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Set Artists Hack 'Homeland' to Expose Show's Racist Narrative


Set Artists Hack 'Homeland' to Expose Show's Racist Narrative

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The U.S. television series "Homeland"—widely criticized as Islamophobic and racist—was hacked by three street artists who were hired to paint "authentic" Arabic graffiti for a film set depicting a refugee camp on the Syria/Lebanon border.


There was a story carried on CNN from a british affiliate where a gay pride parade was being reported on. The journalist on the scene reported that a person in this parade was carrying an ISIS flag and was remarking how outraged she was. The news Anchor shook her head in disbelief wondering how any person concerned with gay rights could wave ISIS banners suggesting those showed how ISIS members were infiltrating groups the world over.

The Journalist reported "arabic looking script" that appeared to be goobleygook in white on a black background.

As it turns out the "Arabic looking script" was nothing more then poorly drawn dildoes and butt plugs. CNN pulled the video of the report in embarrassment


very interesting.


Ameliorating the agitprop


The long arm of the corporatists is everywhere, wonder if the government pays the studios as much as they pay pro sports teams to feature the military..


"The Showtime series has been widely criticized for its Islamophobic and racist stereotypes, as well as its glaring misinformation about the Middle East."

What else do you expect .... when the racist thugs who control israel recemtly attacked Gaza killing hundreds of children any actor who dared to criticise was threatened with career loss by the moguls who control the film companies ... is it surprising that they now finance series which depict all Muslims as terrorists?


Karma bit them in the butt that time !


absolutely vile..


I like the show....if Muslims are offended so what....When ISIS invaded their lands what did they do....Picked up guns and joined them...Muslims think we are less than human..They hate us..All the refuges that are flocking to Europe and USA...Not one Arab country offered to take them in...They dont even like they're own people. I have no mercy for that rag tag religion.....They are offended by a TV..Big deal let them be offended.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


No, the US allied Gulf States refused to take them in. The people attempting to get into Europe amount to about 2% of the total number of Syrian refugees, the rest are in places like Jordan; countries extremely poorly equipped to handle such huge numbers of people and yet that have decided to accept them. Funny how the media never talks about that.


Total culpable ignorance!


Brilliant action by these artists. Let's have more of this.