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Seven Peace Activists Arrested After Entering Nuclear Submarine Base in Georgia


Seven Peace Activists Arrested After Entering Nuclear Submarine Base in Georgia

Jon Queally, staff writer

Citing the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination this week, seven peace activists were arrested on Thursday morning after they made their way overnight onto the U.S. Naval Base in Kings Bay, Georgia where some of the nation's nuclear-armed submarines are stationed.


Another Patriotic Act For Peace.

Weapons of Mass Destruction have no value in a Country devoted to Peaceful Coexistence.

Stop Funding and Supporting the MIC with votes for the Duopoly parties candidates.

Support Peace and lesser known political parties that have made Peace their primary goal.

Break the addiction to the Duopoly.

Do your kids a favor.


In a time of universal, military violence and deceit: revealing the truth, is not allowed!


An important part of any Ploughshares Action is defacing government property and outright, (and sometimes very expensive), vandalism to military equipment - nuclear warhead re-entry cones in King-of-Prussia, A-10 fighter planes in Maryland, submarines in Washington, Iraq-bound Transport Planes in Shannon, Ireland and many others. In the latter case being outside the US, they were able to successfully mount a moral necessity case and the Irish jury acquitted them of all charges and monetary damages.

I fully support such actions myself.


It is good to see ploughshares actions continuing. But we need many more of them - and where are the young people?


Me too!


The sad part of this is other than sites like this one, nobody will probably know it happened.


I can’t “like” your comment because it is absolutely true.



If the people really want to rid the country of the military, the destruction of all immigration barriers between nations is the first step. We must have a free- flowing Humanity the world over if we are to
entertain any reasonable hope for continued life on the planet. And America must take the lead in this momentous shift. What we must do now is engraved in stone at the bottom of the Statue Of Liberty.


That’s a totally different “ploughshares” organization. These ploughshares are usually faith-based radical direct actions. In the US, the various hospitality houses of the anarchist Catholic Worker movement typically organize them.