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Sexual Assault in the Time of Trump

Sexual Assault in the Time of Trump

Gina Benevento

"Affirmative consent, for those who don't know, is the idea that if you don't consent at every stage of a sexual encounter, it's rape. That means asking for every kiss and asking for every boob squeeze. It's almost as if feminists want everyone to remain celibate."

These words were spoken last autumn to a packed auditorium of students at Auburn University in Alabama during a speech called How Feminism Hurts Women by Milo Yiannopoulos.


Excellent article! A perfect example of the difference between Democrats and Republicans! Even with all their many faults, Democrats and Republicans, at this stage of
history are not the same! Trump does not equal Obama! Pence does not equal Biden! Bannon is crazy beyond belief!

I salute this young woman for her courage!


But one of the main things we must change to defeat rape culture is that feeling of victimhood, that feeling that a rapist can destroy one’s life. This isn’t in any way to blame the victims. (I was the subject of an attempted rape, but thank goodness he was too drunk to manage my button-fly jeans.) It’s that our general culture must turn the criticism against the rapists, and that’s something we can do without the help of a djt or a Bannon or anyone else in power. What we must do, however, is to hold accountable the legislators who go along with such moves as defunding VAWA, to make sure they understand that they will be treated as rapists themselves, and we will. not. stand for it.


This is very, very difficult for me.

I am the oldest brother of five siblings, the three younger than me are my sisters who I love dearly. We were the only working family living in a street of ultra wealthy families full of young men.
I am the son of deeply educated woman who managed these five children while teaching full time.

She also managed being abused by my father on a regular basis, mostly verbally, but on more than one occasion violently. With two kids already in the world, she tried suicide. With four she left home once. When I was seventeen and just had surgery we moved to a women’s shelter. My father’s violence was also the reason that the men in our neighborhood who imported women for their pleasure, did not dare look at my sisters twice. He sent at least one man to the hospital.

I can write a book about this, but I have divorce court paperwork due to the judge on Wednesday.
My daughter’s mother has abused her since the day she was born, and keeps her from me.

Doing great art consistently is an exceedingly tough calling and there is some of Lady gaga’s work I do admire. But I much prefer Tori Amos’ “Me and a gun” about the subject of rape. Eileen, as she was christened, is our greatest living song writer today.

I am very very sorry about Gina Benevento’s experience. I have said this here before. Gender Tribalism is not the answer. There are monsters on both sides. No amount of justice will give rape victims some part or all of their life back. There should be no sympathy for the perpetrator who has raped. I will do everything in my power to help the ones closest to me heal.

Federal grant programs are used by divorce attorneys and judges to keep divorce law suits going to enrich themselves till both parties are destitute. The Voice for men is not a hate site. I depend on Paul Elam for occasional wisdom.

Polarisation is an answer for the antagonistic. This is where I disagree with Paul’s approach. He is no stranger to this disagreement. The red pill movie was created by a feminist.

There are those of us who denounce any violence. And some us have been accused of crimes we have never committed. The point is to foster transparency, not hate and loathing.

I am sure I will not be seen as the same again here, and I anticipate the tone of the conversation.

But I have to get back to court paperwork.


I once found myself in a social setting with an uber rich Dominican businessman. I commented on Mario Vargas Llosa’s book “The Feast of the Goat”, where Rafael Trujillo, the Dominican dictator, would order anyone’s wife or daughter to have sex with him, including his own liutenant’s women.

I was very much surprised when this wealthy man, with beautiful wife and children, angrily blurted out his approval of this behavior, acknowledging that the President can do whatever he wants.

When money is power, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, it seems that pussy grabbing is just a prelude of coming “attractions”.

Heartfelt thanks to Gina Benevento for this brave article.

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Women are 51% of the population. White males are 31% of the population, and only a small portion of those are rapists. There is no reason for the majority to submit to the violations of such a small minority.

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I have watched several videos of the culture of men treating women with utter disregard for their being. One focused on colleges and the other the military. I watched senator Kirsten Gillibrand go up against the military to try and change some of the rules about reporting to the chain of command with no one taking her seriously and as a result nothing has changed. Same goes with colleges and universities. They are more interested in bad PR than protecting the women on campuses so the figure of one in five is probably low. My heart goes out to all the girls and women that fall prey to this violence every year and now we have an administration that is gutting provisions that help protect women with violence and healthcare. Excellent article that required a lot of effort I’m sure. The country as a whole has to acknowledge that violence against women is occurring on a daily basis and educate children to respect everybody to get away from the ‘rape culture’ that pervades America.

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maybe Brocks father needs to be raped for 20 mins. of action to see if his attackers should be jailed, what a moron, no wonder his son turned out like he did, the father should of been slapped in jail for contempt with a attitude (argument) like this …but only for 20 mins. with some of the “bros” its only fair he learn the hard way the error of his ways…