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Seven Inspirational Protests of 2016


Seven Inspirational Protests of 2016

Jayde Tynes

Needless to say, 2016 has been a tough one for social justice activists around the world. With the rise in xenophobia after Brexit, the presidential election of Trump and the looming threat of trade deals such as TTIP and CETA, we’ve been busy. But let’s also make sure we celebrate the fact that we have risen to the challenge. Here are seven protests of 2016 that can inspire more movement building and successful activism in 2017.

1. Standing Rock


So these are seven things that Jayde Tynes and others are against. What are you for, instead?

... As a start, it looks like Jayde Tynes and others are for the freedom to move of people (#4), and opposed to the free movement of what they produce (#6).
I invite discussion of this and what other policy points progressives are against, and for.


No one could ever look at his in a non-bipolar way, now could they?