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Seventy Years of Palestinian Resistance Since the Establishment of the State of Israel


Seventy Years of Palestinian Resistance Since the Establishment of the State of Israel

Yara Hawari

The Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip has reminded the world of Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian struggle for rights. Since March 30, Palestinians in Gaza have engaged in peaceful, grassroots mass protests at the Israeli military fence that imprisons them, calling for an end to the dire conditions in the Strip as well as for the right to return to the land from which they were expelled 70 years ago this month – what Palestinians call the Nakba, or catastrophe. The protestors are literally placing their bodies on the line risking being shot by Israeli snipers.


Israel’s paranoia and fear have turned them into the very monster they once despised.


Israel’s association with the United States of America has turned them into the Monster they long ago feared.

The Israeli government lost it’s humanity when it chose to replace diplomacy with wanton Death and Slaughter using weapons of war from the Military Industrial Complex of America.

Now, they’re no different than the dogs who run wild on their streets.


This is an excellent summary of the Palestinian resistance to the UK/Euro/US imperial occupation of Palestine is a pleasant antidote to the historical liars who attribute the recent murderous results to the idiots Netanyahu and Trump.

While they certainly relish their roles as mass murderers and pro-consuls for their oligarch bosses, to personalize history is to misunderstand history – and put up a smokescreen over how to effectively act in the present.



Typical Palestinian fake news. Actually the armed resistance began in 1920 with the Jerusalem riots. According to the French Wikipedia:
“On 7 & 8 March 1920 demonstrations took place in all Palestine. Arabs would write on walls « Death to the Jews ! » and « Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dogs ! ». Several Jews were assaulted.
At the town hall, the Mayor of Jerusalem Moussa Qazem al-Husseini exhorts the crowd to give their blood for Palestine, Aref al-Aref, editor of Suriya al-Janubia newspaper [paper’s name means “South Syria”, since that was the usual name for the region that we now call “Palestine”], said Arabs must use force against the Jews, it was the only way.
Haj Amin al-Husseini, at the time just an activist (he went on to become the leader of the Palestinian national movement for 4 decades) and the brother of the Mayor of Jerusalem, likewise made a speech calling for violence against the Jews. The crowd roared back “Mohammed’s religion was born with a sword!”
The Arab policemen guarding the Old City did not interfere, and some even joined the rioters. Nonetheless some Jews found refuge in the homes of their Arab neighbors.


Here is what bad theology does. This whole issue was started by English and American Christians who were sure that Jesus is going to return, but only if there is a state of Israel. So they go into a land where people are living and take that land over to give it to others.

Now the Bible I read says that when you take something that doesn’t belong to you (like how the good Christian America settlers took the land from the Native Americans) that constitutes a sin called “theft.”

I guess it doesn’t really count as theft if the people you are stealing from have brown or red skin and speak some funny, non-English language you can’t understand.


The problem is that we hear only one side of this profoundly complex issue. Are today’s Americans open-minded enough to consider the other side? The Mideast has a very long and complex history. Palestine is the historic name of the Jewish nation, renamed Israel in 1948, after the Holocaust. This was when the modern nation of Israel was re-established. Jews are indigenous to that bit of land, though it was more often than not under the oppressive control of foreign powers.

Some Americans portray Israel as an evil military behemoth. In reality, it’s only a tiny fraction of the Mideast, with the rest of the region owned by the various Arab states. Israel is a tiny country, roughly the size of New Jersey. It is surrounded by the Arab oil nations, which are armed to the teeth by China, Russia and the US. It takes everything Israel has got, just to survive. Those who are called “Palestinians” today are Arabs who are recruited to work toward the destruction of the sole Jewish nation, establishing a 100% “pure” Moslem Mideast. It’s necessary to acknowledge that we don’t all agree with the call for the destruction of Israel. We really don’t all agree that a “fair partitioning” of the Mideast would be: 100% for the Arabs, 0% for the Jews.


It’s more complicated. Jews, Moslems, and Christians all hold Jerusalem sacred. Long story, but for those who are interested, Google “Mohammed and Jerusalem.”


And that Palestinian action was in response to jewish actions. Jews had marched days before declaring the land was theirs. The jews who marched came from Europe and wanted to claim the land as their homeland, ignoring the fact that both jews and palestinians had occupied the same region for well over a couple thousand years.
It enraged the arabs who had always lived there to be told it was not their land anymore. And the violence was on both sides, the European jews beat up palestinians.
Maybe instead of declaring the land was theirs, those jews should have just lived there peacefully. Instead they basically declared war in a city where 3 religions called holy.


That isn’t reality though. It’s a false narrative.
1st The palestinians were there for over 2000 yrs. They lived on that land. They were forcibly removed when they didn’t agree to leave. The world did not have the right to declare their land to be someone else’s. And the only reason why Israel was created was because no one wanted jews living in their countries. The US and Europe had been trying for a long time to stop jews from coming to their countries.
2nd the palestinians didn’t receive any compensation for the stolen land. Instead they were told to move to other countries that didn’t want them either. And why should those countries be forced to take in refugees? Isn’t that what is argued by conservatives, they can be refused admittance?
3rd Israel keeps expanding and building settlements (though Israelis courts have called them illegal) into lands that the palestinians have been forced into. Another form of theft.
4th Bibi’s party calls for the greater Israel of the bible to be created, which incs. all the land that the palestinians currently live on plus more. That is not a way to create a two state solution.
5th the everyone wants Israel dead and gone is not truth or reality. It is about Israel’s plan of domination in the ME that threatens Israel. Israel has called upon the destruction of a # of ME countries inc. Iran. The current situation with Iran is because of Israel trying to start a war with Iran using the US as it’s armed forces. That is a stated goal for Israel, eliminate Iran’s leadership, from the very beginning of the overthrow of the Shah (put into power by the US and kept in power by the US, which is why the current leaders of Iran hate the US.). It is also a stated goal by neocons in the US since that revolt.
A fair partition is not possible as long as Israel refuses to allow the palestinians to have their own home. But Israel insists that they won’t give the palestinians a home that incs part of Jerusalem, which is home to the 3 abrahamic religions. It is a holy site to the palestinians also. And it was home to the palestinians long before those jews came back. Refusal to settle that means Israel will never find true peace.
And Israel will be rightfully condemned for what they do.