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'Severe Blow to Iraqi Torture Survivors': Despite Evidence of UK War Crimes, ICC Drops War Crimes Probe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/09/severe-blow-iraqi-torture-survivors-despite-evidence-uk-war-crimes-icc-drops-war

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“The UK government has repeatedly shown precious little interest in investigating and prosecuting atrocities committed abroad by British troops,” said Clive Baldwin, senior legal advisor at Human Rights Watch. "

But they persist in torturing and detaining a man of integrity who has done nothing more than reveal the “atrocities” of the UK and USA.


FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!!! The UK turns away as if this does not matter.

We all know that UK stands not for the United Kingdon— but -for Unlimited Killing, of course , America has Guantanamo. I wonder why the rulers of so many nations forget that? Yes, that’s you too both Australiia and America.
Weirdly and sadly America, the UK, and so many others have become heinous to their own nations and to the people of the world. : (


The ICC is just another tool of Imperialism. It is used to punish third world Countries by charging those Countries leaders with crimes so as to remove them from power and get in place peoples that are much more willing to have their strings pulled by the puppet masters.

Those puppet masters are citizens of the UK and France and Russia and the USA and all of the other ex Colonial powers and they are not going to give up their Empire. In order to make it look like this not the underlying motive, the ICC was created to pretend it about “human rights”


On the wings of a snow, white, dove, we all need to send Julian… our pure, sweet love!