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Seventy Years After Dropping the A-Bomb


Seventy Years After Dropping the A-Bomb

Leonard Pitts Jr.

He wanted to start a race war.

That, you will recall, was what authorities say white supremacist Dylann Roof had in mind when he shot up a storied African-American church in June. It might have surprised him to learn that we’ve already had a race war.


The war was already over for the Japanese.
The A-bombs ended nothing but lives.


Well, it did take two of them to convince them, and they still took another week to think about it after the second one. Even then the Japanese military war machine was opposed to it.


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It’s also about–and relies upon–myths of masculine prowess, domination, and patriarchal constructs. Without all that macho posturing, far fewer males would have signed up for soldiering or other Mars’ rites of passage baptized by the use of armaments and willingness to kill in order to join the male brotherhoods. (Now they allow women and gays in so as to subsume what should serve as counterbalance in the form of an oppositional alternative to the war-homage stance that’s bled down the centuries… murdering, intimidating, coercing and deceiving any who would dare to stand up to it.)


Well, im sure the Russians would like you to believe that they defeated Japan. Unfortunatly, that is simply not true. The russians did attack and defeat the Kwantung army in Manchuria…but it was just a shell, the best units all having been transfered to fight the Americans. The submarine warfare and the fire bombings plus the atomic bombings were what made Hirohito finally speak out. He said so himself.


Nonsense but to be expected coming from you. The war was over when the Japanese offered to MacCarthur the same surrender terms that were later accepted , this after the fall of the Philippines.

The USA refused that offer of surrender and kept killing and killing.

To the best troops being deployed to fight the Americans more nonsense. The best troops had already been destroyed in the Burma campaign . The troops that garrisoned the islands in the Pacific were Garrison troops and third rate. The small handful of divisions pulled out of Manchuria to be dispersed elsewhere would not have made a whit of difference as they had no supplies

Japan then tried to pull some of the more experienced troops out of Manchuria to defend the home islands but lost more than they got across to submarines and air strikes.

The reason the army in Manchuria collapsed so quickly was they were poorly supplied, had no air force to speak of and had nothing that could deal with Russian armor.

They would have faced the same shortcomings in the defense of the home islands and that Japan began passing out rifles and a handful of bullets to men in their 70s to defend the beaches against an expected American invasion shows the Dire straits they were in on the home islands.

The " fanatics inflicting a million casualties on US forces" was a crock because the real fanatics was the US government as they firebombed and nuked cities.

Only a fanatic would justify such slaughter but hey the same fanatics did this to the Pequods and Navajo and Apache and the Sioux and other first Nations tribes too numerous to mention.

And today the same fanatics speak of winnable Nuclear Wars as they slaughter millions the world over.


RED, for the oceans of innocent blood they’ve shed, WHITE, for the heroin and cocaine they’ve brought to our city streets, and BLUE, very deep blue for the bitterness and bottomless sorrow they’ve left in our name. From ‘Song for a Nation’, Bear Dyken from the band Clan Dyken, Northern California.


Lets not forget that it was customary for the little women back home to hand out chicken feathers to the men that refused to go to war-


Well, I figured I would hear from my Canadian friend. There was no “Offer to surrender” to MacArthur. The japanese army on Luzon didnt surrender until after the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay in September 1945. I honestly don’t know where you come up with this stuff. The Kwantung army DID lose their best units to the defense of the home islands (one division was wiped out while doing calethetics in central Hiroshima on the morning of the bomb) . The remainder were poorly supplied (thanks to american submarines sinking the entire Japanese merchant marine force) but were also poorly deployed and surprised by the russian blitzkrieg a couple of days after the hiroshima attack. Just details. If the Japanese govt wanted to surrender in July 1945 they would have Surrendered. They did not. They were determined to defend their home islands right up to the time Hirohito finally piped up and ordered the war to be ended. Thank God they did, the japanese army was still a powerful force, and Admiral Ugaki had 5000 kamakazi pilots and planes ready to attack the US fleet. It would have been an incredibly bloody affair.

As for the Native Americans, I have one question. Did they simply hand over their lands to the Canadians to build Toronto,Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver? They must have, as they are no longer there.


You are uninformed. I suggest you read a bit more an pick up something other then the Government approved crap sold down there as “history”

The US Government forced The Chicago reporter not to publish this article during the war . That is how the US Government works.


Admiral Leahy who was against the bombing leaked this to the press. Since that time people like yourself and other Government stooges have been trying their best to claim the Japanese were “fanatics” would “never surrender” and the USA had no choice but to drop the bombs. In fact they kept inflating the number of casualties they would suffer if they had to invade japan.

From the article

Trohan’s article revealed that two days prior to Roosevelt’s departure for Yalta, the president received a crucial, forty page memorandum from General Douglas MacArthur outlining five separate surrender overtures from highly placed Jap officials offering surrender terms which were virtually identical to the ones eventually dictated by the Allies to the Japanese in August.

The MacArthur communication was leaked to Trohan in early 1945 by Admiral William D. Leahy, FDR’s chief of staff, who feared it would be classified as top secret for decades or even destroyed. The authenticity of Trohan’s article (which elicited no editorial notice or re-publication in any other major U.S. newspaper), was never challenged by the White House. Former President Herbert Hoover personally queried General MacArthur on the Tribune’s story and the general acknowledged its accuracy in every detail.

It is pretty god damn hard for a country to surrender if everytime they offer to do so the other party refuses thus YOUR crap that the Japanese would never surrender. 5 seperate overtures all rebuffed is NOT never offering to surrender. This is Propaganda hard at work. (You should perhaps review how Bernays was contratced by the US Government to deliver this sort of Propoganda to help make Americans pro-war but I doubt you will read anything that does not contradict your “shining ciity on a hill hookum” )

I also suggest you read the article on the racist comments made by one of your good Senators on Iranians. Just because the media fails to report on those comments hardly means they were not made and that same media was hard at work in post war USA making sure Americans never heard about Japanese offers to surrender.

By the way. The Philippines campaign was the single largest land battle the US engaged in during the Pacific war. The USA lost a total of 13000 KIA. Russia lost more than that taking Berlin. The Japanese units had no air cover, no armor, no effective way to deal with armor and little in the way of supplies. (Point of fact in both battles the attacker outnumbered the defender by some 3 to 1. Russia lost as many KIA to the Germans as they inflicted. The Americans lost a third KIA to the Japanese as they inflicted. It an established fact that a dug in defender will inflict more casualties then they take all things being equal. They were not equal to due to firepower superiority which the USA had in spades and which the Russians had in Manchuria)

They simply lacked the firepower to face the USA and Russians. This crap that all the good troops were fighting the USA and this why the kwantung army defeated so quickly is just that. US writers have now started claiming that the USA and western allies faced the best German forces on the Western front and that the Russians faced third raters. It the same mentality.

Japans best units had been depleted in years of war in Manchuria and China and South East Asia and Burma. Just as with the Germans the ranks of veteran units were undermanned and filled with recruits with little training. This was made evident in the Air campaign after what was called “the great marianas turkey shoot” where the Japanese Air force sent porrly trained pilots against the US forces and were destroyed. They managed to damage one US vessel, This directly refutes your crap about “5000 kamikazes” good lord where do you come up with this stuff? You can not just stick a guy at the controls of an aircraft and expect him to fly it into a ship anymore then you can stick a guy behind the controls of a 747 and expect him to fly it into a skyscraper.

The difference between the German units and the Japanese units was the Germans still had better training overall and more importantly had more firepower.

The dropping of Nuclear bombs on cities was the work of fanatics and a war crime. Any that would engage in the mass slaughter of civilians including women and children in order to accomplish their goals IS a fanatic.


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Just because you wish something to be true Suspira, does not make it so. Quit getting your conspiracy theories from Pravda. The 5000 kamikaze aircraft and pilots came directly from the testimony of the frickin Japanese Admiral that was in charge of the program. Yes, many of the japanese pilots late in the war were poorly trained…that is because they were short of aviation fuel for training and the small matter of many of the veteran pilots were killed. The remaining veterans were stationed in Japan to resist the coming invasion.

I have General MacArthur’s memoirs sitting on the shelf beside me. Not one word of a surrender offer before Yalta ( and therefor before the taking of Manila) for the simple reason that it never happened. That is a hoary fable first brought forward in the 1970’s, conveniently after the general’s death.

As with much of what you have to say on the subject of history, while it is 98% easily disproved B.S., there is always a tiny kernel of truth. There WERE peace feelers coming from the Japanese in the early summer of 45. Not to one of our generals (which would make no sense, they are not politicians) but to the Soviet Government. The Japanese wanted them to intervene with the Americans and Brits (as they still had a non aggression treaty with the Soviet Union) to try to secure advantageous surrender terms. Stalin being Stalin he jerked them along without telling the western allies so that he could invade Japanese territory and secure the islands and territory lost to Japan in the 1904 war. That is precisely what he did.

Between the atomic bombs, the destruction of their war making capability, and the Soviet invasion, the Japanese decided to call it quits. The rest is history. End of story.


No, you remain full of it.

I guess admiral leahy was a liar. You did not refute a single thing in the article I linked to. You just repeat the same government pap.

And i really do not care about what the japanese say about 5000 kamikaze pilots ready to die say.All sides on the losing end claimed as much. The example at The battle of leyte Gulf was all that one needs to know about “5000 kamikaze pilots” The Japanese could not even round up enough Aircraft for their carriers at Leyte Gulf so used them as bait devoid of planes. They had to siphon bunker fuel from ships into the Musashi and yamato because they were short on the same and you advance this crock that they stashed away “5000 kamikaze pilots”.?

Do you know that both the Germans and japanese were bombarded daily with such messages so as to keep their morale up and that there Japanese soldiers that simply refused ot believe the war over years after the war? Of course there were “japanese pilots” that believed they had 5000 more aircraft behind them. It the only way the Governmnet could convince them to stay in the fight.

As to “Macarthurs Memoirs” , I have yet to read a generals memoirs outside a small handful that would admit to theier roles in war crimes. They tend to glorify their own role in any war and that of the flag they fight under and the excpetions like Smedley butler are few and far between.

it was only until a few years aho that it confirmed the Lusitania was carrying munitions to the british as the germans claimed and which your same Governmnet denied all that time. They lie and you repeat their lies. You do this with regularity but i suppuse one can not blame you given the environment in which you raised, suckled on that red white and blue nonsense for your lifetime.

Oh and the source of my article was not pravda. It was an American newspaper and the person who wrote the article was an American Journalist and Admiral Leahy was an American Admiral. Just in case you did not know as it seems you believe they all worked for pravda. (just another example of how brainwashed you are)

As to macarthur? This piece of work claimed he was justified in attacking the bonus army veterans because the “reds” were behind them.


Israel has at least 280 nuclear weapons. Iran doesn’t have any. It will be interesting if, in 70 years, the historians here will be calling that possibility a " fair fight "? Or, it prevented more American deaths? Or, if the Russians won that one, too? It always seems to be odd that the 6 million Jews are cited in this discussion of WWII but never 7 million Romas. I guess the victors do write the history books, after all.