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'Setback for Voting Rights': Supreme Court Upholds Ohio's Voter-Purge Process


'Setback for Voting Rights': Supreme Court Upholds Ohio's Voter-Purge Process

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

Civil rights groups are calling the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Monday upholding Ohio's practice of purging voters from the rolls "a setback for voting rights."


While this is yet another heinous act by the Supremes (where are Dianna Ross and the Real Supremes now that we need them?), it doesn’t require a revolutionary act to get your keister to the polls every other year. The real problem is the Duopoly (s)election system that makes voting an irrelevancy.

Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


Democracy, my aging ass!!!
MORE proof that the U.S. is a paper Republic!!!


The US democracy is kind of like the fishing boat in the movie “The Perfect Storm.” It is up against a wild torrent of viciousness from those who would deny freedom, liberty and a better future for humankind. With Trump’s appointments to the judiciary, the election of better, progressive people to the legislative bodies would seem to be more important than ever. The defenders of the neo-liberal revolution are doing everything they possibly can to prevent that including stacking the Supreme Court with reactionary Heritage Foundation clones. Unfortunately, I am not sure the average US citizen or resident really sees the big picture and what to do . They are just the ongoing victims of this viciousness.


We the People must purge ourselves of this “less than supreme” court, corrupt Congress, and ridiculous resident in the White House.


Are you surprised?


Shouldn’t the Question (and Answer) presented to the court have been…

WHY are corporations controlling our two nation parties and our presidential debates?

WHY are Americans voting on hack-able electronic voting computers?

WHY isn’t every American entitled to have the same number of lobbyists as the Elite/corporations have?


Important to not respect the GOP SCOTUS who are responsible for much of the democracy carnage in the US including the selection of Bush. Thanks to McConnell the courts are being packed. They want to limit the census to “citizens” no doubt meaning white males with property. The revolution will not be televised.


Ohio is the worst state at purging voter rolls. A good decision by a lower court to end Ohio’s voter roll purging practice has now been overturned by the Supreme Court. It would behoove the Democrats to gain political control in Ohio to end this voter roll purging which affects African American voters the most.


If you can’t fool enough of the electorate, reduce it. Extraction industry oligarchs would love the USA to become a gigantic redux of the Antebellum South with themselves as the new plantation aristocracy.




Maybe if they would eschew the propaganda of the corporate media and actually SEEK TRUTH…?


Probably because there will never BE one given the spinelessness of the population.


Beg to differ. The revolution, small but gaining steam, is already happening. And no, the MSM is not televising it. People who are involved in the many protests happening in this country, and others, should be tweeting their hearts out, along with photos.


We’ll see. I hope you are right but all I see is business as usual. These issues need BIG numbers and not small protests.


The right wing’s goal is to return to a 19th century voting landscape wherein only white males who own land are allowed to vote, US Senators are selected by State legislatures that were installed by corporations.


Ohio…One of the Few states to fight against itself in the Civil War.

Still the same…


next up - they bring back to poll tax.


They also held up religious discrimination last week when the baker who wouldn’t do the cake for the gay couple won his case.


The neocon Democratic party will give lip service while joining them.