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Setting Stage for Major Climate Battle, Dem AGs Put Trump on Alert


Setting Stage for Major Climate Battle, Dem AGs Put Trump on Alert

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

If President-elect Donald Trump goes ahead with his plan to destroy U.S. climate regulations, he's going to face a whole heap of trouble, a coalition of Democratic attorneys general is warning the incoming president.

In a letter (pdf) dated Wednesday, AGs from 13 states and five additional localities advised Trump against plans to renege on President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan (CPP), saying that such a course of action "would assuredly lead to more litigation."


Privatization is the answer.
The obvious solution to this clean air debate is to have Nestle sell us bottled air just like they sell us bottled water.
And just like the new Charter Schools, the motto of the government should be "No Corporation Left Behind".


LIBERALS! For Universe's Sake! DEMS have had 40 years to do something and have done LESS THAN ZERO!!! This anti-tRUMP bandwagon is just another attempt to shoehorn the 99% into the TwoParty lies.

Get a clue. Flatten the system. Eject the 1%. Establish a new constitution based upon the social needs of humanity instead of the capitalist neoliberal demands for Commerce. Direct Democracy block by block meeting halls and internet networked policy making, We create policy. We create a future solving human needs. No War. No Poverty. No Racism. No Police State. No 1%.


You really need to start reading the news and do some research before you say the Democrats have done "less than zero."

All the wind energy development in my area and the closure of coal power plants is occurring largely because of federal and state Democrat-led government action. Home solar and electric vehicles and energy efficiency standards are only becoming widely available and affordable because of federal and state Democrat-led government programs. The Clean Power Plan (now held up by Republican judges) only exists because of a Democrat presidential administration.


The Democrats have done zero is mindless leftist rhetoric which can't be stopped any more than that the crazy climate denying rhetoric from the right. All the facts in the world, some of which you have presented, will not result in people who claim the Democrats have done zero or even less than zero to fight climate change saying anything different. There is no possibility of dialogue. Once facts no longer matter what remains is baseless rhetoric. Apparently both people on the left and right believe they are entitled not only to their own opinions but also to their own facts.


Republicans, like Trump, have illusions of grandeur. They think of themselves as superior and clever. Mother Nature won't see it that way when the Great Equalizer, climate disruption, comes for them. They will also be met with total disdain from the rest of the world's countries at meetings and in dealings. Maybe the world can teach them how small and useless they are.


As The Donald said SandySanders: Thank God for the uneducated!


"The rules of politics constrain what even the most ardent climate-deniers can do in Congress. And the rules of the marketplace will keep power companies moving toward clean energy while Washington fiddles with policy."

Wrong response, douchebag. We should have implemented a WWII-style mobilization of a renewable-energy sector a decade ago, at least. Can’t leave this to the marketplace!

And this from the NRDC. Come on, let’s be a little more aggressive!


It's too bad that the GOP's never looked at a science book. In 1970 during the 1st Earth Day we knew what was coming and guess what ?- it's here about 30 years earlier than predicted by about 90% of the scientists of the 70's. We are in for tough times ahead and I'm glad I have no children to inherit this cesspool we call Earth being murdered by the day. Good luck fighting the ignorant assholes that will run things for at least the next 4 years! Sorry the collapse is coming, it's just a matter of when and it will be ugly! Capitalism has run it's destructive course and it's time for an end to the tyranny of greedy capitalists and save our Earth.


The oil embargo of 1973 should have been a wake up call the change our ways then when it actually could have helped instead of waiting 45+ years when it's now too late to save the best of the planet including the population explosion; the ultimate problem no one looks at! The NDRC does good work but it's just not enough; we need a paradigm shift to save the Earth before it's too late; which I feel it's already too late to affect change enough to matter.


Here you go:


Of course we all know clean coal is BS. As you said, we are entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts.


It was a wake up call. Carter put solar panels on the white house...then Reagan took them off, and went back to sleep.


Read the news? I'm 65 and am fully informed. We started talking about solar, wind and wave along with Bucky Fuller in the 60s. Carter had us headed there, then DEMS folded into the right capitalist collective as has been the 1% want since 1776 and dumped any ecologically sustainable future. All of the current green initiatives are so pathetically past due and weak as to be absurd. You folks need to read history and a study of the minds that decades ago preached what was needed.

The TwoParty is a joke theater carrot stick keeping the sap Demoblican's heads stuck in the sands. The typical system response is to condemn left criticism as impractical. The only solution is to abolish representative government and establish a direct democracy where we tell employees what to implement. If this had been the case 30 years ago we would have universal rooftop solar, free electric public trans, neighborhood shared vehicles, car-free downtowns, 20 hour work weeks, a carbon tax, free education and health care all funded by adequate taxation and Public Banking.

Wake up!


You are the ignorant one here. Please study history and the plethora of solutions that existed since the 60's and were utterly ignored by Dems, corporate media and their history books pawned of on subsequent generations of students. The platforms of McGovern and Carter were light years ahead of anything since. Buckminster Fuller saw the world with free solar passed along from sunnyside to shadow side of Earth. We can't even get solar subsidies in 2016 when BigOil gets over 16 billion a year from the Demoblican duopoly.

The Green Party at least has a plan that has been ignored by Dems for 30 years that would have solved all our current problems. But people like yourself spin Dems as progressive. Stupid as a rock. Stupid as a Donald. Read a book.


By the way... Since Reagan tell me one truly useful progressive policy instituted by Dems and tell me how it has positively affected the social needs of humanity.


It's too little, too late. It won't stop the Greenhouse Effect at all. In the dead of winter, the North Pole almost thawed! This month, it was 50 degrees F above normal!

Nothing is going to put all that heat energy back into the ground. Twenty years ago we should have addressed the brontosaurus in the room: Overpopulation, but Dems stuck their heads in the sand and offered only minor band-aids. Dems are still in bed with Wall Street and the Auto industry fully intends to put a new Billion peasants behind the wheel in China and India.

All the Wind Farms in the world won't offset that!

(200 species a day are croaking due to loss of habitat. Many we depend on to filter our water and grow our food. 7000 Cheetahs only remain in the wild.)

Goodbye Large Mammals, we hardly knew ye!


Let's not forget that the CPP isn't just cutting greenhouse gases but indirectly also other toxic pollutants which contribute to health problems and premature death, such as mercury, lead, arsenic, acid gases, and dioxins, and prevents mountains of toxic coal ash.
Check out the American Lung Association's Toxic Air Report.


If Trump does indeed knock back environmental protections and closes the EPA and whatnot, I say we burn some car tires on the doorstep of Trump's precious hotel. Obviously, he won't mind. What's a little pollution? I dare him to do something about it! How can a little smoke "cause damages"? Let's see how he tries to argue his case!


Photo cutline sez: "In a letter to President-elect Donald Trump, more than a dozen Democratic attorneys general on Wednesday vowed to 'vigorously oppose in court any attempt to remand the Clean Power Plan.'"

Wow. This is shocking news.

I had no idea there were more than a dozen Democratic™ AGs remaining in the U.S.