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Sexual Assault Survivors Break Collective Silence With Viral #MeToo Hashtag


Sexual Assault Survivors Break Collective Silence With Viral #MeToo Hashtag

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In the wake of reports about Harvey Weinstein's alleged misconduct, victims of sexual harassment and assault are posting the two-word message

Me too message


A number of thoughts,

  1. Is non-consensual sex or advances wrong? Of course…

  2. Will this unleash a wave of accusations and potential consequences? Probably…

  3. Does this have the potential to become a witch hunt? Yes…

  4. Will accosted women and men start reporting from the get go instead of waiting and waiting? Hopefully…

  5. Will this completely eliminate this behavior? No…

  6. Will this potentially make the genders (identities) more wary of each other and increase the social divide among individuals? Remains to be seen…


“Will this potentially make the genders (identities) more wary of each other and increase the social divide among individuals? Remains to be seen”

Already has.


Although Weinstein’s alleged behavior is deplorable, how does the current campaign targeting Weinstein square with Trump not even getting a slap on the wrist for not only his legacy of sexual assault and worse AND Trump’s ongoing media appearances boasting about and promoting sexual assault ?


Is there anything wrong with fomenting that increase? There are a lot of predators out there.


She, Rose McGowan, “one of Weinstein’s accusers” was "suspen[ded] from Twitter" – For What?

Dear God and Jesus Christ, I am barely able to contain myself, again.

For this single revealing core of Twitter’s action, the very word of their unforgivable and despicable deed (regardless of any attempts to cover themselves afterward) should be spread worldwide – so far, so powerful, and so unrelenting that this company will know that its very Tarnishing will never be forgotten!

In support of “Me Too,” and the “provoked #WomenBoycottTwitter”

Also suggesting #TwitterTarnishedForever


It seems to be coming down to that again:

Google “Modern Chastity Belts”.


It is not really about sex although that is a part of it, it is about power and domination. It is a warning to the “good girls” if they step out of line. This is just the 21st century version. Ugh, twitter your problems away.


I don’t know any women who haven’t been sexually harassed or assaulted.


I know that I have been raped multiple times; as a young woman, in marriage( awake and in sleep), when homeless, and in poverty, I am 72 years old. Me too.


forced arbitration has put a gag order on women. They cannot even tell each other it’s happened.

forced artibration is really awful. women need to tell their stories & stop these assaults.


I don’t disagree…


There already is and has been since the dawn of paternal religion. And that witch hunt is 99% of the time on the accuser.

Even boys who are sexually abused are dissuaded from testifying in a court of law, due to the re-victimization of the boys at the typical courthouse whipping post.

Of course, females are always to blame for the sexual assault upon them, because their skirt length, street, city, state they were in which they were attacked, what colors they were wearing, how provocative their make-up and hair are, and not using the correct linguistics when repeating “No.” “Don’t do this.” “No, don’t hurt me.” Or goddamn, what if they don’t say one word? Then they must be asking for it.

There are 3 possible parasympathetic human responses to danger, totally natural and uncontrollable by humans, although we normally only hear about the first 2:

  1. Fight
  2. Flight
  3. Freeze

Freezing is horrendously horrifying at times, life saving at others (such as when being attacked by a mother Grizzly)