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Sex, Lies and America’s Deplorable Democracy


Sex, Lies and America’s Deplorable Democracy

Peter Bloom

Only a little more than a month before the November election, both Trump and Clinton were rocked by new scandals. Headlines around the country and world reported on secretly recorded tapes and speech that reaffirm the public’s worst suspicions of each of them. In an already in many ways unprecedented election, the contest for the American President has perhaps hit a modern low.


There is something seriously amiss with Evangelical Christians in this country.
Their thinking and actions closely align to those who in the past supported the likes of Mussolini, Franco and Hitler.
In some cases Evangelicals sound very similar to ISIS and al-Qaeda.
Trumps strongest support seems to be coming from the Evangelical Christian community and those of their ilk.
These folks appear to want a racist, xenophobic, warmongering, sexist, lunatic strongman to lead them into the past.


Donald Trump is clearly unqualified and unfit to be president. Hillary Clinton is qualified and fit to be president. There is no equivalence.

Donald Trump is one sick fraud. To equivalence this human wasteland to someone who did not inherit her wealth but is aware that her success can be blinding, is wrong. You have misinterpreted the excerpts to support a pretty pathetic piece of whining.

Hillary was merely pointing out to a group of Wall Streeters that hers, and their, success in life puts them out of touch with the struggles of someone starting out.


Turn this farce of an election from a modern low into a modern high. How? VOTE FOR DR. JILL STEIN.

There is talk of Trump pulling out, whether true or not, this could be an opening for Jill.


"The stakes are arguably considerably higher with Trump..."

No mention of Clinton's history (giving a strong indication of her future) of warmongering, abetting death, and destruction, fueling societal disintegration and enabling anti-democractic forces all over the globe.


IF ONLY!!! When I read an article like this, I have to then ask: What are Americans therefore supposed to do? Voting Third Party is castigated as the best way to hand the Presidency over to the "more evil" candidate. I voted for Jill Stein the last election, and I will vote for her again this election.

If Trump pulls out and Jill steps in, OMG......she'll win in a landslide! We could only hope! And of course, it seems, that's all we're left with in the fading days of U.S. Democracy.

Fantasy: Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders join forces and usher in a regime change--the new Democratic/Socialist Republic of North America!


"The country’s political system is increasing rotting from the outside in and the inside out – a disintegration exemplified by the respective nomination of these two candidates who represent the worst qualities of modern America."

Only one such candidate was nominated. Clinton has a strong record in public service and had devoted much of her life to helping children. She also did great work helping first responders after 9-11. The Democrat primary actually had at least three excellent candidates, Clinton, Sanders, and O'Malley. Webb has great accomplishments although I don't believe his political views are representative of the Democratic Party. I never did figure out why Chaffee was running. But he does seem to be a nice guy. Trump represents extreme personal self-interest. He really has serious personality problems. I think he is mentally unfit to serve. He does represent the worst of America with regard to greed. Clinton seems to represent some of the best qualities of America, such as helping others. No country in the world helps other countries more than the United States when there is a natural disaster such as an earthquake.


Maintain the dignity of the office? Is this a joke?

The Republican establishment hates Trump. He beat all their handpicked candidates and hasn't hewed to the party line on TPP and foreign policy. What's more, with Clinton polling slightly better against Trump - but still within the margin of error - you can bet they're thinking that an excuse to dump Trump and put in a party regular - reluctantly of course, but due to Trump's outrage du jour - might still give them the White House as it would be difficult to find a candidate (other than the Donald) who isn't more popular than Clinton.

Any talk of 'dignity' that isn't paired with 'lost' can't be taken seriously regarding this year's Presidential election.

Don't pick your poison, pick your cure: Dr. Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka 2016


ONCE AGAIN....once again no mention of the other Presidential Candidates here. No mention of Jill Stein nor Gary Johnson.... This glaring omission ranks up there with the moral bankruptcy highlighted here, maybe worse.


It may be a fantasy but nevertheless; I like your fantasy! Except Bernie has turned off so many of his supporters by selling out to Hillary, Bernie might be a liability rather than an asset, so I would prefer a Nader/Stein ticket.


Hillary is eminently qualified. She represents the banking interests, the petroleum interests, the MIC and arms manufacturing interests. She represents the oligarchy and empire. She represents world domination by military force. There are no other real qualifications for President of the United States, and Hillary has them all.

I'll be voting Green Party.


I know. It's sad about Bernie! He has been coerced in some way, I'm sure. They did the same thing to Dennis Kucinich--after he was "invited" to sit with Obama on Air Force One. After that, it was all downhill for him. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the threat of harm to his family. By the looks I saw on Bernie's face, after Hillary proclaimed him to be a great guy but alas, out of the race, he hates her! I thought about a write-in vote for Bernie, but honestly, I'd rather have Jill Stein as President. Perhaps Nader would be an excellent VP.


Deplorable or not, America's oligarchy dictatorship is no democracy.

If it's not direct it's not democracy.


Thank you. I'm so tired of the posters saying that voting Stein equals a desire to shoot puppies (and elect trump). To me, president Hillary would be worse. Why? She is the embodiment of corruption and warmongering and the abuse of public office for personal gain (of the tune of 150,000,000 dollars). Trump won't have the support of either party and nothing he proposes will pass. And if nothing else, given all corporate media, all the elites members of the political, monied class, oppose him. Therefore, if he were elected, he'd probably hurt them financially. A win.


In most states, your write-in won't count. Here in VA the candidate has to officially declare a write in candidacy, otherwise the ballot is tossed. Bernie hasn't done so anywhere. Vote Jill Stein instead.


Perhaps she is qualified and fit, according to the standards that govern such measurement, however in that case I would call into question such standards and the measuring tools that help us accept such duplicity and consistent malfeasance that has produced the likes of almost every president in my life.... perhaps it is the nature and design of the office that is its foundational weakness and its seemingly unending fount of troubles.


Are you paid to post this drivel for Hillary? Seems so given you never, ever question your mindless support of Hillary no matter what the latest revelation or leak has come out.


Mr Bloom, kinda picky, I know but it's "fell swoop". Not fall.


forget the dishonest sanders, and you are on to it.


you are joking, you rascal, you!