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Seven Things You Can Do Right Now to Save the Internet


Seven Things You Can Do Right Now to Save the Internet

Mary Alice Crim

It's time to get loud and tell everyone that our digital civil rights are on the verge of being destroyed.


Just asking: Why should we have to worry about saving the net? The corporate media lies; the government lies; the idiots that bring us news on the box for idiots lies; the military lies; but there is truth on a free and open net if you want to look for it. The net is the last place for free speech. There is your answer!


If it turns out as bad as they are saying, is it possible that people will turn away from the corporate internet and go back to face-to-face encounters, talking to each other, shopping in locally-owned stores and organizing for justice?
Just searching for that silver lining thingy.

  1. Switch your phone service away from Verizon.


But what about home internet service? Where I live, its Comcast and Verizon and that is it. And even if you use a different cell phone service, you are still using Verizon-owned infrastructure - cables, data centers and towers.


True, but you still need to filter out the enormous number of quack, crank, and tin-foil-hat sites in the process…


You are accurate – but not all 7 things can be done by all people anyway.

So – maybe this does not apply to you in particular since you’d rather use Verizon than Comcast – apparently.

But I bet many readers could actually stop Verizon from being a service provider.


Boy! Is that ever true, sites like that nut case Alex Jones.


Yeah, Comcast has their own infrastructure too (TV cables to every home) but they are is no better than Verizon.

I miss the days when we had choice of dozens of ISP’s - some of them like “riseup.net” catering specifically to the radical left - all accessible by a dial-up modem over public-regulated common-carrier copper wires.

Keep your phone modems - going back to dial-up over voice landlines may be our only means of organizing…


Why do I see so little about stopping this consolidation of information----these few companies that provide internet service-----from what I can tell there is already a lot of “fixing” on the internet. People need to demand that the internet be treated and regulated as a utility at a low cost,and NO ONE has control over the content except the person using their device for info.------ATT wants to merge with Time Warner and NO AG in the country sees a problem with this???