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Setting Necessary Boundaries on Trump’s Misconduct

Setting Necessary Boundaries on Trump’s Misconduct

Hank Edson

Yesterday, in anticipation of Trump’s false declaration of a national emergency, Nancy Pelosi warned that such behavior set a bad precedent and invoked the possibility that, once a Democratic president is elected, he or she could declare a national emergency over gun violence. This was not the proper response.

Edson sez:
“This is a blatant overthrow of the constitutional framework distributing power across three branches of government.”

Noted constitution-buster, war profiteer and marksman The Dick “Tater” Cheney sez: “So?”

My wife and I will be at a protest march tomorrow at noon, hope you do too. You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace

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Very well reasoned article. Why the ideas it espouses have not already been implemented speaks way too loudly and clearly. Our Constitution is no longer respected nor is it taken seriously. The Oligarchs have long ago rendered it useless.


Focusing on our core Constitutional model allowed the author to virtually pinpoint how so many serious failures in our national society were able to come about and how to change that. People can work quite well in a democratic sphere. It’s the abuses and the tolerance of those abuses that destroys democracies. The Constitution created a framework to deter abuses and a means to correct for abuses. But the ultimate oversight to make it work and improve on it is the population themselves. It’s the best choice, it’s the only choice. When the public’s involvement lessens, such as through all the various forms of propaganda that we’re always marinaded in, when we ignore the ‘man behind the curtain’, then it’s ‘mission accomplished’ for the abusers.

The past handful of years are seeing a serious movement afoot in the US. The country is awakening. It’s becoming aware of what seriously needs to be changed, what seriously needs to get done. This is worrisome for the abusers. It brings to mind the adage that throughout history the elites had the fear that the public will reach out and grab them by the throat. You get a sense of this when the astroturfers are desperately doing their damage control.

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If this nightmare scenario scares the crap out of anyone enough to so something, trust me, there’s no remedy to change the course set by world business leaders who view the rest of us as disposable consumers, wage-slaves and canon fodder. Their empire is based on long-distance travel, noxious daily commutes, luxury air travel escapes to exclusive resorts, hotel suites, rental cars, RVs. Their vision of the global economy enables giant manufacture but disables local production of essential goods whereby simply disrupting fuel supply predictably leads to starvation such as the siege of Yemen. “We drive too much, too far, for too many purposes. We fly too much. We ship and truck goods around the world too much.” That’s the problem. Whoever figures out how to significantly reduce travel and transport but add potential to reduce costs of living and preserve most essential services will make Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates nervous enough to stop pretending like they care about the fate of humanity. Oh Amazon, we’re glad you’re gone. You put us on. We put you baack. Oh Amazon. We’re glad you’re gone. You bookstore ghoul. You machine gone wrong…

I’m not currently living in the homeland. I was able to finesse a move to the other half of the world just to get out of the way of the debris that will come to inundate everyone if the systemic collapse I am convinced I see coming does happen that way.

Until that large segment of the populace who believes whole heartedly that “Donald Trump is God’s choice to lead America” becomes disabused of this notion and gains the ability to see the dangerous harm that is being done to life in the USA, hopes for the country to go into recovery mode and following sane and compassionate leaders — should any manage to appear — who somehow manage to photobomb their way into the widespread consciousness of what is going on and finds a way to inspire people to really see and be willing to change for the better in some generally agreed upon way, I don’t hold out much hope. But I hope and pray to be proven wrong.