, I have one Prayer.

I pray again for Swift and Sure Justice. As They Sow, So Shall They Reap.

Mr Sessions, Listen…Do You not Hear? The Cock has Crowed Thrice.


I do not accept your label, you shouldn’t either.


Sessions is a little weasel suffering from small man syndrome and has been using the law to push around others less fortunate, in order to make himself look manly. Little twerp needs to be bitch slapped and thrown in a cage for a week.see how he fares.


There is a fascist behind every conservative.


The Keebler Elf is a prick and needs to go. If The Mango Mussolini had any wavos he would fire his ass.
Sorry state of affairs.
We need to show up and express our disgust around the country.
Take it to the streets.:v::facepunch:


And pick somebody who would fire Mueller?
That would cause a constitutional crisis we could do without. I don’t know if Getting rid of the elf such a good idea there brother