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Sex, Rage Displacement, and Ecocide: Wanderings in an Interior Archipelago of the Colonized


Sex, Rage Displacement, and Ecocide: Wanderings in an Interior Archipelago of the Colonized

Phil Rockstroh

What is the common prayer for those who cannot close themselves off from the agonized soul of the colonized world?


Phil you spoke for yourself about yourself in isolation. That sensibility doesn’t speak for those many millions of us who share a deep concern for the world and dare resist the powers that seem to overshadow you. We are acting together - resisting together around the world for the sake of the future that our children will inherit.

Cooperation is stronger than isolation.


“Isolation” like a lie always dependent on some degree of substance of truth, might be said to be an extreme limitation on, but presence nonetheless, of a contrasted state in multiplicity. The action of isolation is “from” another condition of relationship. Like the current hedge fund/financial manipulations of ‘derivative’ : the taking of [value] from something(s) preexisting.

I’m once again reminded of the fact that few discern a distinction between ‘pride’ and ‘dignity’ - and yet, to me, the difference is that of night and day.

Consumerism as colonization of mind and heart as well as heartbeat [for as long as they last] is essential to recognize if one is to enjoy any of the fruits of liberty. Liberty is the seed bed of free creativity - something only truly enjoyed when NOT in isolation.

How is that colonization to tracked, responded to, reported on when oligarchies piss on major mass media as their contribution to perpetuation of the colonized cycle ?

Here is one set of essential open-source tools:
Suite of free, open-source tools to help even non-experts monitor large-scale land use change

Collect Earth


Profound. No less essential than oxygen. Thanks very much.


Phil, words fail me. Beautiful, Beautiful. Beautiful! Fern’s comment above is the way I feel, also. You have a gift for putting so much in a few paragraphs, and conveying so much thinking and feeling, that I find myself moved to a slightly higher plane each and every time I read your work.

Thank you!


A great, deeply thought piece, Reminds me of this poem from the new Blue Collar Review. –

The Joke and the No Joke Truth

The man walking with a dog wonders if his four legs and a tail companion can hear the sound coming through his ear buds.

The David Byrnes song Civil Wars. “the War is in you, the War is in me, the War is in everybody,” is heard as "The joke is on you, the joke is on me, the joke is on everybody. "

The punch line is waiting in the wings soon to be delivered by both parties in a congressional chorus of clowns singing the star spangled banner in harmony with Wall Street and for the benefit of defense contractors.

The no joke truth of mass extinction, and the annihilation of human and non-human life by anthropogenic causation is the stain that must remain hidden.

Channeling the anger of innocent bystanders and the pain of collateral damage is left to the fringes of public media.

The guilt and shame of collective compliance must be avoided by the economic elite.

The hypnotic no history only now playlist of denial drones on in the head set of police officers raising a fist and cheering a president calling for more violence.

The chanting of number one! number one! emerges as a primal howl from a monster mortally wounded.

                                Angelo Mesisco

"Mating dances of seduction and refusal"

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what is it, i often wonder, that gives humans such “A Terrible Love Of War,”? just a couple of days ago we watched a news bit as general kelly visited arlington cemetary. the general explained that he felt better walking among these real american heroes. “but . . . they’re all dead!” i spoke aloud. i guess “life as war” may have begun as an offshoot of the agricultural revolution. once we humans settled down having learned to grow our food we believed (for a bit) we’d found the answer and we’d never go hungry again! yet, here we are in the 21st century and i tell you we have more homeless and greater numbers of starving than were alive when we began this experiment we call civilization. before the agricultural revolution, i feel sure that when a group of humans found a rich feeding ground, we’d guard that area and like other animals chase away all interlopers. rarely did these confrontations end in death. this agricultural revolution may well have been our first baby steps into capitalism. now the tribe settled to claim “ownership” of the land. in order to protect and secure our claim we created a military presence. always the population grew and the tribe needed new acquisitions to feed more mouths. well, we’ve been riding this merry-go-round too long. we need a new and better definition for “civilized” which has come to mean more advanced weaponry. consider for just a moment the utter disconnect between our definition of “civilized” and the reality of our empty culture “life as war”

consider for a moment this definition of civilized. flattering, hug? perhaps before we attempt to “civilize” other cultures we should first civilize ourselves?


past tense: civilized; past participle: civilized
bring (a place or people) to a stage of social, cultural, and moral development considered to be more advanced.

synonyms: enlighten, edify, improve, educate, instruct, refine, cultivate, polish, socialize, humanize
"they were trying to civilize people who strongly resented the intrusion"

adjective: civilized; adjective: civilised polite and well-mannered.
"such an affront to civilized behavior will no longer be tolerated"
synonyms: polite, courteous, well mannered, civil, gentlemanly, ladylike, mannerly;

* i remember a youtube video posted by theoldgoat