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'Sewer of Political Disinformation': Facebook Slammed for Half-Measures and Dangerous Profiteering as Election Nears

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/24/sewer-political-disinformation-facebook-slammed-half-measures-and-dangerous

Is it pure laziness? Selfishness? Why does anyone use Face Book at all knowing what this organization is?

It’s an honest question.

I think this reveals one of my own personal short-circuits, as I really don’t understand the attraction of social media. I got rid of my account years ago now when I first started seeing ads for things I was physically talking about. Disabled my microphone obviously, but that was enough for me.

The virtual-exoskeleton open animosity and hostility was all ready pushing me to leaving anyway.

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Orwell would no doubt be shocked to learn that Big Brother now sports a Caesar cut and occasionally wears a hoodie.

Greedy Zuck couldn’t give two craps about democracy… its all about the money.

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Hi A-Wobblie_Weeble:
The idea of facebook always seemed horrifying to me----and so I never joined in. I am so happy that I did not. I do have several friends who did not have positive experiences. I wonder if people flocked to that site without thinking that there really is no privacy there. : (

Privacy has ended. A friend of mine bought adult diapers for her sister/ by the time she opened her gmail she had spam ads for same.

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Actually, it might be the quality of ‘friends’ on this medium. Many people seem to be in a race to have as many as possible, even if they are at best tangent acquaintances. I keep my list down to people i actually know and like and therefore it’s a way to keep in touch with them and i look forward to that. I have seen many terrible posts by people i have unfriended, includiing cousins, an angry old uncle, a niece and several friends. I don’t need the trash they put out and it marks them as a certain kind of person. A person i never knew existed until i saw them in this light. I’m glad for that since nothing in my life before this put things in such a stark light and defined people so well. I know Facebook doesn’t care that people put hateful stuff out there because they don’t respond if i report it. None the less, i stay on FB for the good people it keeps me in touch with and i continue to feret out those whose postings tell me they are not the kind of people i want to know. also, i don’t get my news from FB.

We need a global spiritual cleansing and awakening.