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Sex, Drugs, and Dead Soldiers: What US Africa Command Doesn’t Want You to Know


Sex, Drugs, and Dead Soldiers: What US Africa Command Doesn’t Want You to Know

Nick Turse

Six people lay lifeless in the filthy brown water.

It was 5:09 a.m. when their Toyota Land Cruiser plunged off a bridge in the West African country of Mali. For about two seconds, the SUV sailed through the air, pirouetting 180 degrees as it plunged 70 feet, crashing into the Niger River.


Sex and drugs are always part of wars. It is simply the nature of the war culture. Soldiers deaden any feelings via sex and drugs. Rape during war time has little to do with sex, but with power, the power of one over another.

All the extra laws about sex crimes in the military will not help too much until we stop the war culture all over the world.


as always, exceptional coverage by turse. one can only hope the car model he drives is not a mercedes c250 coupe, known to mysteriously explode when driven by exceptional journalists.


Well were not not for these “heroes” getting drunk in bars in Morocco and picking up prostitutes and doing drugs , Americans would all be forced to use Shariah courts, would be unable to vote or speak freely and all speaking Morroconese right?

For the life of me I can not understand that idolization of the Military.


And after they finish their tours, there are jobs in law enforcement waiting for them back home.


Debauchery is but one of many symptoms of the US corporate takeover of Africa, enabled by US taxpayer-funded US military.

Turse will further risk being caught in the crosshairs of the banksters and other corporate imperialists if he starts connecting the dots of the Gates Foundation/Monsanto cartel’s role in the new African order that is creating more and more refugees who risk their lives attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe.


Again, your moving verbiage exceeds the attention span of the flag wavers. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Nick, hard as it is to take somedays. Unfortunately, us is very much smaller than US…


It starts with M$M’s war porn, of which the sniper movie was the last grand example. The mind numbing pledge of allegiance does its part, too. Don’t cults chant, too? Hmmm…


Quite hilariously, you make gender deliberately invisible in this One Size Fits All “assessment” of war and the rape culture…

Power of “one” over another. Similar to “an arm came around ____________ and killed him.”

No, pal. This is what men do. It is not indicative of one homogeneous us or we. It’s a penis thing.


Here, I’ll help you out:

  1. Fathers teaching sons to look proud in uniforms
  2. Uncles, fathers, brothers, cousins, and grandfathers telling war stories to create a seamless cultural continuum wherein the MARTIAL sins of the fathers are endlessly visited upon the sons
  3. Military parades
  4. Military fly-overs at major football games
  5. Movies that set up good guys (Americans) bad guys (Russians, Arabs, drug dealers) scenarios
  6. Movies that glamourize force, guns, violence
  7. A prominent NRA that conflates manhood and freedom with gun ownership
  8. High School football games that condition males, in particular, for shows of aggression with chants like “Slaughter them!” prominently heard
  9. The MIC’s fiscal tentacles planted in every state so that fears of loss of revenue are turned into job stoppages
  10. Politicians who insist on being hard, tough, firm on crime/terrorism
  11. TV networks and “respected” talk shows & news programs awash in hawks, military generals, and other pro-war advocates
  12. A parallel degradation of all things feminine, compassionate, and caring starting with the wide distribution of Gonzo porn
  13. A lack of women (and minorities) on most decision-making panels and when either are present, you can be sure that they’ve proven their loyalty to status quo interests
  14. Grade school talk of American exceptionalism
  15. The inside job spectacle of 911 used to conflate patriotism with vengeance against an intangible (terrorism) enemy
  16. As Times writer Friedman once stated, “McDonalds could go no where without MacDonnell Douglas.” It’s that military fist in the glove that makes the world “safe” for corporate predation. But that can’t happen nakedly, so enemies must be created to serve up “probable cause” for military incursions. THAT is why the military must be put on a pedestal… so that its motives in support of Disaster Capitalism’s planned exploits can seem beyond reproach. And this way, any challenge to the insistent, brutal use of military manpower can be called a lack of patriotism.

And this is JUST what comes to mind.

When you formerly posted as G.W. North certainly you saw and pointed out many of these things. Does your latest screen name call for you to play Detective Columbo in showing so little insight into where and how machismo–in service to military exploits- of this nature develops?


Oh please. I have been subject to all the same things since birth as well .

I find it rather odd you take exception to the we meme and than try and make every other person part of the we.

I am fully aware of the process and you seem not to be aware of what a rhetorical question is .

The asking aloud was not because I am not aware of such things it was to demonstrate how idiotic military worship is

I am going to suggest Mark Twain was fully aware of all that conditioning that went on when he wrote "the war prayer " . He still wrote that war prayer to expose that lunacy for what it was


Be all that you can be

And we’ll make sure no one finds out about it


I know this is true, because I have read many of these.

“In recent years, allegations of widespread sex crimes have dogged the U.S. military.”

I have also read of the multiple votes where the elected Democratic Party women in the US Senate have insisted upon protecting the military from adult supervision regarding all the military’s aggressive and almost always officially hidden sexual violence.

Remember, it is the Dianne Feinsteins, Barbara Mikulskis, McCloskys, et. al., who protect that sexual violence. No doubt Hillary will be right there with them.