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Set for Convention Floor Fight, Push to End Superdelegates 'Catching Fire'


Set for Convention Floor Fight, Push to End Superdelegates 'Catching Fire'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The push to abolish the "antidemocratic superdelegate system" within the Democratic National Committee is at its apex ahead of a DNC Rules Committee meeting on Saturday, at which an amendment to minimize the influence of those party insiders will be considered.


They should be protesting the wars and war profiteering and the profiteering from the war on the environment.


When Bernie endorsed Hillary, did he ask the superdelegates who said they would vote for him to vote for her instead?


Not that it will help any if they continue to have far right wing DNC chairs like DWS.


Please Bernie delegates. Be our voice and walkout of Hillary's speech.


A little late. By the time the next election comes around, the corrupt ones will have ways to steal it.


What better way to drive home the message that the Democratic Party has screwed itself with the Superdelegates, than to make sure that Hillary loses the election in November. Vote Jill not Hill.


Until you stop the driving force of the party everything will continue the same, and only the puppets will change.


As a member of my county's Democratic Ex. Committee...I am waiting to see if it can transform itself into a democratic party. ie NO SUPER DELEGATES and open to all independents and non declared in the primaries. If it can't ...I will resign and join the Green Party or any other group that not only espouses democratic values , but works for them.

The other BIG item for me is: I can not, in all good conscience, be complicit in killing my grandchildren by supporting those who would exacerbate global warming with fracking etc.


What next election? Given the USA's and NATO's stupidly aggressive policies in eastern Europe, Russia wil be sitting on a hair-trigger nuclear alert with no time to cross-check reports and that tired Russian radar operator and that flock of geese flying north into Russia from Roumania will guarantee no next election in the USA.


I truly respect all of you who are out there doing your best to reform the system. However, it is stacked against you all the way. Bernie is not going to stay the course, he has already demonstrated this. He is trying to get you to fight to the end knowing full well you will only come out with some crumbs at best. I hope I am wrong. I truly do. However, I no longer trust someone who caved so quickly and my vote and I hope many of yours will now go to building a third party with Jill Stein. There is no more hope for the democratic party and why Bernie wants to stay is a mystery to me.


This isn't for accumulating likes, it's just for support. Yaay Aaron Regunberg!! He's good! Have you said that about your politician recently?


Both very important, imo. :O)


Or the fraud totally locked in.


Which candidate would be most likely to start a nuclear war?


The Congressional Black Caucus was never meant to be committed to progressive policies. It exists to promote the interests of its members first and foremost. Those interests include exerting an influence disproportional to their numbers within the Democratic Party through super delegates (which they are) among other undemocratic devices. Its leadership has been too often missing-in-action on important progressive issues. No, I am not a racist.


It is not a matter of which candidate for the job of POTUS would be most likely to start WW3. The fact is that with the USA and NATO moving assorted weaponry, including nuclear tipped weapons and nuclear-capable aircraft, and troops eastward into Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine and Roumania the only sensible Russian response will be to put their nulcear system on a continuous high alert. Instead of having time for the Russian leadership to contact the White House as to what is going on there is now no time available to determine if a radar reflection is false or has been misinterpreted, as has happened a good number of times in the past.

This puts the entire world at risk from the reactions of stressed and / or tired radar operators in Russia to any sort of alarm. It is that simple; and the bloody fools in the White House as well as the bloody fools in NATO have placed us all at such risk. Clinton's bellicose language is yet more of the continuous stream of sheer bloody-minded stupidity that has emanated from those who have occupied the White House since before the Cuban missile crisis in 1963. And Trump is simply a loose canon who will say whatever it takes for him to get elected and then stay in power.

It would be far cheaper for the USA to act as a responsible world citizen and trade with Russia and others, rather than using violence to get what the USA wants; the Chinese are doing preciseley that and as a result will end up with far greater profits and in due course an economic empire of their own, run by the economically colonised in various continents.


Changing from a war economy would face great opposition from our war profiteering oligarchy and the states and unions that build fighter jets, aircraft carriers, missile cruisers, etc.


Pity the benighted idiots can't make something useful, sort of like ploughshares or high-speed railway engines and rolling stock etc etc etc.